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WooHoo! Great score 8. Hey? What's par on this course?
Score: 76 in Colorado Springs, CO
Ok so how does a slider possibly work for the "white" "person of colour" line? What does the far end of "person of colour" mean? This "calculator" is really dumb.
Score: 76 in Canada
Pretty sad that people think I deserve positive bias because im trans, hispanic, and bi.
Score: 74 in United States
Soros has wasted some money on this shit
Score: 73 in Denmark
Fuck your identity politics and all the "LHBTQ..blabla" clown(s) involved!
Score: 73 in Netherlands
As a well educated transgender black gay rich able-bodied woman 85% are still more privileged than me
Score: 72 in Chicago, IL
What about IQ, looks, height, voice, athleticism, temperment, criminal record, health, family history, veteran status, party affiliation, networks,
Score: 72 in Arlington, VA
How the hell is being a poor disabled male person better than being a gay POC rich female person? You are literally saying someone with no legs, who lives under a bridge in the third world has an easier life than a black lesbian able bodied person in a mansion. That is crazy.
Score: 71 in New Zealand
Viva La Privilege!
Score: 20 in North Chicago, IL
As a bisexual, brown gender nonconforming man who is disabled in a couple of significant ways ... what the everloving fuck are you doing with your completely mangled understanding of privilege and oppression? Oppression olympics only pits marginalised groups against each other and places them in subjective hierarchies.
Score: 70 in Canada
In Turkey, being a Muslim is not something you get oppressed for. Not being a Muslim is. And there are literally hundreds of other religions you did not include. And being an atheist is considered worse than being gay in most places in the world. And this is not a guess, this is a well known result of a sociological study. In Turkey we have gay and transgender celebrities but not one openly atheist celebrity. You know why? Because if a famous person comes out as an atheist in Turkey they most probably get killed, not just ridiculed, belittled, shouted at, bullied, discriminated against. Atheists get killed. The president calls atheists "terrorists". And you get more points if you choose "more Muslim" in this test.

Also... Yeah, good idea on the sliders, I can be 100% Muslim, 100% Jewish and 100% Christian at the same time. Belonging to one of these literally most popular religions in the world must be a real bummer compared to all the other minority religions and beliefs. And not even Hinduism or Buddhism or anything, just the three major religions that originated in the middle east.

