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i love it. Its condescending, patronising crap like this, dressed up in academic verbiage like a pig in makeup, which at last exposes the intellectual derangement of mainstream progressivism
Score: 7 in Ireland
my score equals the amount of genders there are.
Score: 2 in Germany
I find it ironic that you've posted a quote stating that people shouldn't be judged by the color of their skin, but then literally link a numeric value to that attribute.
Score: 9 in Canada
As a black homosexual female (because apparently my opinion matters more if you know these factors),
I can confirm that this is bullshit
Score: 74 in Santa Maria, CA
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Why have this quote when you are giving people a score based (partly) on the color of their skin?
Score: 3 in New Zealand
This test is incomplete. I am trans species, specifically I identify as a cartoon lesbian pony. Please add this as an option. Also while I may have pale skin and enjoy sex with women I do NOT identify as "white", or "straight", it is very bigoted to assume these things based on how I look and behave. In this day and age having white-looking skin is actually a disability, so I maxed that one out. I am 35 but I identify as the gas cloud that created the solar system, so I made sure to max out "old". I have a college degree but I honestly know enough to know I know nothing, so I maxed out "less educated". I have a lot of money but, money doesn't buy happiness which is all that matters. So, I maxed out "poor". English is my second language as my first language was barking like a dog (I loved animals as a young child) All in all I have very little privilege. This means you all have to treat me very specially and do extra things for me, since I have no privilege. Thank you.
Score: 91 in Peru
Fuck anyone who takes this shit seriously
Score: 1 in United States
“The best way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” - John Roberts

You do realize that this "intersectionality calculator" violates the very quote above that you hold up as noble?

Intersectionality/critical theory is bogus; it's garbage thinking. Folks, wake up, pull your heads out, and quit being victims!

And if that doesn't trigger you, let me help: many of these "categories" are completely made up. There's no such thing as "cisgender", "transgender". A dude can't all of a sudden become a chick, and a chick can't all of a sudden become a dude. That's biology 101, and that's where this garbage leads: a complete denial of reality and rational thinking. What a crock!
Score: 4 in Fayetteville, AR
How can I be a devout muslim AND gay?
Score: 97 in Japan
If you’re ever having a hard time trying to figure out why Donald Trump won in 2016 (and why he’s going to win again in 2020), all you need to do is look at this page.
Score: 97 in Pittsburgh, PA
I can't tell if this is satire or not
Score: 15 in Greece
So does that mean I can demand money and throw tantrums in public because of how marginalized I am?
Score: 33 in United States
Where can I use my privilege to pay my bills guys?
Score: 14 in United Kingdom
You people are why Trump will win in 2020. Keep America Great.
Score: 36 in Salina, KS
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

We used to live in a country like that. But then the left turned it into a country where every part of life is now judged on everything BUT the content of one's character.
Score: 5 in Cabot, AR
Oh the irony of quoting MLK Jr while giving people more or less points based on race.
Score: 10
Ha! I’m me, and I’ll never apologize for any perceived “privileges” that others try and force upon me. I grew up poor, worked hard, and am now successful. Feel bad about it? No thanks. Privilege caused it? Nope. Not being lazy caused it and never giving up. 👍🏻
Score: 4 in Brooklyn, NY
As a foreign, elderly. disabled, female, gay, transgender person of colour with low income and no education, praying to God, Allah and YHWH... I am deeply offended that there is still 5% that are less privileged than me.
Score: 96 in Netherlands
Congratulations on making a tool to promote division between as many people as possible.
Score: 97 in Canada
No such thing as “white privilege”. Another lefty term to make white men feel bad for being who they are.
Score: 16 in Australia
This is bullshit
Score: 13 in Australia
What a load of toxic poison intersectionality is.
Score: 17 in Australia
ok so this is what made Donald Trump president, I hope you morons know that. go ahead, do more of this. MAGA
Score: 11 in Lewes, DE
This is about as ridiculous as it gets.
Score: 5 in Baltimore, MD
This is extremely discriminatory and I’m an African American. This is why America is divided, crap like this is ruining us all!
Score: 18 in United Kingdom
Why are straight, male or cisgender even sliders? You can't be 60% female or 32% straight you ninny's.
Score: 25 in Canada
The difference between being...
rich and poor: +-5
younger and older: +-0
abled vs disabled: +-7
educated or not: +-4

straight or gay: +-10
male or female: +-15
cis or trans: +-7
white or not: +-28!!

