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Stupid test. The whole concept of intersectionality and privilege is idiotic -- obviously something dreamed up by progressive socialists who'd be better tossed out of helicopters.
Score: 14 in Indianapolis, IN
HAHAHA, what a fucking joke. You sick people that make up shit like this, do so only to make your talking points right. If you want success, get off your ass and get to work on doing something other than bitching, crying and blaming someone or something OTHER than yourself. Not everyone gets a ribbon, you don't always get to win, but you don't have to always lose. Stop being a pussy, looking to blame or force guilt. Complete disgusting garbage.
Score: 5 in Omaha, NE
Score: 96 in Kansas City, MO
This rating system is biased against me because of (in order) my skin color, sexuality, gender, income, age, education, and religion. Welcome to the new racism, sexism ... totalitarianism.
Score: 55 in Wichita, KS
I've got some work to do if I want to get to "1"
Score: 4 in Athens, OH
You failed to include a slider for neanderthal ancestry. I'm being oppressed!
Score: 11 in United States
Nothing for Redheads? These has to be an ism that applies here
Score: 8 in Buffalo, NY
identify? lol, i am what i am, there is no identifying about it. liberal trash ruins everything.
Score: 3 in Martinsburg, WV
I scored a 90%. Kiss my ass world, HAHA!
Score: 7 in Manassas, VA
Privileges are good things. Why is privilege being use to shame people? I love having privileges.
Score: 14 in Babylon, NY
So... is the assumption that if a person is not oppressed, that they must be an oppressor?? Not making sense.
Score: 14 in Rockford, IL
Oh well, "I am's what I am's, yuk, yuk, yuk." Popeye
Score: 6 in United States
This is stupid, anyone who believes this actually matters is wrong.
Score: 7 in Box Elder, SD
The difference between being...
rich and poor: +-5
younger and older: +-0
abled vs disabled: +-7
educated or not: +-4

straight or gay: +-10
male or female: +-15
cis or trans: +-7
white or not: +-28!!

Who decided these ridiculous weightings? When ideology poses as sociology, all you get is pseudoscience.
Score: 87 in Louisville, KY
This is total garbage.
Score: 11 in Santa Clara, CA
I got a 7. I'm so problematic. Where do I report for anti white indoctrination so I can alleviate some of my inherent problematic-ness.
Score: 8 in Landisville, PA
Good to be part of the solution!
Score: 3 in Nashville, TN
I am ugly and get laughed at all the time!! You oppress me by excluding this!!
Score: 46 in United Kingdom
This could also be known as the Oppression Olympic Score calculator.
Score: 2 in Alpharetta, GA
I got a 7. Now where do I find the list of people it's still OK for me to oppress?
Score: 7 in Canada
the creators of this are lunies with nothing serious to do
Score: 4 in Netherlands
I am a white male heterosexual. I am the most oppressed kind of person nowadays. Also, at the end of my life I will have paid more taxes than I have cost.
Score: 21 in Austria
Are we not men? We are Devo.
Score: 5 in Netherlands
It's funny how you can so far to the left, you're end up to the right of the average racist kkk. Good job.
Score: 15 in Norway
This test seems a bit racist but whatever
Score: 68 in New York, NY
I am very well-hung, does that increase or decrease my score?
Score: 11 in Netherlands
I was about to write a serious commend. But this is so far from reality, there is no beginning is telling you how sad this site is.