And your "race" slider is the most USA centric bullshit I have ever seen. Racism doesn't just happen between whites and "all the other people". All countries have racism and it is almost never just about your skin color. It is about ethnicity, race. Do you think in Turkey people oppress black people or Mexicans? Do you think Turkish people are white? Do you think we fall in one of your stupid race=color??? categories: Black(African), Brown(Middle eastern/Hindu), Yellow(Asian/Far east Asian really but wrongly generalized), White(European/Caucasian) Yeah, we are not African, we are not European, not Middle Eastern either, we are originated from Asia really, but we don't look "Asian" because we are not far eastern. Our skin is mostly between white and brown if you really want a color. Do you think because we are not "white" we are not capable of oppressing people? Do you think people just oppress based on color, that racism is all about color? Do you think white Arabs, blonde Kurds don't exist, or they don't at least get a prejudice in Turkey? Do you think we have an easily recognizable color difference with all the minorities that are oppressed because of their ethnicity/race?
Score: 70 in Turkey
Score: 72 in France
Hilarious! If you have a sense of humor.
Score: 70 in Australia
I got a 10. Should I feel guilty about something? Sorry but I don't feel guilty about anything.
Score: 10 in Australia
This test seems a bit racist but whatever
Score: 68 in New York, NY
Interesting, the stats here show the most oppressive group is English-speaking male. Are you sure it's not straight white male? Did this site just unlock a big secret that the social justice warriors haven't figured out?
Score: 67 in Seattle, WA
It turns out that if I'm a female, straight, coloured, foreign born, heterosexual, devout islamo-jew who speaks German as a second language, is extremely well educated and is rich, I'd be more oppressed than 84% of the world. Those poor female foreign born coloured heterocis university educated rich islamo-jews! Pity them as they suffer in their mansions under the yoke of oppression!
Score: 66 in Switzerland
This has got to be trolling. I know there are morons who actually believe this stuff - they're especially clustered teaching at universities - but they're usually aware at some level how toxic and stupid this stuff is so they usually shy away from being open about it with the general public.
Score: 16 in Switzerland
White privilege. Because it's white people's fault that the browner peoples of the world haven't been as good at civilization building over the past 5-6 centuries (aside from the Koreans, Japanese and a few other East Asian nationalities). This is monumentally stupid.
Score: 16 in Switzerland
This is MAGA country!
Score: 66 in France
I got a 1
Støt de rige, de fattige er nogle røvhuller
Score: 1 in France
WOW i got 100! i am more oppressed than the rest of you privileged vermin. Stop and relinquish all your assets and privilege. The only way you can be free of your sins is by giving me all your money. Remember if you are white cis males you now have to be me my slave. I am the winner of the oppression olympics you pathetic dweebs. All deviance I partake in is now justified peaceful protest. I am free!
Score: 66 in Canada
Haha i got an 8! take that suckers! Y'all unprivileged losers should bow down to my privilege. Simply by having a better intersectionality score I am better than you! thanks feminism, you have allowed me to reap the world muahhaha
Score: 66 in Canada
Hilarious.... So I would score better points by converting to a religious cult, giving all my hard earned money away and fucking around with as many people of as many sexual orientations possible ?!? Is this a parody ? Seems like a variable of marxist deconstructivism to me, cooked up by some nutcase who belongs in a straight-jacket (I'll bet he/she/it will receive extra points for that too.....!)
Score: 66 in Spain
Should i hate on myself having slightly colored skin?
Score: 65 in Philippines
This is intended as humor, I presume. Don't take is seriously in any case. It's using a caricature version of the concept of intersectionality, a version in direct opposition to the real concept. Google the defintion in quotes above. No results except those connected to this "score" generator.
Score: 16 in Dickinson, TX
wgat an incredible hatelist with dito options... creator is mentally sick, not ill, just plain sick.
Score: 64 in Netherlands
I got a score of 15...shittttttttt
Score: 15 in Cerritos, CA
This is an awesome tool! Thanks for creating something like this - unfortunately, some people like to believe there are no implicit bias so they can continue to believe they are where they are in life (read: low score) because they worked hard.. not because they had the chips stacked in their favor (read: low score!). you guys rock - i'll be sharing this everywhere!
Score: 3 in San Diego, CA
I was suprised I scored so high (63) as I have never identified as marginalized...thanks white suburban up bringing for the koolaid. Ready to do more in my community.
Score: 63 in United States
What a crock of shit! Stop promoting victim mentality.
Score: 26 in Katonah, NY
Dumbest quiz I have taken in my life.
Score: 18 in Canada
I achieved a 98% oppressed rating, I admit I am flawed and maybe that is the reason why I didn't achieve the perfection rating of 100%. The goal of my life is to achieve the perfection of having a 100% oppressed rating.Then maybe I can walk with the likes of Gandhi or Obama?

I wonder if gaming the system gets extra credit points?
Score: 61 in United States
Where is the slider for "Will cure cancer"?
Score: 48 in France
How about no?
Score: 6 in France
Finally getting the recognition I deserve. Now if the rest of the world wakes up and makes me Emperor I'll be all set
Score: 61 in New Baltimore, MI
This has to be a parody. A slider for being born in the USA? lmao
Score: 61 in United States
Neat, I'm Asian but the color scale just keeps getting darker the closer I slide to "Person of Color". What am I supposed to do, identify as white because that's closer to my skin tone?
Score: 48 in Australia
I am actually surprised too, that you do not get a 100% opression sore just by being an islamic jihaadi
Score: 100 in France
Lol this is clearly a shitpost. This is fucking hilarious.
Score: 60 in Singapore
"Intersectionality" is a stupid theory, from a high score non-oppressor, thanks for making this to show how stupid the theory is.
Score: 60 in Taiwan
I laugh at this tool of a tool. Leftist lunacy. Even with my pretty high score, I would refuse to accept any identity-advantage over another human being
Score: 60 in Australia
I am just taking a guess but is it that White folks object to their privilege being revealed? Here is something to think about. Yes you may have had a hard life, BUT your race is not one of the reasons why it has been hard.
Score: 59 in Canada
I got a 13. Why is my score so how? How do I lower it? I'm worried. Please respond.
Score: 59 in Anaheim, CA
I was born a white male but I identify as a biological female and also transgender person of color
Score: 58 in Dubuque, IA
this is hilarious, I'm having a hard time convincing myself it isn't satirical...
Score: 58 in Waterbury Center, VT
Hilarious!! I can now be what ever I want!
Score: 58 in Australia

Score: 58 in United Kingdom
This is such a low quality metric for measuring the world.
Score: 58 in United Kingdom
Oppression isn’t a game, it’s grossly distasteful to turn it into a point system.
Score: 57 in United Kingdom
By abandoning all my catholic beliefs and values, and embracing radical Islam, and I jump WAY up the intersectionality scale.

