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Can I get a shout out to all my White Male Cisgendered Rich Educated Young Able-Bodied English-Native USA-born Devout Christians!
Score: ? in Palm Desert, CA
Liberalism is a mental illness.
Score: 11 in United States
The entire concept of intersectionality is completely bogus. I don't care about your skin color, your gender, or your sexual preference. Are you a leach or a contributor? Are you obeying the law, or are you breaking the law? That's all that matters. This is what we should be teaching our children, along with good money management practices. PERIOD
Score: 16 in Topeka, KS
This is the most retarded thing I've seen on the internet this week. You people are morons.
Score: 3 in United States
As a Trans/gay woman of color born in Cambodia with no schooling and a poor grasp at English, this test hits the mark. Nobody can understand how hard it is to go to Temple and Mosque at least twice a week each, especially being a handicapped septuagenarian on a low fixed income.
Score: ? in United States
Being white, born in the USA, and now of an age and history, I will not apologize to any SJW or millennial or other, snot nose, malcontent who may feel triggered or had a safe space invaded (the horror!). Go suck an egg, and grow up, you pantywaist.
Score: 10 in Geneva, NE
I am by birth an illegal, transgender, Muslim, uneducated, poor, old woman. But I identify as a rich white male christian doctor. So does that mean I broke the test?
Score: 3 in Saint Petersburg, FL
This website is oppressing me by giving me a number. I’m a human being not a number! Stop marginalizing my identity! This calculator is literally Hitler!
Score: ? in Sequim, WA
Looks like I'm pretty privileged. Can anyone tell me exactly what my privileges are? Do I get free appetizers at TGI Friday's or anything? Anything useful?
Score: 13 in Roswell, GA
If I'm so damned privileged (score = 10) how come I can't get laid?
Score: ? in Scottsdale, AZ
i mean i understand the concept, but aren’t straight white christian conservative males without mental illness or physical disabilities pretty much exactly what you want a society to be full of?
Score: ? in Greensboro, NC
Great way to start the day. Off to oppress!
Score: ? in Loganville, GA
Can I get a lower score if I beat up someone with a better intersectionality score? Asking for a friend
Score: 8 in Waterloo, IL
More privileged than 93% of the world! YAY! And the wife and I will be going for dinner at our local Country Club tonight! It's lobster night! Should we take the Toyota Rav4, or the Mercedes?
Score: 6 in New York, NY
The failing of intersectionality is proven here very well. My fiance who is practically the same as me in terms of education, faith, health, sexuality, etc. The only differences we have are race, gender, and money. I am an upper middle class American white guy, while she comes from a rich and powerful family in Belize... Even though the money she is born into is far more than mine is she is still somehow less privileged... I found this funny, this proves very clearly why both of us thing this sort of ideology is a tumor. My score is 5, hers was 52...
Score: 52 in Beaumont, TX
Who would have thought a gay, transgender, Muslim, Jewish, poor, old, uneducated, non-english speaking, foreign invalid like me would get a perfect score! Finally!!
Score: 100 in East Brunswick, NJ
This is about as ridiculous as it gets.
Score: 5 in Baltimore, MD
only a lefty could believe this idiocy
Score: 9 in United States
This test was made up to make some people feel like victims and to shame the people who aren’t. Existence of any minority is not evidence of oppression.
Score: 18 in United States
Where is the slider for how ugly you are???
Score: 29 in Spruce Pine, NC
You could have just made a "I hate educated white straight Christian males" website and cut straight to the chase.
Score: 8 in United States
This tool does nothing but propagate HATE.
Score: 6 in Ann Arbor, MI
Checking my privilege -- Yup, still there.
Score: 1 in Chapel Hill, NC
I graded my wealth comparing to the world, in which I as an American am a top 1%-er. I got a 2!! Woo-hoo! I don't buy any of this Marxist claptrap about oppressives and progressives, of course, and I ridicule it because it's all nonsense and evil, saturated in envy and idolatry. But I do realize that what Jesus said is true: To whom much is given, from him much will be required (same for "her" BTW). I pray that I will be faithful in giving to God and to others what he requires of me.
Score: 2 in Athens, OH
this is straight up bullshit
Score: 5 in Fort Worth, TX
What is Cisgender? I assume it means moral?
Score: 1 in Fort Wayne, IN
Why is stupidity and ignorance not a category?
Score: 100 in United States
This is toxic symptom of the SJW/Intersectionality disease. It used to be the radical Leftists who talked about who needed to be "first up against the wall when the Revolution comes"...I think the rest of us need to be looking hard at the people who spread this divisive filth.
Score: 14 in Waterloo, IL
I don’t see the problem with not being intersectional. Why can’t people be the way they want even if it’s a straight, white, male.
Score: 5 in Theodore, AL
Well, this has to be the most mind-numbingly stupid thing I've seen this year.
Score: ? in Rowlett, TX
I got a whooping 5 points so I must be one of the most privileged in the world. Of course, if I were to call a coworker the "N" word, the "Q" word, or other non politically correct word, my white privilege would count for 0. But that's the way of the world.

