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I got 99%, which is good, however, is there any way to improve my score to 100%? If I went to church more often it makes me more privileged? Seems a little strange. How does that work?
Score: 51 in Australia
I’m dutch, adopted, colored. According to the test 88% is more priviledged. I do not care, i do not recognize this. I’m happy and it’s my honest opinion that this test is utterly racist and deeply sociopathic.
Score: 51 in Netherlands
I'm 50% victim!
Score: 51 in Netherlands
32: a wealthy young college educated man of color.rnrn18: a poor old uneducated white Christian man.rnrnThe Intersectionality Calculator literally thinks that the average homeless person have more privilege than Jaden Smith.
Score: 51 in United States
I feel like none of these commenters realize how sarcastic and satirical this test is 🤔
Score: 50 in Canada
Where's the slider - oppressed by a childhood of abuse perpetrated by mother that was so bad it left me suicidal for the first 3 decades of my life and actually caused a sibling to commit suicide. Your oppression-points are total BS! That's because you only consider the categories that are useful to the narrow-minded agenda you're pushing. You even manipulated my Jewish identity by making "devout Jewish" count more than simply Jewish. I don't have to be frum and Orthodox in order to face the same oppression, bigotry, and danger they do.

As far as I'm concerned, you're hatemongers bent on dividing U.S. citizens rather than trying to bring us together by focusing on what we have in common.
Score: 14 in Arlington, MA
Honestly, these comments are so sad. Made by people who scored low and are unable to recognize their own prejudice. Obviously, the test is not perfect, but really? Notice how it says "contributes" and not "determines"? I am sick of people bashing everything and labeling everything as "PC nonsense". Political correctness is a problem, but it is not an excuse to insults everything that causes you to be butthurt. This test has its merits. Take it from someone who actually scored high enough to understand the issues that it's talking about. For the people who are saying it's bigoted, this is not a test to label people. It's a test to describe how people have BEEN labeled by others. Now, for an objective criticism of the test. It doesn't work if your country of residence is not white, Christian, English-speaking dominated, and with the born in US slider, the United States. It also may work less if you live in a tight-knit community somewhat separate form the dominant culture of your country. Finally there are nuances on each scale that don't necessarily go from high to low. Let's say you are an extremely devout Christian. Because the dominant cultural narrative is not so extreme, you will face discrimination for your more extreme beliefs.
Score: 50 in Grenada, MS
This is bull sh*t. There is more than one white race and to pretend whites treat each other as equals is as racist to suggest all coloured people treat each other as equals. It is not reality. Ethnic majorities are the most priviliedged. I am mixed race for anyone feeling enraged but I might not be of your races.
Score: 33 in Australia
I got a 9 and that's only because I'm lower middle class. Thank god that's all I have wrong with me. It feels so good to be straight white and Male. You should try it some time.
Score: 9 in Fresno, CA
Ha! I'm a 3 and the wife is a 49. Now if I could just oppress her into making me a sanmich...
Score: 50 in Tucson, AZ
Proud to be 67%
Score: 50 in United Kingdom
I miss autism in this list. I am a white cisgender male, but autism has ruined my life. All other mentioned aspects are minor things.
Score: 50 in Netherlands
I am a black, gay, female, transgender, poor, older, diabled, ESL, born outside of the US, uneduated, atheist muslim jew and I am the most oppressed.
Gibs me dat viktim bux.
Score: 50 in Cleveland, OH
nazis were measuring skulls. SJWs - everything else
Score: 50 in United Kingdom
Where my free stuff at, yo.
Score: 49 in Mount Juliet, TN
Where my free stuff at
Score: 49 in Mount Juliet, TN
Don't miss that it asks the amount you identify as each, not the amount you actually are.
Score: 49 in Somerset, NJ
I'm one of those poor non-white Trump supporters #MyPresident #LunaticLeftistsKissMyAss
Score: 56 in Pompano Beach, FL
Hahahaha I filled in like i was Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam and my score is 48 wich meanns tha 86 percent of people are MORE priviliged as me.Fuck this site LOSERS
Score: 48 in Netherlands
It's okay to be white
Score: 48 in Tampa, FL
0hhhh that sucks!
Score: 48 in Canada
They totally forgot about diagnosed mental illness that people take medication to help manage. Not talking about those who fall into the over-diagnosed, but those who for years have been consistently diagnosed and taking medications for it.
Score: 47 in Oakland, CA
Your advise to increase the score by Exploring my wilder side of my sexuality doesnt that suggest sexuality is a choice?
Score: 47 in Menifee, CA
This is really racist. My husband was born and raised in Guatemala, specifically. And, is of European decent with a well-educated, well-traveled, non-impoverished family. The assumption that everyone from Guatemala is a certain way is more racist than anything I have seen in a long time. And, straight from the people that are trying to prove how racist everyone else is. Good Lord.
Score: 46 in Guatemala
I am ugly and get laughed at all the time!! You oppress me by excluding this!!
Score: 46 in United Kingdom
Funny af
Score: 46 in New York, NY
or...Is this BULLSHIT?..because its pretty funny.
Score: 45 in Australia
This website only goes to promote the racist agenda that is diversity and affirmative action. This site is a farce and only hope that is was done in jest. If privilege is running around with a bullseye on your back for the majority (i.e.; the women - 50+%, and combined minority alliance to feminism - 30+%) to easily target you and hunt you down for social sport.

