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Poe's law is an amazing thing.
Score: 1 in Canada
Fuck anyone who takes this shit seriously
Score: 1 in United States
Looks like I win. The ovens are back, and they're hotter than ever.
Score: 1 in Canada
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

“The best way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

“Hating people because of their color is wrong and it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just wrong.”

But being white = negative 28 points LMFAO amazing

Score: 1 in Canada
The fact that this score thing can be used in jobs is a load of crap. What actual job would use this in the working class?
Score: 9 in Dayton, OH
This site is 100% clearly satire. Calm down everyone.
Score: 1 in Chicago, IL
Where is the "intersectionality" slider under the religion bit? It's a religion perpetuated by bigoted and men hating women.
Score: 1 in Norway
You know who else made people wear labels with a percentage on them depicting their value to society?

literally the nazis, you're literally nazis
Score: 100 in Canada
Welp, guess cos of things completely out of my control I’m considered a sexist, bigoted, arsehole who hates minorites.
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
Critical miss!
Score: 1 in Canada
can i cash in my privilege points for more v-bucks?
Score: 96 in United Kingdom
The existence of this website is just further evidence that we need a purge. Fire up the ovens.
Score: 1 in Australia
By the Pope! Shut it down!
Score: 1 in Marion, OH
This thing is great for fun at parties. You should definitely add a slider for political and/or idiological standpoints, or economic views, like democrat/republican, progressive/moderate/conservative, capitalist/communist, etc. Maybe a slider for social activism like none at all to screeching at the sky when bad orange men are elected.

I scored a 12! Whoo! Yay for privilege! Suck it, gender noconforming pastafarian furries of color!
Score: 1 in South Dartmouth, MA
My score is 5. If I really turn it on at work, however, and am careful with my investments and savings, I may be able to get my score down to a 3. I live in hope.
Score: 5 in Reston, VA
to overcome my privilege I identify as a black transgender muslim atheist with special needs. I've chosen Swahili as my new language and wear a burqa on weekends.
Score: 1 in Australia
As a 6 I want to apologise to all those I oppress simply by existing. My white privilege is not my fault but my parents. I also blame them for being able bodied. I'm going to transition to black and see if that helps the oppressed.
Score: 6 in Australia
This is hands down the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Did tax money pay to develop this calculator? Oh well, at least it is good for a laugh.
Score: 1 in Fremont, CA
Oh shit
Score: 1 in Germany
Wow!!! I am 99% more privileged than all of you! I'm going to stop by the country club on my way to the ski chalet this weekend!
Score: 1 in Chestnut Hill, MA
Take that losers. Score 1. I am more privileged than 100% of others. I am more privileged than you. That means you should aspire to be like me, or at least try and make your children like me.
Score: 1 in Australia
Got attacked for my race and sexuality 10/10 would start a race war now
Score: 1 in Terre Haute, IN
Lmao his is hilarious. I can’t tell if this is an idiot who made this, or if it was a hilarious joke. Either way it is funny.
Score: 3 in Middleton, WI
How being a devout Christian is lowering my oppression? Did anyone ever looked that its 2019 and ppl detest Christianity and all values it has??? Pathetic.
Score: 1 in Poland
I got a Four! I want a Zero! Your life is what it is based on your decisions! Not your race, religion, sex, etc! Be responsible for you and your life! It really is that easy!
Score: 4 in Gainesville, FL
success i finally got maximum privilege. I'm still waiting for it to manifest in the free stuff i was told i'd get though
Score: 1 in Netherlands
I finally cracked the code. This is not a guide to "being a better ally" after all. It's a guide on how to become more successful.

According to the authors, all you gotta do to win the game of life is to be a white straight cisgender male with a lot of cash in his 20s, capable of speaking your countries native language and not have any physical abnormalities.
Obviously, you also can't win if you're not a devout Christian that gets a STEM degree while mocking jews and muslims.

