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Proud conservative heterosexual white male Jewish American ..
Score: 14 in Gibsonia, PA
I'm such a privileged middle class white male, I can buy any house I want.
Oh, wait, there's a shortage and to easily get a home you've got to be a immigrant from some sub-Saharan or middle eastern country :/
Score: 5 in Netherlands
The failing of intersectionality is proven here very well. My fiance who is practically the same as me in terms of education, faith, health, sexuality, etc. The only differences we have are race, gender, and money. I am an upper middle class American white guy, while she comes from a rich and powerful family in Belize... Even though the money she is born into is far more than mine is she is still somehow less privileged... I found this funny, this proves very clearly why both of us thing this sort of ideology is a tumor. My score is 5, hers was 52...
Score: 52 in Beaumont, TX
Yeah now i have a calculator to calculate how good my life is!!! Iam really not feeling any sorry for other people but I also dont treat bad because of my so called privallage accourding to this site :)
Score: 5 in Netherlands
Far Out! I scored a 6, that means I am entitled to continue working and making responsible decisions till the day I die, to support people who don't.
Score: 6 in United States
Being white, born in the USA, and now of an age and history, I will not apologize to any SJW or millennial or other, snot nose, malcontent who may feel triggered or had a safe space invaded (the horror!). Go suck an egg, and grow up, you pantywaist.
Score: 10 in Geneva, NE
Is this a joke? Privileged for what? For being a Catholic white male in Italy? What privilege is this? I'm simply a normal citizen in my own country.
Score: 6 in Italy
This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen on the internet in awhile.
Score: 18 in South Beloit, IL
Too bad about the age score, which left me to be only among the 3% most privileged. That and not attending church on a regular basis. Maybe my kids (yes, males) can reach a perfect score of zero if we skip the karate class on sunday morning and go to church instead
Score: 1 in Belgium
Dear bigoted idiots, 6!! Not bad for a boy who grew up with an unemployed alcoholic father in a town of 800 people and 200 miles from Duluth. Have any of you ever been on food stamps/unemployment? I have. I want my privilege!
Score: 6 in San Diego, CA
This test is so freaking hilarious! No wonder leftists are losing their damned minds!!!!!! And I am deaf!!!!!!!
Score: 6 in Arlington, TX
If I get a hard time because of my score my privileged middle finger will be prominently displayed. Twice.
Score: 6 in Ellijay, GA
Wow, what a crock this is.
it should test something like this: "makes more than $10 an hour"
And if yes -
Congrats! You are better off than 99% of all humans in human history.

Also, what's the intersectionality score of a white Zimbabwe farmer who gets his family killed and his farm taken from him?
Score: 11 in Austin, TX
So close to Maximum Oppressor Status with my score of 2. It's just a shame that I used my excessive privilege to serve in the military instead of going to Harvard.
Score: 2 in Nashville, TN
I am a white american with a high school diploma. I believe in Jesus Christ as the son of GOD. USA all the way. Don't like me I don't care. I know who I am and what I can do.. PEACE
Score: 6 in United States
Ah yes, I remember all those gay, black, transgender, elderly, disabled, foreign victims that I've beaten, robbed, stabbed, drowned, strangled, drawn and quartered just by virtue of being white. The police cheered, the patriarchy applauded, President Trump shook my hand, and the Jews gave over all their shekels. Feels good to have privilege.
Score: 9 in Austin, TX
Don’t know what to say about this! Typical liberal horse****.
Score: 7 in Fort Myers, FL
What are you qualified to know the effect of being in certain groups in cultures other than your own?
Being white in Japan is certainly a plus getting a job in certain narrow fields, like language education.....but after hiring it's a major handicap for getting tenure or promotions. And outside of those fields, being anything other than Japanese is a major handicap, even if you were born here.
Being a non-Japanese Asian is worse than being darker-skinned (you are seen as sneaky, and possibly, God forbid, Chinese or Korean..both worse than being black)
Being devoutly religious in Japan is looked at as weird (in public, religion is kind of a taboo subject, so no one usually knows unless they are friends)