Who decided these ridiculous weightings? When ideology poses as sociology, all you get is pseudoscience.
Score: 87 in Louisville, KY
Wow, under "more stats" we see that New Zealand is on the brink of civil war apparently, so badly do the oppressors oppress the oppressed. Meanwhile back in India, home of the deplorably treated "untouchable" caste, everything is just fine and dandy.
Score: 53 in New Zealand
Yeah, I'm the most priviliged person ever, suck it losers!
Score: 1 in Netherlands
Nice quote : “The best way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”
–John Roberts

This is what you f**** do with the first question you ask.
Score: 12 in Canada
What a joke
Score: 11 in Chicago, IL
It's okay to be white
Score: 48 in Tampa, FL
I thought this was a joke at first 😂
Score: 41 in Washington, DC
I am literally Hitler.
Score: 3 in Huntington Beach, CA
I despise everything this website stands for. Victimization under the guise of social justice is a disease plaguing today's world of ethics and politics.
Score: 6 in Gibsonia, PA
This is so stupid
Score: 22 in Boise, ID
What about IQ, looks, height, voice, athleticism, temperment, criminal record, health, family history, veteran status, party affiliation, networks,
Score: 72 in Arlington, VA
What a load of fucking bollocks
Score: 33 in United Kingdom
Sweet! Where can I collect my white privilege?
Score: 1 in Bronx, NY
INtersectionality is probaly the dumbest theory I've ever heard of.
Score: 17 in Estonia
This is so stupid. Get lives and find something more constructive to do with your time.
Score: 29 in Canada
Bow before my superior aryan genes.
Score: 9 in Finland
This website is racist as hell
Score: 8 in United States
And the left thinks we’re discriminating
Score: 29 in Santa Monica, CA
6! This is the ultimate troll job.
Score: 5 in Rock Island, IL
Complete bs

Score: 90 in Norway
"How can I improve my score?"
This statement implies that a higher score is better. Why is it better? Why is being White, Straight, Male, Cisgender, Rich, Middle-Aged, and Christian bad? Things like this make me absolutely disgusted by the state of today's racist, bigoted left.
Score: 17 in Nixa, MO
Is there any peaceful way out of this fucking mess? This whole indoctrination and self-hatred within the best countries of the world will end very, very badly for everyone.
Score: 19 in United Kingdom
How can you have sliders on some of these questions? You were either born in the US or you weren’t. English is either you first language or it’s not. It is literally binary.
Score: 97 in United States
I’m Christian and middle eastern and Christians in the Middle East are super oppressed so fuck this shit...
Score: 59 in Corona, CA
Imagine having a webpage about tolerance while stereotyping people because of their borning conditions. Oh wait...
Score: 16 in Spain
If you are a 95 year old and penniless and the target of elder abuse, then you are out of luck here it seems.
Score: 53 in New Zealand
17 whelp, looks like I need to start identifying as a gender fluid and transracial while I convert to Islam
Score: 17 in New Zealand
Possibly the biggest load of shit ever taken by human means
Score: 96 in United States
I got a 4. I am heavily opressive, I am a bad guy, it s in my blood as your theory suggest. Interestingly I live in Romania where there is not too much to opress. Anyhow, this ranking is no different than the Chinese government social ranking of its citizens so this is definitely communism.
Score: 4 in Romania
Intersectionality is anti-civilisation cancer.
Score: 22 in India
this is hilarious, I'm having a hard time convincing myself it isn't satirical...
Score: 58 in Waterbury Center, VT
This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen on the internet in awhile.
Score: 18 in South Beloit, IL
Fakest shit I've seen
Score: 83 in Australia
I scored a 4! Booyah! And here's the kicker. I actually like the person I am. I'm polite and generous and have a strong moral sense. Qualities I'm passing on to my (very white) children -- ALL 4 OF THEM. I'm also drumming into them a warning about all the intersectional nonsense. With a bit of luck and perhaps some help from God (I ask for help every Sunday at church), my descendants three or four generators hence will swamp the few SJWs still around. Being a gender-weird race-obsessed professional whiner is not likely to result in many kids, now is it?