It's all there, you can scroll up and test it yourself.
If you convert to Islam or Judaism, you'll be in a worse situation.
If you immigrate, sticking to your native tongue instead of learning the local one also impacts you negatively.
Changing gender also makes your life worse as does being anything other than straight.
As you scroll those bars left and right, I hope you come to the logical conclusion of what the authors wanted: Avoid as much as possible being part of any opressed group, it will make your life miserable. Go to church and work for money!
Score: 1 in Portugal
"you can make some improvement to your score by getting more involved with Islam or Judaism"
You do know that both religions are literally at war at each other, right? That the holy books of both talk about killing the members of the opposite religion.

Getting involved with both sounds like a good way to make enemies of both, but then again that does sound like a good way to reduce your privilege, while also solving nothing like everyone expected this solution to do.

"We hope that this calculator will help (snip)"
You're not gonna end ableism unless you break everyone's knees. Being more able is good and not a problem.
You're not going to end any kind of antisemitism or -phobia, -ism because you never address why someone would ever actually have those positions. Maybe their fear isn't so irrational at all.

As usual, this is nothing but a placebo to make you feel good about pointing fingers to everyone that worked harder and got success in life, not actually helping anyone.
Score: 5 in Portugal
Zig Heil. I guess.
Score: 1 in Sweden
The quiz determines my location which happens to be not an English speaking nation with mostly non-white citizens, yet if I check English as first language and being white I become more privileged. The quiz is a bit misleading like that, since it is clearly designed to be taken by people who live in English speaking, white majority, Christian majority nations.
Score: 1 in Hong Kong
Look upon me with ravenous envy you pathetic troglodytes!
I think I'll use Intersectionality as a viable excuse to let others speak so I don't have to mentor anyone and help them rise above their station.
Good luck comrades!
Score: 1 in Grand Prairie, TX
I was entertained.
Score: 13 in Denmark
this website gave me cancer. do i get points for that?
Score: 21 in Australia
The most oppressed group in the current political climate is a straight, white, Christian man.
Score: 14 in Poland
I'm a straight man with white skin in my mid-thirties. I'm fat, but I don't consider that a disability as it's something I can get rid of by working out and eating better. I've got a decent education but my income is far below average and I'm living in my dad's old apartment since I can't afford to have a place of my own. I barely make enough cash to feed myself and I haven't been on a "night out" in years. And yet I'm more privileged than 75% of the world?
Score: 13 in Sweden
Lol. I'm am more privileged than 100% of others! Kneel before me peons!
Score: 1 in Australia
This website is what happens when left wing journos learn to code...
Score: 1 in United Kingdom
Ayo I be disabled 90 year old black lesbian tranny born from Congo. Poor and uneducated, I am also a jewish muslim. Where the free gibs at?
Score: 100 in United Kingdom
Hmmm... Apparently I am way more oppressed then I have ever felt...
Score: 24 in Montenegro
Ok so you guys hate white, middle aged men, which love women, are well educated and work hard enough to provide to themselves and their families. Men who help to build and protect society in country they were born in. Oh and for whatever reason, you also hate Christians, because apparently Jesus idea of selfless sacrifice of self to others is revolting deplorable concept. Bravo.
No we are not going to be ashamed of being decent human beings. Keep on hating.
Score: 1 in Poland
Great to know finally have a test that recognized my devout Jewish/Muslim faith
Score: 100 in Canada
Every thing to extreme left end of slider, age exact middle, devout Christian. = 1 point
Score: 1 in South Otselic, NY
33 If you take Slav as half White....
Score: 32 in South Otselic, NY
This thing says that 6% of people have an intersectionality score of 98 or higher which means that 6% of all people are black, gay, female, trans, poor, elderly, disabled, non-english speaking, immigrant, uneducated, Muslim Jews
Score: 100 in Seattle, WA
Sweet! Where can I collect my white privilege?
Score: 1 in Bronx, NY
1 what do i win.....oh that's right I already won Social justice is nothing more thinly veiled cover for cultural marxism why don't you spend time making something useful like a level app
Score: 1 in Lake Dallas, TX
To get 1, you need to be neither very young nor very old. Because being too young sucks, and being too old sucks. Duh.
Score: 1 in Los Angeles, CA
I got a 1! Now how do I cash out and use my powers of oppression? Do I start waving around my white cismale organs (how essentialist!) and a Bible/cross in order to force oppressed people to do my bidding like a sorcerer? If I'm super privileged and there's nothing I can do about it, I might as well capitalize (yeah, that's right, capitalism is awesome) and make my mark. Look upon my works and despair, feminists!