Score: 30 in Japan
Just saw this: "You can use it when you're interacting with others to know who's more marginalized." After which you will find fewer and fewer people wanting to interact with there a slider for "Social Pariah-ness"?
Score: 30 in Japan
I can't wait until I finish my Bachelors program. I'll move up from six to 4 (more education and an instant raise)! Try as you might, you leftist, regressive, hand wringing, participation trophy bearing morons will never succeed in making me feel bad for loving God, my wife, and my children enough to try to be better at serving all three each day.
Score: 6 in Springdale, WA
Oh Noes! I'm intersectionality 43 because I'm poor, bisexual, and female! What ever shall I doooo with myself? Well, I'll tell you what I'll do. I won't bitch and complain about being "less privileged" than others while I make a life for myself by using my damn good looks and my smarts by going to college to be a doctor. Off of what money you say? Oh you know... Student Loans. Because I don't get to go to school for free unlike colored people. It's okay, I'll pay back my loans once I land that 6 digit job in 6 more grueling years. :) It's called hard work, not privilege. I am privileged to have a strong will, a good strong brain, and the passion to move forward no matter what life dishes out to me. Stop being oppressed and start doing something for yourself instead of depending on others who you claim are oppressing your dumb ass.
Score: 16 in Morgantown, WV
Are you serious? I am an old straight anglo white man. Everything is my fault Don't believe me? Just ask my wife
Score: 15 in Canada
Thanks for wasting my time. Still don’t know what intersectional means, or cisgender...? Cis? Is that a word? There are only two genders.... ask any doctor, PA, Nurse Practioner, PT, scientist, etc....
Score: 8 in Indian Trail, NC
A rubish test for white christian South African citizens
Score: 29 in South Africa
You people that promote this toxic ideology are mentally ill or just plain evil. Probably both.
Score: 13 in Louisville, TN
The Biggest CRAP test I ever saw. Only a Marxist intellectual would come up with something like this.
Score: 11 in North Las Vegas, NV
Not being Christian is not a privilege my atheist mind is blown :D
Score: 36 in Netherlands
Rats. Only got a 7 but I want to know who the UK dude is that got a 6. Must be one rich a$$. Man I envy that guy.
Score: 7 in Kenmore, WA
Stupid thing assumed i speak Japanese even though i'm taking the test in English.

What is the intersectionality of traveling to another country for WORK??
Score: 13 in Japan
This is Marxism in new colors - if searching for conflict, you will get conflict. Idiots simply refuse to understand that we are all different and will always remain different.

Many people believe (espeacially in Sweden) in this nonsense, and proving they are right by encouraging other believers, as in all sects.

This menatl virus is rapidly infecting government and corporations, as liberals have no inherent resistance to stupidity - they must tolerate everything, even if it kills them!
Score: 18 in Sweden
Honestly, there is no use for people who come up with stupid shit like this in the real world. They have NO VALUE whatsoever. None.
Score: 17 in Japan
More privileged than 93% of the world! YAY! And the wife and I will be going for dinner at our local Country Club tonight! It's lobster night! Should we take the Toyota Rav4, or the Mercedes?
Score: 6 in New York, NY
I’m a 26, but to be more acceptable, I must Become involved in gay sex Irvine’s and become Muslim. As that would most likely end in death, I think I will pass.
Score: 7 in United States
About as scientific as a horoscope. Wouldn't that be a fun section in the newspaper? Integrate it with meteorology. "Today is gonna be a hot day. So all you fat people and muslim women, be aware your oppressed index just went up"
Score: 96 in Sweden
Could we please stop grouping by labels we created to seperate us? One race: Human. One religion: Yours. This crap LOOKS for ways to label and seperate.
Score: 38 in Buffalo, NY
Checking my privilege -- Yup, still there.
Score: 1 in Chapel Hill, NC
"How can I improve my score?
Unfortunately, you are born with most of your intersectional factors. However, you can make some improvement to your score by getting more involved with Islam or Judaism, donate all excess wealth to charity, or explore the wild side of your sexuality. The easiest way to improve your score, however, is to champion the intersectionality of your more-marginalized friends. You may award yourself up to 5 points depending on the level of your activism."