And no, I'm not interested in "improving" my score, and certainly not by becoming a pervert.
Score: 4 in Canada
Set the sliders to the lowest score possible, and you will see who the left considers to be its greatest enemy.
Score: 1 in Altamonte Springs, FL
How low does your score have to be to have you sent to the goulag?
Score: 10 in Fairfield, CA
So, a huge chunk is based on things you *can't* change-- skin color, age, able-bodiedness, gender, sexual preference, birthplace and first language. And this is supposed to be a balanced test? WTF?
Score: 38 in Atlanta, GA
nazis were measuring skulls. SJWs - everything else
Score: 50 in United Kingdom
Your against racisism yet your whole poll is rasist to whites, Christians and british
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
This is special place, where you can be super poor white with no education, yet more privileged then rich high class educated person of color
Score: 19 in Ukraine
I managed to get a 1. Fight me
Score: 42 in Sierra Vista, AZ
Why isn't gamer on the slider
Score: 57 in Greenwood Lake, NY
So does that mean I can demand money and throw tantrums in public because of how marginalized I am?
Score: 33 in United States
Dear bigoted idiots, 6!! Not bad for a boy who grew up with an unemployed alcoholic father in a town of 800 people and 200 miles from Duluth. Have any of you ever been on food stamps/unemployment? I have. I want my privilege!
Score: 6 in San Diego, CA
Ok so how does a slider possibly work for the "white" "person of colour" line? What does the far end of "person of colour" mean? This "calculator" is really dumb.
Score: 76 in Canada
Come to think of it, how can someone be a devote Christian, Jew and Muslim at the same time? I mean there's scams and then there's holy shit.
Score: 25 in Canada
Bull shit
Score: 9 in United States
My score is 9, I'm more privileged than 82% of the population. Hooray! I get the "privilege" of supporting all those people less "privileged" than me!
Score: 16 in United States
This is the most ignorant, short sighted bull shit I've ever seen... Its almost funny if it wasn't so scary.
Score: 100 in United Kingdom
Hilarious! If you have a sense of humor.
Score: 70 in Australia
I was bullied all of my life for being Jewish, my parents are divorced, and I'm low middle class. And I get a 14. Good job Liberals... Really progressing society.
Score: 14 in Denton, TX
I am a black, gay, female, transgender, poor, older, diabled, ESL, born outside of the US, uneduated, atheist muslim jew and I am the most oppressed.
Gibs me dat viktim bux.
Score: 50 in Cleveland, OH
Yes, I am a regenerate Christian, which makes me infinitely privileged. Thank God!
Score: 10 in Danville, IL
Most pointless shit I’ve ever done
Score: 11 in Australia
This has to be a parody. A slider for being born in the USA? lmao
Score: 61 in United States
World: end prejudice
Also world: check your self persecution score!
Score: 96 in United States
This is run by democrats. It's stupid and divisive. Im Mexican and 1st gen. Im voting Trump again .
Score: 32 in Bronx, NY
Scored 5, so why do I feel oppressed all the time? Oh wait, it's all those Leftist Marxists ideologues trying to remove my freedom of opinion, redistribute my wealth, and throw me in a gulag!!!
Score: 3 in Thailand
Wow, I mean WOW ! Basing worth on physical and social characteristics. You went so far left that you`ve reached NAZI RACIAL IDEOLOGY levels, with muslims as black lesbian muslim master "race".
Score: 13 in Croatia
An absurd joke for those who value their victimhood.
Score: 5 in United States
I took this test as if I were Melinda Gates (had to guess on religiosity) (and found that "69% of others are more privileged than [her}." Wow, poor little oppressed Melinda. I then pretended to be former Attorney General and Covington & Burling partner Eric Holder, and learned that "75% of others are more privileged than [me].] Wow, who knew those folks were "victims."
Score: 25 in Washington, DC
This is a parody, right? No adult can take this stuff seriously.
Score: 16 in Myakka City, FL
The thing is, if it is an elaborate troll (as it probably is) it does that not by satire but but by truthfully showing what "Intersectionality theory" actually says. Brilliant expose of this loony postmodern guff.
Score: 53 in New Zealand
Are you a successful person with pesky "privilege"? Just bow down to Islam and be a slut or whatever, and you're automatically a better person, teehee
Score: 49 in Spring, TX
I got 100. What's my prize?
Score: 23 in Canada
To the guy that said "I love triggered this makes white people haha. It’s bout time somebody callin whites out on they bullshit" Go fuck yourself you racist piece of shit.
Score: 3 in Bossier City, LA
Holy shit. Just saw this on some site. Now I can judge people based on some non-scientific scoring profile just like a bad human being!! Thanks LGBTQ community, thank you for giving me the tools to be a shitty person!
Score: 44 in Arcadia, CA
got score of 4
When will I get my white-privilege card, and where is my 500k salary?
Score: 4 in Sweden
I’m a 100!! A poor uneducated disabled trangeredgered gay devout Jewish Muslim. Female born in Guadalajara who speaks little English. Thank Yahweh/Allah for spellcheck or you probably couldn’t read this.
Score: 97 in Naples, FL
so just by being white, male, speaking English I am oppressing people this is just BS and polluting society with junk science like this.
Score: 94 in Northbrook, IL
Would be funny, but there are people who actually believe this crap. The commentators here give me hope that not all is lost.
Score: 13 in Germany
I thought this was a parody site...guess I was right.
Score: 9 in Milwaukee, WI
Hahahahahaha the things you foreigners make up to make yourselves feel special crack me up. There's no such thing as racial privilege. Italy is a white country, I'm a white Italian man and I'm just a nobody like 99% of our population. And even if your country isn't a white country, just because you're white doesn't mean you're privileged. If anything, colored people abuse white people governments by being economic and social burdens.
Score: 4 in Italy
nothing says dumb quite like celebrating your imagined oppression
Score: 9 in Edison, NJ
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