I wonder why you don't add "gun owner" to the list.
Score: 5 in Keller, TX
I'm a 3! Cool (now where did I put the KKK sheets?)
Score: 3 in Boulder, CO
This is a joke right?
Score: 3 in Saint Louis, MO
Hahaha 11? I'll take that as a badge of honor. Eff progressive nutsacks
Score: 11 in Lebanon, KY
Vegans so oppressed we don't get a slider.
Score: ? in New York, NY
So judging people with a literal score on mostly characteristics they are born with.....there's a word for that.
Score: ? in Saint Paul, MN
You should be ashamed of the work you've done here. This will not improve society. It will only harm it.
Score: ? in Seattle, WA
Intersectionality of 4; I'm also 6'7" and articulate, that's got to push me into negative numbers.
Score: 4 in San Antonio, TX
So lets see. Had to work for everything I have provided for myself and my family including my own education. Never felt "entitled" to my next breath. Had to build my own business and never given one dime for free. Choose to believe in God almighty. Fully support 'Legal' immigration. Never ever felt like victim or cry baby, even with two Purple Hearts. Love my family. Oh yea I'm white and the last slaves I NEVER owned were freed more than 250 years ago. I must be one horrible person.
Score: 5 in United States
I scored a 10, I am more privileged than 84% of others. HUM, it's 5 am and I'm leaving for work, LEAVING not just waking up. I'll be home from work in about 14 hours from now. Seems my privilege is over rated.........
Score: 10 in Englewood, NJ
Where is the slider for laziness versus willingness to work? I expect to get demerits for dislike of wishful or magical thinking.
Score: 7 in Pittsburgh, PA
The Biggest CRAP test I ever saw. Only a Marxist intellectual would come up with something like this.
Score: 11 in North Las Vegas, NV
Oh Noes! I'm intersectionality 43 because I'm poor, bisexual, and female! What ever shall I doooo with myself? Well, I'll tell you what I'll do. I won't bitch and complain about being "less privileged" than others while I make a life for myself by using my damn good looks and my smarts by going to college to be a doctor. Off of what money you say? Oh you know... Student Loans. Because I don't get to go to school for free unlike colored people. It's okay, I'll pay back my loans once I land that 6 digit job in 6 more grueling years. :) It's called hard work, not privilege. I am privileged to have a strong will, a good strong brain, and the passion to move forward no matter what life dishes out to me. Stop being oppressed and start doing something for yourself instead of depending on others who you claim are oppressing your dumb ass.
Score: 16 in Morgantown, WV
Christians are the world's most-persecuted religion....So WTH?
Score: 35 in Humble, TX
Wahoo! Suck it, great unwashed masses!
Score: 1 in Monrovia, MD
By abandoning all my catholic beliefs and values, and embracing radical Islam, and I jump WAY up the intersectionality scale.

Add to that the fact that I see myself as a lesbian trapped in a males body, and I’m now both solidly gay, and transgendered!!!

I’m also considering myself uneducated, because even though I have a masters degree, it’s in classic white-male-European topics (engineering). According to most progressives, that’s not an education at all, rather an indoctrination....

I’m feeling better and better about myself already!!!!!
Score: 57 in United States
This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.
Score: 10 in Valparaiso, IN
I’m here to oppress you let’s do this
Score: 4 in Bloomington, IN
Enough baloney here to feed the world hungry
Score: 10 in Rio Grande City, TX
So close to Maximum Oppressor Status with my score of 2. It's just a shame that I used my excessive privilege to serve in the military instead of going to Harvard.
Score: 2 in Nashville, TN
This is freakin awesome! I'm more privileged and 93% of ALL of the people in ALL OF THE WORLD!!! Who's going to send me my privilege card? I obviously need it since I'm not actually experiencing it. This site is a freakin joke.
Score: 6 in Bentonville, AR
I'm so privileged. Apparently I'm privileged to pay confiscatory taxes, support invading interlopers, tolerate socialist tyrants in congress, and all I get out of it is the pleasure of being only a four (4). Give me more money. Give me more years and I'll get that score down to something for which I can be proud!