Score: 17 in United States
I was sure this was a joke. It's too absurd not to be.
Score: 45 in Bangor, WI
The entire concept of intersectionality is completely bogus. I don't care about your skin color, your gender, or your sexual preference. Are you a leach or a contributor? Are you obeying the law, or are you breaking the law? That's all that matters. This is what we should be teaching our children, along with good money management practices. PERIOD
Score: 16 in Topeka, KS
Just be a devout Christian. It gives almost a 30 point jump.
Score: 44 in Chicago, IL
How on earth do devout Christians have a lower score than non-Christian? Believers are openly ridiculed in our society and being stupid, uneducated etc. In Pakistan we have a country trying to hang a woman for touching the wrong cup. Being devout ANYTHING is a problem these days. Thank you marxist intersectionalists for making things worse.
Score: 43 in Canada
Although I am born in the UK and I have an Education, more people are better off than I am because of my sexuality and my state when it comes to money. It has a surprisingly big affect.
Score: 43 in United Kingdom
Lol. To score 100 you've got to be both a devout muslim and a devout Jew. Morons.
Score: 43 in Kirksville, MO
Moved all the sliders except skin tone, got a 30. Moved skin tone to white, got a 14. Moved skin tone to black and got a 43.
Score: 43 in United States
Get a grip. See the Karpman triangle and understand anyone can shift their position from persecutor to victim to rescuer. People can choose to see themselves as a victim or not.
Score: 43 in Canada
Funnily enough, I scored 3 originally, and then i decided to be amore devout christian and quite a lot less GAY and then scored 4. so you can be MORE CATHOLIC AND MORE INTERSEXIONAL. Bet they didnt expect that, LOL
Score: 4 in Australia
And how is this contributing to a more inclusive sociaty by emphasizing on differences between people?
Score: 42 in Netherlands
I’m really oppressed. Where’s my reparations?
Score: 42 in United Kingdom
Bruuuh lol
Score: 42 in Miami, FL
I managed to get a 1. Fight me
Score: 42 in Sierra Vista, AZ
I managed to get a 1. Fight me
Score: 42 in Sierra Vista, AZ
Mixed black/latino/white guy. Straight and cis. Not rich, but enough money to not need government handouts. Guess no gibs for me. The democrats only seem to be interested in captive audiences.
Score: 40 in Silver Spring, MD
Hi - I tried to do this for my dog but he is neither white nor a "person" of color. Can you please have a third option?
Score: 40 in Larchmont, NY
No category for Kiss My Arse.