Add to that the fact that I see myself as a lesbian trapped in a males body, and I’m now both solidly gay, and transgendered!!!

I’m also considering myself uneducated, because even though I have a masters degree, it’s in classic white-male-European topics (engineering). According to most progressives, that’s not an education at all, rather an indoctrination....

I’m feeling better and better about myself already!!!!!
Score: 57 in United States
As a Chinese descendant living in New Zealand, I had no idea I am so under privileged. According to this, 82% of people are more privileged than I am. I should get a medal for having the heroic courage to even get out of bed every morning.
Score: 57 in New Zealand
If being born in Russia is a privilege, then fuck you
Score: 54 in Russian Federation
Why isn't gamer on the slider
Score: 57 in Greenwood Lake, NY
In reality, the "privilege" gained from some of these factors varies depending on where you live. Here in Sweden, where people in general are much less religious than in the US, I would not say that being a devout Christian makes you privileged, rather the opposite.
Score: 29 in Sweden
Problematic criteria...”cis” is a weaponised bully word and only high-functioning paraphilias (same sex/species) are included.
Score: 56 in Canada
I got an ugly face, why do I not get a slider?
Score: 56 in Netherlands
This thing is so stupid. And funny how the people who like it have scores of under 20. They are social justice warriors who have never worked for anything in their lives. Some people have to actually work through hardships and that only makes them better. I don’t need SJWs to try and convince me I’m a victim when I am absolutely not.
Score: 55 in United States
This is completely ridiculous, judging people on the colour of their skin is absolutely racist and this “test” does exactly that, the only difference is that it fits their agenda.
Score: 10 in United States
Interesting and thought-provoking! Personally I did find the slider system a bit unclear though, due to my autism (haha, give me points).
Score: 20 in United Kingdom
All of you can't seriously think this website is legit, right? It's clearly a smear campaign. Regardless of what you think about the left, nobody is THAT stupid. The selections are on sliders for crying out loud, it's clearly not something to take seriously.
Score: 55 in Saint Louis, MO
Please delete the site, you are humiliating your selves and demonstrating the flaws in your thinking.
Score: 55 in Australia
I think there should be a category for Native American.
Score: 55 in United States
Do you get more points if you're a child molester? murderer? How about if you stepped in a puddle, and got your shoes all muddy? What if you have a higher education, But you're still dumb?
Score: 55 in Columbus, OH
This rating system is biased against me because of (in order) my skin color, sexuality, gender, income, age, education, and religion. Welcome to the new racism, sexism ... totalitarianism.
Score: 55 in Wichita, KS
This is so important! It's high time we take notice that the majority of people are privileged.
Score: 54 in United States
I actually always wanted to be average, but you don't get to plan your life.
Score: 54 in Spain
This makes no sense

Fully Muslim
Fully Christian
Fully Jew
Slightly straight.
Slightly cisgender
Slightly born in Canada.

Whoever thought the sliders was a good idea should be fired for incompetence.

Take your ad campaigns offline. You're bleeding money without any ROI.
Score: 54 in Canada
This site is golden. I hope the developers push it even further to show the paradoxical aspects of this theory.
Score: 20 in Canada
Got a 4. Hoping for a big bonus this year to get to 3.
Score: 54 in Rockland, MA
Your intersectionality score: 6rnYou are more privileged than 90% of others!rnrnIf by privileged you mean RATIONAL and REALITY based.
Score: 54 in Fairforest, SC
I'm supposedly less privileged than 80% of people and this is ludicrous, my life is fine haha
Score: 53 in New Orleans, LA
Trash. The religion sliders totally ruin it. Where does other religious minorities come into this?
Score: 53 in United Kingdom
As someone with a high intersectionality score (80% of others are more privileged than) I would just like to say that this test is extremely oppressive and racist.

I bet a privileged, white, college-educated individual made this test. It shows!
Score: 53 in Thailand
I’m confused. According to the race slider, the darker you are the more oppressed you are? Is that saying that other minorities (Latinos, East Asians, etc) are less oppressed? This is dumb. You can’t just assign a numerical value to oppression.
Score: 64 in United States
A-Grade satire
Score: 47 in Malaysia
Aw dammit, I got an 8. Maybe because I'm half Jewish and not rich or religious. This test is asinine.
Score: 8 in Arlington, VA
What a fucking joke. Privilege is a fucking excuse for losers to stay where they are in life and stagnate. And Intersectionality Theory is a (not so)clever ruse to manipulate the susceptible for the purpose of overthrowing the last remaining vestige of liberty in the world.