What if I want to make it lower though?
Score: 11 in Newark, DE
The idiots that developed this "tool" forget that even those they call priveledged, didn't choose to be these things with a couple of exceptions...Gay, Fake gender, Religion, work ethic
Score: 20 in Rialto, CA
so just by being white, male, speaking English I am oppressing people this is just BS and polluting society with junk science like this.
Score: 94 in Northbrook, IL
As a white Christian male I'm feeling oppressed because I don't have a test like this for calculating morality scores. I'm forced to read the Bible to do that. Do you know how many pages are in the Bible? It's very time consuming. Very jealous of you pagans.
Score: 14 in Roslindale, MA
i wish i was more Christian so my score would be lower! Suck it, victims
Score: 4 in Chicago, IL
I scored a 3, but if you had a "How many guns do you own?" slider I could have gone negative.
Score: 3 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
I scored a 3. so growing up in a poor rural area and working hard to put myself through college fighting forest fires, with zero financial assistance from family or government programs constitutes extreme privilege. What b.s. I'll tell you what two factors are most important: being in the u.s. and being raised by a hard working diligent mother and father. period. Everything else flows from that.
Score: 3 in Purchase, NY
I will flaunt my privilege and oppress all who oppose me
Score: 12 in South Dartmouth, MA
This is funny. Glad to be so privileged
Score: 8 in Denver, CO
What a bunch of happy Horse Hockey. The United States of the America is the least racist, most fair country in the history OF THE PLANET. I dare anyone to try to become a citizen of Japan for example. This whole business is utter non-sense. Grow up whiners
Score: 8 in Irving, TX
Gee I'm a 9. My wife always says I'm a 2.
Score: 9 in Warrenville, IL
I got a 15, thanks atheism!!! Christian people oppress me so. ?
Score: 20 in Philadelphia, PA
interesting but for sure will be biased
Score: 10 in Canada
Rich? Compared to whom?
I dunno or reject the concept of adding post doctoral gobbledygook to “gender”
Are devout anythings ever considered bout-en-train?
Score: 4 in United States
“Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race.”
– Lt. Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC
Score: 8 in Everett, WA
You idiot the more spanish speaker i am the more privilege i get? I hope some SJW were fired due to this mistake.
Score: 25 in Spain
Haha, pretty funny and skewers the insanity of identity politics successfully. My score of 6 must mean I pay taxes and generally obey the law.
Score: 6 in Australia
As a French Canadian I scored a 16, but since there was no French language option to complete the test in it should be adjusted to roughly 90 to reflect the crushing cultural oppression I was just subjected to for almost one and a half minutes.
Score: 16 in Canada
There are a number of people who seem to have a lot of trouble with irony.
Score: 19 in Australia
What can I do to increase my privilege? I would like to be much more privileged, as 25% of the population is more privileged than I am.
Score: 13 in Winston, OR
I'm confused, what use is my privilege? Can it help me get a good paying job or a girlfriend? I would like to be able to use my privilege to get me something that would help me to stop feeling suicidal.
Score: 11 in Licking, MO
The more straight, harder working, honest and decent human you are the lower your score. Just think Jesus would have scored lower than 4. I guess being the Son of the true God would have lowered that to about 0. Yet he was crucified by those with much higher scores on this ridiculous scale. Go Figure that one progressive Lefties. Be careful what you wish for. The most heinous philosophies and wars were started by those with a victim mentality!!!
Score: 4 in Australia
Why do people think a low score is bad? Be proud of your prog-assigned low score, people. For the Nazis used systems as these to determine who was going to the concentration camps: Jews, poles, gypsies, all were welcomed to Auschwitz.
Score: 6 in Burke, VA
There was a guy a few decades back who said some things about not judging people according to the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