"Privilege" means "law applying to you, privately." Last time I checked, there were such "privileges" given to women (for example) that allow them to play sports unencumbered by having to compete against the best; or Women's chess organizations, that protect them there too; or women's exercise clubs ... And let's not speak about Affirmative Action, or bigotry against country people, born-again Christians, Roman Catholics ...
Score: 40 in Warner, NH
Ironically by judging my level of privilege you are oppressing me. I am offended by this an wish to see this taken down because this is literally fascist....
Score: 40 in United Kingdom
Ooooh a victim quiz. I smell division!
Score: 40 in Dayton, OH
My score is 50 but I'm so terribly White priviliged......
Score: 40 in Netherlands
Totally a load of bullcrap. It needs to be renamed, how much of a victim am I?
Score: 40 in Dayton, OH
Somehow I, a person of working class background from a former warzone am much more privileged than Barrack Obama; a wealthy former president of the most powerful country on the planet.
Score: 39 in Croatia
Huh. Kinda suprised. I’d be curious to know how the points are weighted.
Score: 39 in Madison, WI
Wow.... the more jewish you are the less you score... guess we got palis here?
Score: 97 in Germany
Christians are the world's most-persecuted religion....So WTH?
Score: 35 in Humble, TX
Many of the sliders seem to be broken. By far the most important factors (wealth & education) only moves the needle 4% each, and many of the other statuses that get you preferential treatment under the law, in education and HR departments like being female, gay, and of color seem to move the counter in the wrong direction. Interesting concept, terrible implementation.
Score: 38 in Mexico
So, a huge chunk is based on things you *can't* change-- skin color, age, able-bodiedness, gender, sexual preference, birthplace and first language. And this is supposed to be a balanced test? WTF?
Score: 38 in Atlanta, GA
From your bio: "In politics, we could use these scores to compensate for previous social injustice by weighing votes in proportional to ones intersectional score. For example, someone with an intersectional score of 60 would get twice as many votes as someone with a score of 30. This would produce a more inclusive outcome and improve overall diversity."

Yikes! You think people deserve hereditary political power? Are you monarchists or...?
Score: 37 in Canada
Why even have comments if y’all know how shitty people are? Jesus, for folks who seem to care enough about privilege and intersectionality to create an entire website and scale system, you kinda suck at protecting the less privileged from bigotry.

Also I agree with the person who mentioned mental health. I’d either change “able-bodied” to “abled” or add a completely new slider for mental health.
Score: 37 in Australia
It is perverse that this is what we have come to. I live my lack of privilege every day......while, every day being told how privileged I am. The sliding scale of silliness just reminds me exactly how out of touch with reality those who created this are.
Score: 36 in Belgium, WI
Not being Christian is not a privilege my atheist mind is blown :D
Score: 36 in Netherlands
Need to add height and type of parents
Score: 36 in Denver, CO
Hope you Americans nuke yourself and rid the world of this stupid nonsense!
Score: 36 in Netherlands
I suppose AIDS is biggoted since it prefers to opress gay people
Score: 36 in Finland
fucking brilliant
Score: 36 in South Africa
This is bollocks
Score: 36 in United Kingdom
Why is a trans male worth less than a trans female?
Score: 35 in Ithaca, NY
I like how being a disabled, poor, uneducated, female, gay, trans, devout Jewish AND devout Muslim immigrant scores the highest.
Score: 35 in Ithaca, NY
My score is 35. Russian. Educated. Woman.
Score: 35 in Russian Federation
What the hell is "Cisgender"? I'm no sissy. 77% are more privileged than I am. How 'bout that?
Score: 34 in Belleville, IL
Congratulations, you've made yourselves a stupid straw man to play with, and now you get to feel pleased with yourselves for sniggering at people who care about people with problems that not everyone is familiar with. For those who aren't in on it, this is an attempt at a joke: "log-exponential multivariable analysis", for example, is meaningless jargon (logarithms and exponents cancel each other out), and no actual social theorist who cares about intersectionality would ever argue that privilege in human societies can be reduced to such a trivial statistic.
Score: 34 in Boston, MA
This is the stupidity our schools train people in. This is Marxism, where your color actually matters and makes you inferior or superior. Marxism just murdered 100 million, but tens of millions in America vote Democrat, not realizing Democrats are nothing other than Marxists. Compare the American communist website with the Democrat party platform. They are virtually identical.
Score: 7 in San Jose, CA
honestly surprised i got this tbh. usually consider myself much more privileged
Score: 33 in Dublin, OH
So does that mean I can demand money and throw tantrums in public because of how marginalized I am?
Score: 33 in United States
So does that mean I can demand money and throw tantrums in public because of how marginalized I am?
Score: 33 in United States
Who came up with this bs? Get a fucking life and put your effort on meaningless things smh
Score: 32 in Korea, Republic of
Totalbullshit but fun.
Score: 31 in Australia
Damn... You are more privileged than 98% of others! Meaning 2% is still more privileged than me!! I am seriously offended now.
Score: 31 in Netherlands
As a gay man I can say without any hesitation that the LAST thing I want is to have someone who doesn't know me trying to speak up for MY sexual orientation. the most homophobic people are the people who think their not and then give me lectures about how I am not getting along with 'others' because my sexuality isn't their pipe dream. I absolutely hate women who treat me like I'm nothing more than a Prada handbag they wave around as a form of virtue signaling. I'm not going to talk for other 'minorities' but really I don't see how all of them aren't telling 'intersectionalists' to go fuck themselves.
Score: 30 in Grand Junction, CO
Just saw this: "You can use it when you're interacting with others to know who's more marginalized." After which you will find fewer and fewer people wanting to interact with there a slider for "Social Pariah-ness"?
Score: 30 in Japan
What are you qualified to know the effect of being in certain groups in cultures other than your own?
Being white in Japan is certainly a plus getting a job in certain narrow fields, like language education.....but after hiring it's a major handicap for getting tenure or promotions. And outside of those fields, being anything other than Japanese is a major handicap, even if you were born here.
Being a non-Japanese Asian is worse than being darker-skinned (you are seen as sneaky, and possibly, God forbid, Chinese or Korean..both worse than being black)
Being devoutly religious in Japan is looked at as weird (in public, religion is kind of a taboo subject, so no one usually knows unless they are friends)