Score: 4 in Gilbert, AZ
"However, you can make some improvement to your score by getting more involved with Islam or Judaism, donate all excess wealth to charity, or explore the wild side of your sexuality. The easiest way to improve your score, however, is to champion the intersectionality of your more-marginalized friends. You may award yourself up to 5 points depending on the level of your activism." What a bunch of crap
Score: 6 in Ithaca, NY
I am a 4. I guess I shouldn’t have studied hard and become successful.

I love the suggestion that we start every meeting giving our intersectionality score. That is a great way to facilitate cohesion to achieve a group goal.

Weighting votes based on past oppression is another excellent vehicle to foster social cohesion.

Wait, is this a parody site? I feel silly now. Well played!
Score: 4 in Bayfield, CO
What about IQ, looks, height, voice, athleticism, temperment, criminal record, health, family history, veteran status, party affiliation, networks,
Score: 72 in Arlington, VA
4. Beat that!
Score: 4 in Ladera Ranch, CA
I'm an ex-Muslim, and let me tell you that being a devout Muslim makes you more bigoted in a lot of ways. Classic Islam is misogynistic and homophobic, and is also bigoted towards other groups like Christians and Jews. This is a very American-centric calculator. As an ex-Muslim woman, I am sick and tired of white liberals discounting the harm of Islam and all of the experiences of those of us who are victims of it. Please do your research and learn how much harm Islam causes, especially to minority groups like women and LGBT. Muslim are a minority group in America, but they have not suffered in the same ways that other minorities here have and they themselves cause a multitude of oppression, both in the diaspora and in majority Muslim countries. You also have to look out for the "minorities within minorities," like ex-Muslims.
Score: ? in Washington, DC
This has to be a parody. A slider for being born in the USA? lmao
Score: 61 in United States
Got an 8. Can it go lower? Need to find up where I fucked up.
Score: ? in Bolivar, MO
0sama Bin Laden scores a 50, yup, he was definitely oppressed and marginalized.
Score: ? in Cedar Rapids, IA
I scored a 3, but then I remembered how people like you developed the Nuremberg Race Laws to categorize people and what they did with those categories. That made me feel bad. Then I remembered B-17s and the 101st Airborne and what they did to people who like to group others like this and that made me feel a whole lot better.
Score: 3 in San Diego, CA
As a gay man I can say without any hesitation that the LAST thing I want is to have someone who doesn't know me trying to speak up for MY sexual orientation. the most homophobic people are the people who think their not and then give me lectures about how I am not getting along with 'others' because my sexuality isn't their pipe dream. I absolutely hate women who treat me like I'm nothing more than a Prada handbag they wave around as a form of virtue signaling. I'm not going to talk for other 'minorities' but really I don't see how all of them aren't telling 'intersectionalists' to go fuck themselves.
Score: 30 in Grand Junction, CO
The only thing more stupid than intersectionality theory are the people who take it seriously.

Meanwhile, the main users of this site appear to be conservatives competing with each other to get the lowest score. LOL
Score: 13 in Kingsbury, IN
Absolutely the best Internet joke since the Shakespearean Insult Generator...unless this is a serious attempt to recruit college professors, NGO executives, or Democratic Party candidates.
Score: 18 in Novato, CA
I got an 11. I need to oppress someone right now.
Score: 11 in United States
Yahoo! I was raised in a trailer park by a single mom in an annoying liberal town where kids ragged on me for being poor, and I scored 20! So that means I'm privileged - and I agree. I'm privileged to live in this great country of salt of the earth men and women. I love this country, where you can come from very little, from a hardworking family that wouldn't take welfare, pay your way through college, get a good-paying job so you can help others in the community and at church. I thank God for this country! Yahoo!
Score: 20 in Martinsburg, WV
Proud conservative heterosexual white male Jewish American ..
Score: 14 in Gibsonia, PA
As long as there are guns and ammo, I don't care what score on this silly test.
Score: ? in Saybrook, IL
screw you and intersectionality
Score: 14 in Twin Lakes, WI
Well, I guess I can kiss my chances of getting into Harvard goodbye!
Score: 6 in York, PA
Just checked my privilege and it's just fine. Scored a 4. Outfricken'standing.
Score: 4 in Pine Island, MN
I didn't realize how oppressed I was. Can someone tell me who is the blame for my problems?
Score: 14 in United States
Apparently, being Jewish is less "intersectional" than being Muslim...because those billion Muslims have spent so much time in death camps.rnrnThat right there proves the entire thing is intellectually dishonest, morally corrupt liberal bullshit.
Score: ? in Albuquerque, NM
Score: 3 in Kissimmee, FL
Why is getting 1 so hard? I want to be the most privileged
Score: 3 in Park City, UT
My score is a 2, and it says, “You are more privileged than 100% of others!”

