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This is kinda bullshit. Having the means to immigrate to another country makes you less oppressed, not more. And there's no one doing the oppression.
Score: 12 in Oakland, CA
This website advocates that people with higher intersectionality scores should get more votes than people with lower scores. This is political eugenics. Insanity on steroids. Anyone who believes this crap, or attempts to use this to create public policy is a dangerous person to our society.
Score: 93 in United States
From the website it states: To start every business meeting by forcing your employees to share their intersectionality scores. Not only is this stupid, oppressive, bullying, discriminatory, sexist and bigoted IT IS ILLEGAL!!! It is illegal to consider race, sex, marriage, religion, as a qualifier/disqualifier for employment or within employed status. Any employer who attempts to use this to pit employees against each other or use it to determine wages, promotions, demotions or other hiring and employment practices should be rightfully sued until they exist no more.
Score: 93 in United States
To prove how utterly stupid this is, Idi Amin who killed over 1 million people has a better 'intersectionality' score than Abraham Lincoln.
Score: 93 in United States
BTW, I made up my answers to gain awareness regarding the scorekeeper because I refuse to play this game.
Score: 93 in Panama City, FL
Whoever wasted their time creating this garbage read "Animal Farm" but didn't understand it.
Score: 93 in Panama City, FL
I am the most oppressed, where's my medal
Score: 93 in Grand Island, NE
How does being Jewish make you less oppressed? They’re the single most privileged group on the planet!
Score: 20 in Czech Republic
Why is not being christian get intersectional points but being Muslim does also
Score: 92 in United States
Why isnt fat one of the things. I'm so offended
Score: 5 in United States
Thanks Intersectionality Score!
Now I have your much needed approval and found out I score 6, making me more privileged than 93% of peasants, I mean people, I'm off to oppress the proletariat. Happy Birthday to me.
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
Boom, 3. Wait, why does it go up to 12 if I identify as aetheist? Thank god for god.

Oh and... I'm not "cisgender". I'm a man. I will never describe myself as "cisgender". I'm a man.
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
white man bad
Score: 91 in United Kingdom
11! That can't be right: my dominatrix wife oppresses me all the time! I demand a recount!!
Score: 91 in Belgium
Complete bs

Score: 90 in Norway
It didn't ask any of the most important aspects determining someone's success:
1) How physically attractive are you
2) How socially apt/inept are you
3) How many influential people are your parents acquainted with
It didn't even ask if I was left or right handed.
Score: 90 in Luxembourg
I’m trans and I don’t agree with this test.
Score: 90 in Canada
Why would I want to raise my score? 😂
Score: 4 in Chicago, IL
I'm an intersectional unicorn, I'm a black gay transgender woman, I'm also a devout jew and muslim, I'm poor and uneducated, ohh yeah, I'm disabled too. So please weep for me, I'm the most oppressed person in the world.
Score: 91 in Romania
Wow - is it possible a devout christian-muslim-jewish transgender something and score 88, is this an elaborate 4chan joke?
Score: 88 in Denmark
Victim points? Really.
Score: 23 in Denmark
Of course it's a parody! Too bad though...according to this site I'm privileged!
Score: 19 in Canada
Well you can not win them all haha
Score: 7 in United States
I don’t think this works, the sliding scale idea, when talking about gender privilege. I was assigned female at birth, but I’m non-binary and trans. I present androgynously, but I wouldn’t say that it makes sense that according to this, I’d have less privilege, as someone who presents androgynously. It doesn’t make sense. Transphobia, cissexism, sexism, and homophobia are complicated. Also, being “100% gay” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re less privileged. Many pan and queer people are more oppressed than cis gay men, in particular. Also, gender, presentation, and anatomy (gender assigned at birth) are three totally different things, that intersect in very complicated ways! I’d like to see this updated, to accommodate for non-binary trans folks. Because I’m a lot of ways, non-binary trans people can face more obstacles (legally and socially) than binary trans people. Maybe you could add a scale from binary to non-binary trans, but that still wouldn’t be anywhere near perfect. I like the idea, but think it needs major tweaking
Score: 54 in Washington, DC
i think the makers of this need to slide all the way on disabled because you have to have alot of mental disabilities to come up with such a stupid test
Score: 87 in Pontiac, MI
The rich/poor meter is the one that matters the most. Period.
Score: 87 in Miamisburg, OH
Oy vey! Oy gevalt!
Score: 87 in Israel
What a bunch of garbage
Score: 10 in Netherlands
Why does age and disability have such a minor effect on the score? I’m sorry but a serious disability has a much bigger impact to someone’s “ability to get ahead” than simply gender let’s say. Many disabled people can hardly leave the house or need full time care. Same goes for age - what about my 70 year old father who can barely walk 5 steps anymore, is it really easier for him to get ahead than my wife, a successful entrepreneur?
Score: 87 in United Kingdom
The difference between being...
rich and poor: +-5
younger and older: +-0
abled vs disabled: +-7
educated or not: +-4

straight or gay: +-10
male or female: +-15
cis or trans: +-7
white or not: +-28!!

