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Congratulations on making a tool to promote division between as many people as possible.
Score: 97 in Canada
At a score of only 7, it appears that I ought to sell everything I own and give it to charity. I am ashamed of my low score and will try anything to bring it up. I've never failed anything this hard, even in physics.
Score: 7 in Lenoir City, TN
Man I have yet to see a single positive comment that says this thing doesn't plain suck!
Score: 97 in Canada
I am curious where to go to be elected world emperor? I also am quadra racially mixed, have no genitalia, identify as an alien from Zebidon Estoclion 9, I have an Intersectional score of 100,000,000,000 I am your God
Score: 97 in Ottawa, KS
I'm a trans woman, born as a man, who is attracted to women, so that makes me gay. I'm several hues, very poor and uneducated and I fall down alot, Somehow I'm more oppressed if I'm Muslim. I don't get it, guess I'll have to read up on Marx. I'm sure he'll have all the awnsers, even though he was a cis man. *spits*
Score: 97 in Netherlands
Imagine literally basing how you opressed you feel on this scale like literally everyone is out to get you. And unless you are a disabled trans bisexual vegan you are literally an oppressor.
Score: 8 in Virginia Beach, VA
Aaahahahahaha, so in order to be less oppressive I should get circumcised and become a gay muslim? I love this world.
Score: 11 in Romania
As a poorly educated, disabled, transgender, LGBT, physically disabled, Muslim woman of colour it is good to know that some real allies care about me by calculating my oppression score.

I hope more members of the cisgender heteropatriarchy do this and check their privledge so the world can be a better place
Score: 96 in Australia
I’m a 100!! A poor uneducated disabled trangeredgered gay devout Jewish Muslim. Female born in Guadalajara who speaks little English. Thank Yahweh/Allah for spellcheck or you probably couldn’t read this.
Score: 97 in Naples, FL
I love this test, it validates my hurt feelings, I feel entitled to compensation. I am as close to the top of the victim hood pyramid as it gets. When is my government going to make me rich. I want everything and I want it now. Stop oppressing me and shower me with free stuff.
Score: 97 in New Zealand
I am so brown, poor, muslim, gay, disabled, uneducated, old, and female, I am once again going to run for President of the USA... and this time I'll win!
Score: 97 in France
I am a Indian lesbian trapped in a boy's body. I am emotionally handicapped and therefore did not fit in any school. My earn money by showing up on stage with progressive people.
Score: 97 in San Francisco, CA
I actually scored a 1
Score: 97 in Boerne, TX
How can I be a devout muslim AND gay?
Score: 97 in Japan
I scored 12 points as a white privileged grown up.
As a poor coloured female old gay transgender devoted to Muslim, disabled and born elsewhere without any education yet Dutch is my 2nd language, I score 97points. I have no privilege at all. Yet the Dutch government keeps on financing me.

Only Jews are off worse.
What a joke this world we're living in.
Score: 97 in Netherlands
Waarom is deze site in het Engels en niet gewoon in het Nederlands? Oh wacht, Nederlands is een koloniale racistisch taal
Score: 97 in Netherlands
How can you have sliders on some of these questions? You were either born in the US or you weren’t. English is either you first language or it’s not. It is literally binary.
Score: 97 in United States
This is a joke, but it isnt funny.
Score: 9 in Brooklyn, NY
Why is it telling me how I can improve my score? Most of these are things you are born with, and there is nothing wrong with having a high or low score.
Score: 8 in Roselle, NJ
Yay! Being a devout Muslim, devout Christian and a devout Jew all at the same time gets me a higher score! Now I have to work on turning into a female POC and forgetting all my education so I won’t be oppressed by the asshats that designed this. Note to the designers: your self loathing is showing.
Score: 96 in United States
What a useless test.