You should look into it.
Score: 19 in Federal Way, WA
Everyone should have a score of about 7Billion, because we are all individuals.
Score: 12 in North Salem, IN
It's becoming very clear to me that I can't live in a world with leftists. This stuff is so stupid, it's staggering.
Score: 16 in Columbus, OH
Truly Marxist framework - tiresome...
Score: 3 in Norfolk, VA
My Ouija Board says you are full of shiite...
Score: 96 in Kennewick, WA
Where is the slider for laziness versus willingness to work? I expect to get demerits for dislike of wishful or magical thinking.
Score: 7 in Pittsburgh, PA
I got a 5, Hot Damn!
I can't wait to start oppressing, I only wish I had known this earlier!
Score: 8 in Sacramento, CA
Heads exploding in the funny it's...sad.
Some people got no sense of humour or self depreciation. So hung up in their virtue signaling or victim-hood status.

We're all DOOMED and it's every one else's fault that I cant cope..wahhh !!
Score: 7 in Australia
It is perverse that this is what we have come to. I live my lack of privilege every day......while, every day being told how privileged I am. The sliding scale of silliness just reminds me exactly how out of touch with reality those who created this are.
Score: 36 in Belgium, WI
Ahahaha have any of you tried seeing how each slider effects your privilege? Rich to poor has little effect, but there's a whopping difference between man and woman. It's beyond absurd. I'd take being a rich black trans lesbian over being a dirt poor white guy, no question.
Score: 15 in Australia
If you believe in this rubbish you don't need an intersectionality score, you need a psychologist.
Score: 6 in Australia
According to this tool, a middle-class white guy is more privileged than Barak Obama. Did you test or reality check this thing at all?
Score: 24 in Clemmons, NC
This is bull sh*t. There is more than one white race and to pretend whites treat each other as equals is as racist to suggest all coloured people treat each other as equals. It is not reality. Ethnic majorities are the most priviliedged. I am mixed race for anyone feeling enraged but I might not be of your races.
Score: 33 in Australia
Only 17? I am way more privileged than that. Not least of all because I don't believe in bullshit like this test.
Score: 17 in Short Hills, NJ
Isn't this just a university admissions test? And exam score calculator?
Score: 11 in Australia
This is a joke, right? Personally, I feel oppressed by people who push this crap on the public. I blame the universities for this useless way of thinking. Oh, and I also blame Hollywood liberals. This intersectionality crap does nothing to solve real problems, such as poor education, children being raised in poverty, and children not having committed fathers.
Score: 21 in Comstock Park, MI
Score: 14 in Ypsilanti, MI
Absolutely the best Internet joke since the Shakespearean Insult Generator...unless this is a serious attempt to recruit college professors, NGO executives, or Democratic Party candidates.
Score: 18 in Novato, CA
This tool does nothing but propagate HATE.
Score: 6 in Ann Arbor, MI
This is one of the stupidest most ridiculous things i've seen.
Score: 51 in United States
What a load of inherent bs. I scored a 9 and have had to work hard for everything I have. To the point it has been detrimental to my health. Certain groups want everything not only handed to them, but get bent out of shape and perform incredible mental gymnastics when it isn't.
Score: 9 in Buffalo, NY
Shit! I only got a 5! Guess I better try harder at oppressing everyone.
Score: 5 in Canada
Problematic criteria...”cis” is a weaponised bully word and only high-functioning paraphilias (same sex/species) are included.
Score: 56 in Canada
You are pathetic. This is utter crap.
Score: 4 in Rosharon, TX
This is the most juvenile attempt at scholarship that I've ever seen. What's most shocking is that (1) people take it seriously and (2) some clown with a Ph.D. no doubt has graduate students analyzing the data.