Who decided these ridiculous weightings? When ideology poses as sociology, all you get is pseudoscience.
Score: 87 in Louisville, KY
This whole thing is blatantly anti white and it's disgusting. I am a cis straight mixed race male who was born in the US to an upper middle class family. I'm 1/3 white, and I'm 2/3 Brahmin North Indian. I have very light skin/features, and I've spent my entire life in the US, so I often get mistaken for being white. When I had my sliders set to identify around 66% "person of color" which I technically am (I guess), I was apparently more oppressed than 51% of people. As soon as I moved my slider to more than half white I immediately become "more privileged" than most people! I know for a fact this isn't true. I had a great upbringing in a relatively wealthy home in a white community. Even if you set this thing to be 100% straight white male, but put the income and education level at the bottom you'll still apparently be more privileged than most people. I can tell you for a fact that I'm more privileged than most white people I know. This is based in nothing more than being racist towards white people, and in 50 years people will look back on these types of "intersectionality tests" as completely pseudoscientific and bigoted. Whoever agrees with this ideology needs to spend some time in the real world. You'll rarely see anyone getting advantages because they're white when they're poor and living in a single parent household in rural Arkansas.
Score: 25 in Frisco, TX
Wow, I mean WOW ! Basing worth on physical and social characteristics. You went so far left that you`ve reached NAZI RACIAL IDEOLOGY levels, with muslims as black lesbian muslim master "race".
Score: 13 in Croatia
How to get a score of 100?
Be a devout Jew AND muslim.
You know...those poor Muslews.
Score: 100 in Germany
All those innate priviliges I have.
Like working my way out of poverty into university.
Goddamn oppressive me.
Score: 17 in Germany
This has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. People need to stop blaming the world for their shortcomings
Score: 5 in United States
score 48. Really not privileged.
Score: 48 in United Kingdom
lib progressive stupidity at it's finest
Score: 28 in Colombia
Since I can identify as whatever I want my score is fluid.
Score: 85 in United States
What if you're white and belong to a group of people who are being replaced/eliminated and thus do not feel very privileged at all?
Score: 84 in Canada
Oh, I rule the world. Nice to know
Score: 14 in Holmdel, NJ
Hey f*** this, it only applies to the western world and doesn’t take into account LAYERS OF OPPRESSION. For example you could live in a very trans accepting area but be so poor you’re literally starving and being beaten for being gay and black. But still, trans women have it bad huh? F*** you.
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
Non POCs are triggered
Score: 83 in Bogalusa, LA
Fakest shit I've seen
Score: 83 in Australia
Since I self identify as a black, trans, gay, latino, obese, pauper I score 86. Suck it up.
Score: 82 in Myakka City, FL
What the heck? How are jews privileged, this seems anti-semitic.
Score: 31 in Germany
You know, here's the thing about intersectionality. As you point out, there are literally 100s (and probably way more) of factors that can affect people's lives. If you split people into groups and go further and further and down ad infinitum, do you know what you'll find? You get down to the level of the individual. Which incidentally, is precisely the level at which Western society (for hundreds of years) has said you should treat people.

Obviously this is a matter of principle, and anyone can find examples where that doesn't happen, and I will happily stand with you in supporting people who are treated unfairly by someone else due to something like their skin colour. But this notion of privilege points and intersectionality scores is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen. Treating people who belong to a group as a homogenous bloc is insulting and stupid. In fact, the evidence is that you will find more diversity within a group than between groups!

According your "reasoning", a homeless white cisgender UK-born male is somehow more privileged than a rich, lesbian immigrant woman of colour. Can you not see this is utter madness?!?!?!