Score: 16 in United Kingdom
18 points...well...heil hitler then? O_o
Score: 18 in Germany
Apparently you can be a devout Christian, Muslim and Jew at the same time. LOL
Score: 96 in Austria
oh wow
Score: 11 in Canada
This is special place, where you can be super poor white with no education, yet more privileged then rich high class educated person of color
Score: 19 in Ukraine
I enjoy my privileges, suck me.
Score: 16 in Georgia
This is a religion in its own right, a completely bigoted, ignorant and inhuman way to measure your fellow human beings.
Score: 96 in United Kingdom
My Ouija Board says you are full of shiite...
Score: 96 in Kennewick, WA
About as scientific as a horoscope. Wouldn't that be a fun section in the newspaper? Integrate it with meteorology. "Today is gonna be a hot day. So all you fat people and muslim women, be aware your oppressed index just went up"
Score: 96 in Sweden
What a bs ... according to this The majority is more privileged than I am. Should I feel discriminated now? Stop this, stop the self pitty and get a life. You only have one. Don’t waste your time on this nonsense.
Score: 96 in Netherlands
I'm 100% Jewish and 100% muslim. Sounds legit
Score: 96 in Netherlands
This has to be the dumbest most bigoted thing I've seen today. What group of losers built this?
Score: 96 in Chicago, IL
As a foreign, elderly. disabled, female, gay, transgender person of colour with low income and no education, praying to God, Allah and YHWH... I am deeply offended that there is still 5% that are less privileged than me.
Score: 96 in Netherlands
I always knew I would win something been the gayes gay in the village
Score: 96 in Poland
"69% of others are more privileged than you" - I'm somewhat disappointed, lol
Score: 96 in Netherlands
I guess I'm just hopeless.
Now where do I apply for a resident permit, social benefits, and my AJW card?
Score: 96 in Ukraine
Whahahaha. See here the complete and utter bankrupcy of the whole intersectionality movement (and with it, most of the "soft sciences" by now, it's a cancer) in one easy "web app". FYI, it's overly complicated. You really only need one single slider. It goes from "normal person" to "whiny bitch". That would at least neatly sidestep the rather horrible sanctioned discrimination on the bases of race, gender, belief, and whatnot else, that you're promoting here. That's right, "intersectionality" is nothing but complete and utter racism in a virtue signalling sauce. But still racism at its core. By promoting this you're making the world a little worse, certainly no better. Something to be proud of, eh.
Score: 96 in Netherlands
Scored a 1, the world hates me
Score: 96 in Netherlands
Scored a 1, the world hates me
Score: 96 in Netherlands
Score: 96 in Kansas City, MO
By sliding everything to the right you still can't get past 95% loser. Who the hell are the other 5 % ??
Score: 96 in Canada
I'm still sane and straight, so my score was fairly low.
Score: 96 in Canada
Yes, privileged than 93% of others! :)
Score: 6 in Madisonville, KY
I identify as having a higher score
Score: 35 in United Kingdom
I think being a straight, white, male, christian, should get more points because they are the most hated by the other, "more oppressed" groups. The least points should be more like a medium gay, slightly brown, female, jew.
Score: 95 in North Wales, PA
Score: 17 in United Kingdom
oi vey 88% of people are more privileged than i, now i need to run outside and bitch about how oppressed i am to everyone on the planet.
Score: 94 in Canada
take your marxist propaganda and shove it up your ass
Score: 8 in Canada
so just by being white, male, speaking English I am oppressing people this is just BS and polluting society with junk science like this.
Score: 94 in Northbrook, IL
This is kinda bullshit. Having the means to immigrate to another country makes you less oppressed, not more. And there's no one doing the oppression.
Score: 12 in Oakland, CA
This website advocates that people with higher intersectionality scores should get more votes than people with lower scores. This is political eugenics. Insanity on steroids. Anyone who believes this crap, or attempts to use this to create public policy is a dangerous person to our society.