Score: 30 in Japan
Oh. This isn't divisive at all.
Score: 27 in Roseville, CA
Hahahahaha! Total madness!
Score 30!
White, English speaking woman, a bit on the old and CRANKY side, and proud, REALLY PROUD of it, thank you very much.
Score: 30 in West Linn, OR
This is like, one of the dumbest things ive ever seen? So much lack of nuance. Bi people are always mor eprivileged than homo ppl? Im homo but cmon. Cis women have less privilege than trans men? Etc.
Score: 30 in Palm City, FL
I am triggered by these questions.
Score: 27 in Gilbert, AZ
Interesting to see my score. I'm supposedly less privileged than I think I am. Key word: supposedly.
Score: 29 in Belgrade, ME
Where is the slider for how ugly you are???
Score: 29 in Spruce Pine, NC
Why 50% of Americans (Democrats) want to classify people according to their skin color and their genitals is beyond me. Hey you, you’re not a world-class violinist, you’re an oppressed black woman ! Hey you, you’re not a hard-working white guy, you’re a POS white male. Sick.
Score: 29 in Canada
Score: 88 in Philippines
A rubish test for white christian South African citizens
Score: 29 in South Africa
i got 29.. 70% of others are more privileged .. does that mean i get victim hood status? PAY ME BITCHES
Score: 29 in Carlsbad, CA
So if I pick person of colour, gay, female amd rich and well educated it still says that 92% of others are more priveleged. What a joke! Heavily flawed rating system!
Score: 29 in Canada
This is pretty bigoted.
Score: 28 in Ithaca, NY
This got a literal "LOL" out of me. Folks who made this, quantifying things will never be your strong suit.
Score: 28 in United States
Haha! The bullshit. It smells.
Score: 28 in Lawrenceville, GA
Total waste of time unless you believe in dividing people further. Deranged socialist fake news.
Score: 27 in Puyallup, WA
You guys need to add for males short/tall
A beauty score, a brains score, how about athletic ability, humor, like ability, ability to laugh at yourself, gratitude, a rejection of victimhood... this could get really fun😀
Score: 19 in Thailand
I don't believe Jewish devoutness means anything. You're either Jewish or you're not. It's impossible change. I can legally change my name, convert, marry a non-Jew, eat all the ham and shrimp I want, restore my foreskin, but in the end, I would have been in a gas chamber right next to the most stereotypical chassid

Look up what an ethno-religion is
Score: 27 in Freehold, NJ
27 for being born in Russia.

Very accurate.
Score: 27 in Russian Federation
Calling black people black and white people white isn't bigotry. It isn't racism. It isn't wrong. It is calling out the facts. Fuck you USA initiated, hypocritical and short sighted political correctness and shove this Intersectionality Score Calculator up your ass. Start talking with people rather than subdivide in a shitload of groups. Dumb fucks... Thank you!
Score: 27 in Netherlands
I hope this is a joke!
Score: 27 in United Kingdom
9. I'm more privileged than 86% of the population. Hooray!
Score: 9 in United Kingdom
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