There's a relatively famous chap (you may have heard of him) who once said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Seems to me you people would rather judge us by the colour of our skin (among other things). Disappointing.
Score: 7 in United Kingdom
This is all BS. These baked in judgements are like saying all blacks are dumb and and Hispanics are lazy.
Score: 82 in Stillwater, MN
I'm a gay, person of color, transgender, poor, muslim, disabled, and old person. Also less educated and born outside USA. I scored 82! Yahoo, I AM the MAN!!
Score: 82 in Seattle, WA
Finally a tool for us Arians to truly judge the worth of a person and quantify just how much better we are as a race.
Score: 1 in Canada
The lower the score the bigger loser in life you are.
Score: 15 in Old Bridge, NJ
Score: 15 in Old Bridge, NJ
Victimology. Anybody can play this game.
Score: 82 in Longmont, CO
Wow, I love that I have the privilege to unwillingly fund government programs for a bunch of ungrateful parasites. I can't wait to divest myself of this unearned privilege.
Score: 82 in Boise, ID
This is such bullshit
Score: 82 in Canada
As they say “Je suis bien dans ma peau”.
Score: 82 in Canada
In order for me to lower my score, I will have to become a Christian. Thank you for the information as I do everything in my power to piss off the authoritarian left every day of my life. Thanks to this site, I now know what more I can do.
Score: 82 in Pleasant Hill, CA
this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen or heard of. Can't afford to pay my medical bills, but im somehow more privileged than 90% of my fellow americans? Give me a break.
Score: 81 in United States
This is pretty much a form of mental illness...

Isn't Cisgender and Male an intersection?
Score: 81 in Brooklyn, NY
Score: 11 in Lithuania
As someone who believes identity politics are useful and necessary, this is a really bad quiz. Don't use this.
Score: 41 in United States
I identify as a house cat. Please add this feature.
Score: 82 in United States
Your intersectionality score: 81
86% of others are more privileged than you
Share your result!. ! I need human right lawyer to fight White Privileged for me.
Score: 81 in United Kingdom
As everyone else here knows: this is meaningless. It's not whether a person is better or worse than another. I have no delusions of being victimized by society, despite a high intersectionality score, so to those who think that demographic x is better than y - I would encourage you to try to look at the issue from a more neutral position.
Score: 79 in Germany
This could be the most stupid thing I have ever seen on the internet.... and I have trawled the depths of Tumblr.
Score: 18 in United Kingdom
This is bad, and the people who made it should feel bad - but that would just be chalked up to oppression and thus they never have to self-reflect. Thus, the cycle of human indecency starts anew.
Score: 6 in Sweden
lol Seriously? They consider "improving your score" is becoming more of a victim?
Score: 77 in Albuquerque, NM
The most oppressive thing one can do to themself is go through life with a deficit mindset.
Score: 76 in Canada
Time to become a disabled, black, transgender Muslim!
Score: 77 in Australia
I'm a 1/1024 POC straight female transgender poor disabled not born in Denmark and dansih being second language and beside that I am extremely devoute jewish muslim and I hate christians. I guess this shit is what they try to implement when they ban good danish songs like "Den danske sang er en ung blond pige" or when they make it illegal to dress in mexican outfit, because freedom og expression of non danes
Score: 76 in Denmark
The only thing I changed on the scale was I set it to 100% muslim, because I want to prove how pedophile leftism, lesser known as intersectional feminism, is in fact islamic based marxism. So, let's see if this is a legit test or not.
Score: 53 in Denmark
WooHoo! Great score 8. Hey? What's par on this course?
Score: 76 in Colorado Springs, CO
Ok so how does a slider possibly work for the "white" "person of colour" line? What does the far end of "person of colour" mean? This "calculator" is really dumb.
Score: 76 in Canada
This is BS. we all start somewhere. do something, create something. Stop crying about where you start the game.
Score: 14 in Canada
Thought it was a joke. Not sure now.
Score: 16 in United States
I like this. The comments section is very telling, with so many people of privilege stomping their feet and swearing they're at a disadvantage. Even money says you'd be hard pressed to find an able-bodied, male, white, cis, heterosexual who'd be willing to switch lives with a gay woman of color who has a disability for even just a week. I wonder why?
Score: 74 in San Francisco, CA
Pretty sad that people think I deserve positive bias because im trans, hispanic, and bi.
Score: 74 in United States
I love how mad this makes white people hahaha. It’s about time y’all scum get called out for your bs!!
Score: 73 in Algonquin, IL
Soros has wasted some money on this shit
Score: 73 in Denmark
Fuck your identity politics and all the "LHBTQ..blabla" clown(s) involved!
Score: 73 in Netherlands
I was bullied all of my life for being Jewish, my parents are divorced, and I'm low middle class. And I get a 14. Good job Liberals... Really progressing society.
Score: 14 in Denton, TX
Does this mean I'm an oppressor? 😂 That's rich!
I wish...
Score: 71 in Hanford, CA
This is the definition of racism. Sick.
Score: 76 in Madison Heights, VA
As a well educated transgender black gay rich able-bodied woman 85% are still more privileged than me
Score: 72 in Chicago, IL
What about IQ, looks, height, voice, athleticism, temperment, criminal record, health, family history, veteran status, party affiliation, networks,
Score: 72 in Arlington, VA
I've been battling physical and mental illness for all my life, was close to dying during my early childhood while I was hooked up to medical equipment, was closer to dying during my teen years when my sickness made me self-destructive and alcoholic, and now I'm considering just ending this shitshow because there's no support or hope in my life... So where's my white privilege now? Where's my native born, middle class privilege now? Can I use it for something before everything goes under, or is intersectionality just a load of ideological trash that doesn't accurately reflect reality and the actual struggles people go through in life?.. Never mind the website just gave me anti-racist quotes as if my skin color automatically makes me an oppressor class and helped absolutely nothing; thank you for making the world a better place.