Score: 93 in United States
From the website it states: To start every business meeting by forcing your employees to share their intersectionality scores. Not only is this stupid, oppressive, bullying, discriminatory, sexist and bigoted IT IS ILLEGAL!!! It is illegal to consider race, sex, marriage, religion, as a qualifier/disqualifier for employment or within employed status. Any employer who attempts to use this to pit employees against each other or use it to determine wages, promotions, demotions or other hiring and employment practices should be rightfully sued until they exist no more.
Score: 93 in United States
To prove how utterly stupid this is, Idi Amin who killed over 1 million people has a better 'intersectionality' score than Abraham Lincoln.
Score: 93 in United States
BTW, I made up my answers to gain awareness regarding the scorekeeper because I refuse to play this game.
Score: 93 in Panama City, FL
Whoever wasted their time creating this garbage read "Animal Farm" but didn't understand it.
Score: 93 in Panama City, FL
I am the most oppressed, where's my medal
Score: 93 in Grand Island, NE
Why is not being christian get intersectional points but being Muslim does also
Score: 92 in United States
Why isnt fat one of the things. I'm so offended
Score: 5 in United States
Thanks Intersectionality Score!
Now I have your much needed approval and found out I score 6, making me more privileged than 93% of peasants, I mean people, I'm off to oppress the proletariat. Happy Birthday to me.
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
Boom, 3. Wait, why does it go up to 12 if I identify as aetheist? Thank god for god.

Oh and... I'm not "cisgender". I'm a man. I will never describe myself as "cisgender". I'm a man.
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
11! That can't be right: my dominatrix wife oppresses me all the time! I demand a recount!!
Score: 91 in Belgium
It didn't ask any of the most important aspects determining someone's success:
1) How physically attractive are you
2) How socially apt/inept are you
3) How many influential people are your parents acquainted with
It didn't even ask if I was left or right handed.
Score: 90 in Luxembourg
I’m trans and I don’t agree with this test.
Score: 90 in Canada
I'm an intersectional unicorn, I'm a black gay transgender woman, I'm also a devout jew and muslim, I'm poor and uneducated, ohh yeah, I'm disabled too. So please weep for me, I'm the most oppressed person in the world.
Score: 91 in Romania
Wow - is it possible a devout christian-muslim-jewish transgender something and score 88, is this an elaborate 4chan joke?
Score: 88 in Denmark
Victim points? Really.
Score: 23 in Denmark
Well you can not win them all haha
Score: 7 in United States
I don’t think this works, the sliding scale idea, when talking about gender privilege. I was assigned female at birth, but I’m non-binary and trans. I present androgynously, but I wouldn’t say that it makes sense that according to this, I’d have less privilege, as someone who presents androgynously. It doesn’t make sense. Transphobia, cissexism, sexism, and homophobia are complicated. Also, being “100% gay” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re less privileged. Many pan and queer people are more oppressed than cis gay men, in particular. Also, gender, presentation, and anatomy (gender assigned at birth) are three totally different things, that intersect in very complicated ways! I’d like to see this updated, to accommodate for non-binary trans folks. Because I’m a lot of ways, non-binary trans people can face more obstacles (legally and socially) than binary trans people. Maybe you could add a scale from binary to non-binary trans, but that still wouldn’t be anywhere near perfect. I like the idea, but think it needs major tweaking
Score: 54 in Washington, DC
i think the makers of this need to slide all the way on disabled because you have to have alot of mental disabilities to come up with such a stupid test
Score: 87 in Pontiac, MI
The rich/poor meter is the one that matters the most. Period.
Score: 87 in Miamisburg, OH
Oy vey! Oy gevalt!
Score: 87 in Israel
What a bunch of garbage
Score: 10 in Netherlands
Why does age and disability have such a minor effect on the score? I’m sorry but a serious disability has a much bigger impact to someone’s “ability to get ahead” than simply gender let’s say. Many disabled people can hardly leave the house or need full time care. Same goes for age - what about my 70 year old father who can barely walk 5 steps anymore, is it really easier for him to get ahead than my wife, a successful entrepreneur?