Fuck the left.
Score: 53 in Bozeman, MT
Cisgender isn't even a real word.
Score: 53 in Cedar Park, TX
According to this I'm an big oppressor getting only a score of 8. Most of the results mostly comes from unchangeable facts about me. Secondly my desire to educate myself and an ambition to stay in shape. Am I to understand that a higher score makes a better person? How does this test not prejudge me? If equal opportunity is the goal, this is not the answer.
Score: 53 in Iceland
If you are a 95 year old and penniless and the target of elder abuse, then you are out of luck here it seems.
Score: 53 in New Zealand
Wow, under "more stats" we see that New Zealand is on the brink of civil war apparently, so badly do the oppressors oppress the oppressed. Meanwhile back in India, home of the deplorably treated "untouchable" caste, everything is just fine and dandy.
Score: 53 in New Zealand
The thing is, if it is an elaborate troll (as it probably is) it does that not by satire but but by truthfully showing what "Intersectionality theory" actually says. Brilliant expose of this loony postmodern guff.
Score: 53 in New Zealand
Perhaps everyone should be made to wear special digital badges indicating their level of privilege/oppression by colour and shape which also send out a privilege alert to nearby app users so they know how to avoid being accidentally oppressed. Plus their privilege scores could feed into their social score, like in China, that well-known free and liberal society. That way excess privilege can be flagged up and used as a justification for sending someone to the gulag education facility to have it checked professionally by social engineers who will all be hand-picked by Linda Sarsour
Score: 53 in New Zealand
It’s honestly so funny to me how angry people are getting. They’re calling this stupid and bashing others by grouping people (the exact point this is trying to make) and yet idk about you but I sure do see a score under they’re entries. ?
Score: 52 in Roswell, GA
This process is very faulty. It is impossible to analyse an individual with this tool.
Score: 52 in United Kingdom
Indigenous doesn’t figure into the calculation? Choosing your “oppression” is privileged.
Score: 52 in Rifle, CO
It clearly measures oppression in the USA. Wouldn't have harmed to specify that. Not valid for other countries.
Score: 52 in Bulgaria
This is high level humor right here.
Score: 50 in Murfreesboro, TN
The failing of intersectionality is proven here very well. My fiance who is practically the same as me in terms of education, faith, health, sexuality, etc. The only differences we have are race, gender, and money. I am an upper middle class American white guy, while she comes from a rich and powerful family in Belize... Even though the money she is born into is far more than mine is she is still somehow less privileged... I found this funny, this proves very clearly why both of us thing this sort of ideology is a tumor. My score is 5, hers was 52...
Score: 52 in Beaumont, TX
How idiotic.
Score: 52 in Waltham, MA
Wow, by spending all my money and becoming gay and transgender my score changes dramatically, from 15 to 51!
Score: 51 in Austria
LMAO 79% of others are more privileged than me but if I am white somehow I become more privileged than 52% of others how the freak does this make sense I'm pretty sure different race of people are treated equal here in HK
Score: 51 in Hong Kong
As someone with a score of fifty one, I’m not fucking oppressed and I was only ever oppressed when I was poor. Classism is the only “ism” that truely seperates us in today’s societies. Intersectionality is bullshit. Thank you fo your time.
Score: 51 in Germany
The first slide is just plain old racism against whites, that's baffling. You will explain me the privilege to be white in South Africa.
It must be trolling, that's too rich.
Score: 51 in Europe
Ah, so a billionaire white women has less privilege than a poor white man? Stop generalizing people based on what they are!
Score: 17 in United Kingdom
I actually thought this was a joke and was expecting a funny result at the end. But here I am a black woman being told I am medium level privileged. Hmm sorry but I don’t have time for your intersectionality. I am a person, an individual person who happens to be black and a woman. Perhaps our time could be put to better uses than focusing in the successes and failures of others. What a self centered way to live your life. Do your best. Work hard. Be kind. And most of all get over yourself.
Score: 51 in Oceanside, CA
Outrageous. I despise you, leftists for how you devide US and try to turn one American against another. You will pay for the damages you do to our country, society, and Constitution.
Score: 49 in Granite Bay, CA
This is one of the stupidest most ridiculous things i've seen.
Score: 51 in United States
I got 99%, which is good, however, is there any way to improve my score to 100%? If I went to church more often it makes me more privileged? Seems a little strange. How does that work?
Score: 51 in Australia
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