Incidentally, my score was 4. Only because I am not uber-rich and because I am over 55.
Score: 4 in Encinitas, CA
holy shit. being muslim is a plus, and all other religions are a minus. literally go choke yourself.
Score: 17 in Lakeside, CA
I'm autistic and have worked hard to become fully functional and independent in main-stream society and am too proud of my success and myself to play victim; I scored 6. Apparently some differences are more valued [or more fashionable?] in the eyes of those of the prejudiced Left than others.
Score: 6 in Australia
If I scored any lower I would be Donald Trump!!!
Score: 5 in Australia
But doesn't being a well educated WASP make me part of hated minority - ie by the other 97%?
Score: 4 in Australia
Where is gun owner? Good thing I’m in my 50’s or I’d be a1.
Score: 6 in Concord, NH
Awesome, I'm an 8! I am so going to kick arse with this fantastic score, tremble in my wake you merger humans, those around the 30+ mark you will be the fodder I squash on the road to world domination. Tremble now! Bwahahaha
Score: 8
This is the biggest load of bollocks I've ever seen. What a joke.
Score: 6 in Australia
You, this site, in this entire concept are fucking retarded. That's right, retarded. I used the r-word. Did that make you cry and wet your pants Nancy? Man, I cannot wait for the giant meteor.
Score: 9 in Alexandria, VA
As a rich, white, straight, mature, well educated male I'm very dissappointed to get only 82%. Why? Because I'm self made, self educated, born in poverty in a house with no hot water, no bathroom, and a shared outside toilet. Instead of whining about being a victim though, I got off my arse and did something about it!
Score: 11 in Australia
Hi! I got a 6, so obviously I am extremely privileged and have many unfair advantages over others in society. My question is, what can I do to make my score even lower? I was thinking of opening a sweatshop in Honduras, but if you have any better suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
Score: 6 in Columbia, MO
What an incredible pile of divisive horse sh*t. What MLK said about judging people on the content of their character? Yeah, you leftist/Marxist assholes obviously don’t have the intelligence or wisdom to have a clue what he was talking about.

My mother spent much of her childhood living in a chicken coop that was “converted” into a shitty “home.” But apparently, I’m “priviledged” somehow.

You can take my “5” and shove it right up your Marxist ass. I guess I just need to convert to islam, have a few “twelvesomes” with several men and animals of the same gender, quit my job, do a shit load of drugs, leech off of the productive people around me, and the I’ll get the “right” score on this moronic test.

F*** you.
Score: 5 in Warren, NJ
Ah, satire is it? The Manhattan I just had must have clouded my discernment there... if this is satire, I love it. If it’s serious, well, I’ll reiterate my previous “f*** you!”
Score: 5 in Warren, NJ
Only a complete IDIOT believes in the myth of "white privelege". If it's real, where's mine? I scored THREE but nobody gives me anything. I have to earn it all by myself. I studied, I learned, I worked hard to get what I have, and at no point did anybody GIVE it to me. So tell me again how it's privelege? I've also never held anybody else back from any opportunity to succeed the same way I do.
Score: 3 in Satellite Beach, FL
Not sure why I become less privileged if I become more Jewish. Isn't the left anti-Jewish these days
Score: 13 in Australia
this is quite possibly the stupidest or worst survey in all history.
Hang your heads and yourselves in shame...
Score: 20 in Canada
Can’t wait to tell everybody at the office that we need to start meetings with our intersectionality score tomorrow and from now on we’ll only let the poor uneducated Jewish Mexican trannies make all the decisions. After work we’ll all have to start engaging in same sex sex and hormone therapy down at the local mosque to help bump these numbers up. I’ll have to deduct 5 points for this comment so that I am now 100% oppressor.
Score: 5 in Los Angeles, CA
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