Seriously, this is hilarious, whether a troll or not (hard to tell). Bravo.
Score: 1 in Williamsburg, VA
Can i get a t-shirt with my score? Also this number would really help sort resumes when hiring people.
Score: 3 in Denver, CO
Wahoo! Suck it, great unwashed masses!
Score: 1 in Monrovia, MD
What is most distressing and pathetic about this is that this lunacy is firmly entrenched in universities and gaining legitimacy (such as it is) in mainstream discourse, well in the media and the left...but I repeat myself. If white Europeans have any reason to feel some sense of "privilege" perhaps it is because they created and built the world in which we live today, with the occasional contribution of other cultures...occasional.
Score: 13 in Essex, MD
Ok this is epic
Score: 18 in United Kingdom
Unemployed, lonely and depressed.
Score: 1 in Sweden
Sweet. I win with a 1!
Score: 1 in Seattle, WA
Awesome. I got a 3! It's like golf right? What's par? (so privileged I even know golf terminology).
Score: 1 in Australia
"more privileged than 100% of people" Jesus you've got to be kidding me. Good for laughs one or two times but useless beyond then/
Score: 1 in Charleston, SC
So no sliding scale for veterans and those who served their country, nation and citizens?
I scored a 5, but my perception of rich vs poor maybe invalid?? I think I am rich, because I can afford a roof over my head and food on the table. Better yet I can have a beer on weekends, with friends. So according to the 'do gooders', I believe that makes me rich and privileged!
Score: 5 in Australia
I am more privaledged (ie. better) than 100% of others (pretty sure that doesn't math good).
I always knew I was the best. Everyone else can suck it while I enjoy the fruits of being more priviledge. Such as:
-paying higher taxes so that those less priviledge can receive money that I earned
-I when I was in school and now my children needing better grades and more extra curriculars than their peers to get into the same schools
-having to compete for jobs against people who get 'bonus points' for just existing