Score: 87 in United Kingdom
The difference between being...
rich and poor: +-5
younger and older: +-0
abled vs disabled: +-7
educated or not: +-4

straight or gay: +-10
male or female: +-15
cis or trans: +-7
white or not: +-28!!

Who decided these ridiculous weightings? When ideology poses as sociology, all you get is pseudoscience.
Score: 87 in Louisville, KY
Wow, I mean WOW ! Basing worth on physical and social characteristics. You went so far left that you`ve reached NAZI RACIAL IDEOLOGY levels, with muslims as black lesbian muslim master "race".
Score: 13 in Croatia
How to get a score of 100?
Be a devout Jew AND muslim.
You know...those poor Muslews.
Score: 100 in Germany
All those innate priviliges I have.
Like working my way out of poverty into university.
Goddamn oppressive me.
Score: 17 in Germany
This has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. People need to stop blaming the world for their shortcomings
Score: 5 in United States
score 48. Really not privileged.
Score: 48 in United Kingdom
Since I can identify as whatever I want my score is fluid.
Score: 85 in United States
Oh, I rule the world. Nice to know
Score: 14 in Holmdel, NJ
Fakest shit I've seen
Score: 83 in Australia
I'm a gay, person of color, transgender, poor, muslim, disabled, and old person. Also less educated and born outside USA. I scored 82! Yahoo, I AM the MAN!!
Score: 82 in Seattle, WA
Finally a tool for us Arians to truly judge the worth of a person and quantify just how much better we are as a race.
Score: 1 in Canada
The lower the score the bigger loser in life you are.
Score: 15 in Old Bridge, NJ
Score: 15 in Old Bridge, NJ
Victimology. Anybody can play this game.
Score: 82 in Longmont, CO
Wow, I love that I have the privilege to unwillingly fund government programs for a bunch of ungrateful parasites. I can't wait to divest myself of this unearned privilege.
Score: 82 in Boise, ID
This is such bullshit
Score: 82 in Canada
As they say “Je suis bien dans ma peau”.
Score: 82 in Canada
In order for me to lower my score, I will have to become a Christian. Thank you for the information as I do everything in my power to piss off the authoritarian left every day of my life. Thanks to this site, I now know what more I can do.
Score: 82 in Pleasant Hill, CA
This is pretty much a form of mental illness...

Isn't Cisgender and Male an intersection?
Score: 81 in Brooklyn, NY
Score: 11 in Lithuania
As someone who believes identity politics are useful and necessary, this is a really bad quiz. Don't use this.
Score: 41 in United States
I identify as a house cat. Please add this feature.
Score: 82 in United States
Your intersectionality score: 81
86% of others are more privileged than you
Share your result!. ! I need human right lawyer to fight White Privileged for me.
Score: 81 in United Kingdom
As everyone else here knows: this is meaningless. It's not whether a person is better or worse than another. I have no delusions of being victimized by society, despite a high intersectionality score, so to those who think that demographic x is better than y - I would encourage you to try to look at the issue from a more neutral position.
Score: 79 in Germany
This could be the most stupid thing I have ever seen on the internet.... and I have trawled the depths of Tumblr.
Score: 18 in United Kingdom
I'm a 1/1024 POC straight female transgender poor disabled not born in Denmark and dansih being second language and beside that I am extremely devoute jewish muslim and I hate christians. I guess this shit is what they try to implement when they ban good danish songs like "Den danske sang er en ung blond pige" or when they make it illegal to dress in mexican outfit, because freedom og expression of non danes
Score: 76 in Denmark
The only thing I changed on the scale was I set it to 100% muslim, because I want to prove how pedophile leftism, lesser known as intersectional feminism, is in fact islamic based marxism. So, let's see if this is a legit test or not.
Score: 53 in Denmark
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