To be fair at least, it's admirable that they're keeping the more spicy comments up. Hoping that my venting stays up.
Score: 42 in United States
How the hell is being a poor disabled male person better than being a gay POC rich female person? You are literally saying someone with no legs, who lives under a bridge in the third world has an easier life than a black lesbian able bodied person in a mansion. That is crazy.
Score: 71 in New Zealand
Viva La Privilege!
Score: 20 in North Chicago, IL
As a bisexual, brown gender nonconforming man who is disabled in a couple of significant ways ... what the everloving fuck are you doing with your completely mangled understanding of privilege and oppression? Oppression olympics only pits marginalised groups against each other and places them in subjective hierarchies.
Score: 70 in Canada
In Turkey, being a Muslim is not something you get oppressed for. Not being a Muslim is. And there are literally hundreds of other religions you did not include. And being an atheist is considered worse than being gay in most places in the world. And this is not a guess, this is a well known result of a sociological study. In Turkey we have gay and transgender celebrities but not one openly atheist celebrity. You know why? Because if a famous person comes out as an atheist in Turkey they most probably get killed, not just ridiculed, belittled, shouted at, bullied, discriminated against. Atheists get killed. The president calls atheists "terrorists". And you get more points if you choose "more Muslim" in this test.

Also... Yeah, good idea on the sliders, I can be 100% Muslim, 100% Jewish and 100% Christian at the same time. Belonging to one of these literally most popular religions in the world must be a real bummer compared to all the other minority religions and beliefs. And not even Hinduism or Buddhism or anything, just the three major religions that originated in the middle east.

And your "race" slider is the most USA centric bullshit I have ever seen. Racism doesn't just happen between whites and "all the other people". All countries have racism and it is almost never just about your skin color. It is about ethnicity, race. Do you think in Turkey people oppress black people or Mexicans? Do you think Turkish people are white? Do you think we fall in one of your stupid race=color??? categories: Black(African), Brown(Middle eastern/Hindu), Yellow(Asian/Far east Asian really but wrongly generalized), White(European/Caucasian) Yeah, we are not African, we are not European, not Middle Eastern either, we are originated from Asia really, but we don't look "Asian" because we are not far eastern. Our skin is mostly between white and brown if you really want a color. Do you think because we are not "white" we are not capable of oppressing people? Do you think people just oppress based on color, that racism is all about color? Do you think white Arabs, blonde Kurds don't exist, or they don't at least get a prejudice in Turkey? Do you think we have an easily recognizable color difference with all the minorities that are oppressed because of their ethnicity/race?
Score: 70 in Turkey
Score: 72 in France
Hilarious! If you have a sense of humor.
Score: 70 in Australia
You conservatives in the comments are fucking snowflakes. Boohoo, I'm white and oppressed. Fuck off, your ancestors oppressed my people. Where are my reparations?
Score: 69 in United Kingdom
Lets take a moment to appreciate how true these quotes are, and take in the sweet comedy this obvious satire holds.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

- Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

“The best way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

–John Roberts

“Hating people because of their color is wrong and it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just wrong.”

–Muhammad Ali
Score: 69 in Finland
Privilege goes by money then colour then gender. There are poor white people just like there are rich people of colour. Here's a question: if you are to be questioned by police, what colour would you prefer to be, white or black?
Score: 69 in Canada
I got a 10. Should I feel guilty about something? Sorry but I don't feel guilty about anything.
Score: 10 in Australia
Wtf, this is so demeaning :(
Score: 68 in South Africa
I'm of partial Jewish origin, one of the richest and most successful ethnic groups in the USA and Canada. How does a terrible event 80 years ago make me oppressed today?
Score: 100 in Canada
Male privilege doesn't apply to most trans men. Your slider is kinda iffy. Also like someone else mentioned you forgot indigenous people.
Score: 68 in Opelousas, LA
This test seems a bit racist but whatever
Score: 68 in New York, NY
filled in the stats as if I were Oprah Winfrey - "84% of others are more privileged than you", must be hard being a multi billionaire celebrity.
Score: 67 in Sweden
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