ain't privilege grand...
Score: 1 in San Mateo, CA
While I may be a 30 year old Christian straight white dude born and living in CA, I identify as a poor, 88 year old, one-legged African Jewish Muslim Christain ladyboy born in Cambodia who grew up speaking Ancient Greek.
So I get a solid 96 because I am so intersectional. Unfortunately being Christian cost me 4 points, otherwise I would be a solid 100.
Score: 96 in San Mateo, CA
Score: 1 in Germany
Only a complete IDIOT believes in the myth of "white privelege". If it's real, where's mine? I scored THREE but nobody gives me anything. I have to earn it all by myself. I studied, I learned, I worked hard to get what I have, and at no point did anybody GIVE it to me. So tell me again how it's privelege? I've also never held anybody else back from any opportunity to succeed the same way I do.
Score: 3 in Satellite Beach, FL
Too bad about the age score, which left me to be only among the 3% most privileged. That and not attending church on a regular basis. Maybe my kids (yes, males) can reach a perfect score of zero if we skip the karate class on sunday morning and go to church instead
Score: 1 in Belgium
Loving my privilege. I've checked it, and I've still got it, baby.
Score: 1 in South Windsor, CT
Why being more educated makes you more privileged?
Score: 1 in Italy
I got a 7, if I die young I might get a higher score.
Score: 7 in Netherlands
What a crock of socialist shit
Score: 1 in Westville, NJ
I reckon 13 is pretty good, but I could do better. Weird, I don't feel privileged!
Score: 1 in New Zealand
Just think that all history has been necessary to create such a supreme master. This is grand!
Score: 1 in Helena, MT
Is Hispanic considered White, like it is for census? Also, is Rich being weighted on a global scale? If so, I got a 1.
Score: 1 in United States
All sliders to the left with the exception of younger-older(middle) and devout Christian(right). Bingo, you are number 1. Maximum baloney.
Score: 1 in Anchorage, AK
Hmmmm, born in Canada vs not born in Canada is a sliding scale?
Can I be 43% born in Canada?
Liberalism is a gimp suit for your mind.
Score: 1 in Canada
Awesome! As I've worked my entire life and never had a hand out or apology, I assume it's Inversely proportional to the overall benefit to society.
Score: 1 in Australia
Set the sliders to the lowest score possible, and you will see who the left considers to be its greatest enemy.
Score: 1 in Altamonte Springs, FL
Not bad. Most privileged
Score: 1 in Netherlands
Found a victim score-o-meter! Pay up filthy middleaged-white-cis-male-native-christians! ....
This test is the definition of racism and phobism.
Score: 1 in Netherlands
Yeah, I'm the most priviliged person ever, suck it losers!
Score: 1 in Netherlands
1! And I guess that makes me the the boss. Everybody: in my office tomorrow at 10am sharp! (Ok, I lied about being ‘devout’ Christian)
Score: 1 in Netherlands
I feel discriminated against on so many levels. My life is now horrible and I will forever adopt the role of victim. That gives me a 90 point bonus, right?
Score: 1 in Netherlands
*eye glowing intensifies* *final form assumed*
Score: 1 in United States
Intersectionality is just glorified discrimination.
Score: 1 in Gibsonia, PA
What is Cisgender? I assume it means moral?
Score: 1 in Fort Wayne, IN
I got a one!
Score: 1 in Jefferson City, MO
With everything else the same, you can go from 1 to 16 just by moving the slider to female.
Score: 1 in Butler, GA
For Entertainment Purposes Only.
Score: 1 in Sedalia, MO
I was a bit surprised by my score...But then again, if you take the fact that I am a black, bisexual woman with immigrant parents from Nigeria and the Ivory Coast, respectively, then it can make sense.
Score: 50 in Old Greenwich, CT
I'd post a clown emoji but I unfortunately can't.
Score: 10 in Sweden
How does the bottom of my oppressive heel taste?
Score: 2 in Seattle, WA
2. Never knew Life was so easy!!
Score: 2 in Vine Grove, KY
Be the best you can be. Get educated and become a devout Christian.
Score: 2 in Canada
my score equals the amount of genders there are.
Score: 2 in Germany
This is pretty cancerous
Score: 2 in Canada
How do I get the percentile score over 94? I have 100 points but the oppression percentage won't go over 94. How in the name of the giant rainbow colored menorah shaped kaaba I worship am I supposed to get a perfect score?! This calculator offends gay Allah and his Torah of interseconality!
Score: 2 in Redwood City, CA
As a Welch/American, I respectfully request seven points. Having everyone assume I will “Welch“ on a bet has measurably disadvantaged me almost as much as the time I let Clay Trott touch my wanker in the hot tub in jr high.
Score: 2 in College Station, TX
"However, you can make some improvement to your score by ... [exploring] the wild side of your sexuality"- Are you seriously suggesting that being straight is a choice? Suggesting that somebody engage in sexual activity they're not comfortable with is actually pretty messed up.
Score: 14 in Arlington, VA
It's like golf, lower score the better!
Score: 2 in United States
My score is a 2, and it says, “You are more privileged than 100% of others!”

I’m very ambitious so I’m wondering if it is possible to improve my score even further?
Score: 2 in Honolulu, HI
I scored 2 but I’m pretty sure if I could move those sliders more to the left I could have had a zero.
Score: 2 in Australia
I'm a straight white Christian male and I'm proud of it.
Score: 3 in Southington, CT
If only I were younger
Score: 2 in Country Club Hills, IL
Liberalism is a mental disease
Score: 1 in Lewiston, ID
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