I’m very ambitious so I’m wondering if it is possible to improve my score even further?
Score: 2 in Honolulu, HI
What a joke. Recipe for more racism, sexism, envy and hatred.
Score: 6 in Alexandria, VA
This website is so racist, sexist and misandryst. Wow!
Score: 8 in Onancock, VA
I'm a transexual intersectional Muslim midget of color....
Score: 7 in Colorado Springs, CO
I think being a straight, white, male, christian, should get more points because they are the most hated by the other, "more oppressed" groups. The least points should be more like a medium gay, slightly brown, female, jew.
Score: 95 in North Wales, PA
As a white Christian male who scored a 23 I bet I hire more minorities, give more to charity and spend less time obsessing on race then 99% of those who scored a 60. There is a difference between feeling good about yourself and contributing to society.
Score: 12 in Safford, AZ
I’m confused. According to the race slider, the darker you are the more oppressed you are? Is that saying that other minorities (Latinos, East Asians, etc) are less oppressed? This is dumb. You can’t just assign a numerical value to oppression.
Score: 64 in United States
Sweet, a 3!

Advice for anyone to that takes this seriously, here's some advice: study and work hard, be kind to people, and learn a profession that serves to help people in some way. Your life will end up far better than those who focus on these kinds of issues and are offended by everything. (Also, me and most normal folks of all races and sexes will likely never want to hire you!)
Score: 3 in Philadelphia, PA
Will someone please tell the writers at South Park this exists?
Score: ? in United States
Could we please stop grouping by labels we created to seperate us? One race: Human. One religion: Yours. This crap LOOKS for ways to label and seperate.
Score: 38 in Buffalo, NY
I’m a 26, but to be more acceptable, I must Become involved in gay sex Irvine’s and become Muslim. As that would most likely end in death, I think I will pass.
Score: 7 in United States
Loving my privilege. I've checked it, and I've still got it, baby.
Score: 1 in South Windsor, CT
I'm ashamed I didn't score a 1, but got a 6 instead. The euphemism "log-exponential multivariable analysis" means "innumerate non-scientific bullshit" in this context. I'm feeling triggered and demand reparations.
Score: 6 in Edison, NJ
3! I live to plunder, to crush my enemies, and have them driven before me, to hear the lamentations of their women. Pffft. Not. As if.
Score: 3 in United States
I got 5. I should hate myself, shouldn't I?
Score: 5 in Alton, IL
I managed to get a 1. Fight me
Score: 42 in Sierra Vista, AZ
hahahah This is the dumbest thing Ive seen today, and I watched a Nancy Pelosi interview today.
Score: ? in Wentzville, MO
Yeah.... Race is the primary determinant of your score... Which makes this pretty racist...
Score: ? in United States
I’m a 37. If I was a dude I’d be a 22. 🤔 Women in western cultures are not oppressed. This is insane.
Score: ? in La Crescent, MN
Fat people need oppression too!
Don’t forget the uglies...
Mao would be proud!
Score: 15 in Palm Springs, CA
This is the stupidity our schools train people in. This is Marxism, where your color actually matters and makes you inferior or superior. Marxism just murdered 100 million, but tens of millions in America vote Democrat, not realizing Democrats are nothing other than Marxists. Compare the American communist website with the Democrat party platform. They are virtually identical.
Score: 7 in San Jose, CA
The way i see it the lower your score the better off you are. I am going to work hard to lower my 15 to a 5!
Score: 15 in Valparaiso, IN
LOL These Communists are retarded
Score: 20 in Dearborn, MI
I thought this was a joke. Sadly it’s not.
Score: 4 in United States
This is pretty bigoted.
Score: 28 in Ithaca, NY
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