So yeah, I am am suppodly a white chauvinist pig, and I am proud of it.
Score: 10 in Netherlands
I wonder why I'm still working for my money....
Score: 5 in Netherlands
I scored a perfect 12! What did I win?
Score: 12 in Netherlands
Scored a 1, the world hates me
Score: 96 in Netherlands
I wonder why I'm still working for my money....
Score: 5 in Netherlands
I miss autism in this list. I am a white cisgender male, but autism has ruined my life. All other mentioned aspects are minor things.
Score: 50 in Netherlands
Scored a 1, the world hates me
Score: 96 in Netherlands
What a discriminatory nonsense. The makers of this are _creating_ discrimination on race, religion and status.
Score: 11 in Netherlands
Damn... You are more privileged than 98% of others! Meaning 2% is still more privileged than me!! I am seriously offended now.
Score: 31 in Netherlands
wgat an incredible hatelist with dito options... creator is mentally sick, not ill, just plain sick.
Score: 64 in Netherlands
Waarom is deze site in het Engels en niet gewoon in het Nederlands? Oh wacht, Nederlands is een koloniale racistisch taal
Score: 97 in Netherlands
4. so what? I earned my privilege. Born in the country my white parents made great, raised catholic, studied and worked hard, happily married with a person of the opposite sex, and by the virtue of keeping breathing I'm older then average. Should I feel ashamed? I think not.
Score: 4 in Netherlands
privileged? 8? *eight* ????
why did I grow up in an unheated uninsulated wood frame house for the 1st five yrs of my life? strictly WORKING class.
Score: 8 in Canada
Hoe does this establish privilege ? Total BS
Score: 8 in Ypsilanti, MI
Whahahaha. See here the complete and utter bankrupcy of the whole intersectionality movement (and with it, most of the "soft sciences" by now, it's a cancer) in one easy "web app". FYI, it's overly complicated. You really only need one single slider. It goes from "normal person" to "whiny bitch". That would at least neatly sidestep the rather horrible sanctioned discrimination on the bases of race, gender, belief, and whatnot else, that you're promoting here. That's right, "intersectionality" is nothing but complete and utter racism in a virtue signalling sauce. But still racism at its core. By promoting this you're making the world a little worse, certainly no better. Something to be proud of, eh.
Score: 96 in Netherlands
What a load of crap!
Score: 22 in Netherlands
Proud to be 67%
Score: 50 in United Kingdom
11! That can't be right: my dominatrix wife oppresses me all the time! I demand a recount!!
Score: 91 in Belgium
more division spreading EH??!!
Score: 8 in Guthrie, OK
All you whiny lib arts majoring in barista pussies can kiss my 86% privileged ass (not gay).
Score: 12 in Netherlands
Boom! More privileged than 72% of others. Hahaha, take that losers. Now excuse me while I got and work my second job to be able to afford the rent on my shitty apartment and my crushing student loan debt.
Score: 12 in Castro Valley, CA
What a load of bull.
Score: 20 in Netherlands
What is Cisgender? I assume it means moral?
Score: 1 in Fort Wayne, IN
Hahaha white privilege. Does not exist, just a label to incite
Score: 3 in South Africa
What a big bunch of BS. Either you are born in a country or you are not, either a language is your first language or your second. Some things are binary (or trinary in the language case) whether you like it or not.
Score: 16 in Netherlands
So cuz I'm white, christian, and at uni, im more privileged than 90% of people? doesn't that mean the other 90% has more power than my 10%?
Score: 7 in Canada
Craniometry the SJW way.
Score: 12 in Netherlands
Work for me......
Score: 10 in Netherlands
100% cancerous bullshit,
Non religious = 18p 51%
Christian = 9p 80%
Muslim = 19p 52%
Jew = 15p 59%
What if youre a jew living in a muslim country or non religious living in a religious country.
Score: 18 in Netherlands
its 30 degrees below zero and i have to go to work outdoors
Score: 17 in Canada
Calling black people black and white people white isn't bigotry. It isn't racism. It isn't wrong. It is calling out the facts. Fuck you USA initiated, hypocritical and short sighted political correctness and shove this Intersectionality Score Calculator up your ass. Start talking with people rather than subdivide in a shitload of groups. Dumb fucks... Thank you!
Score: 27 in Netherlands
Time to get a better education to improve my wealth to improve my privilage with 10%
Score: 17 in Netherlands
Hilarious. Devout Christian makes you less intersectional?
And moslim more? Pfffff. What happens then you don 't understand your score?
Score: 3 in Netherlands
i'm offended
Score: 12 in Netherlands
27 for being born in Russia.

Very accurate.
Score: 27 in Russian Federation
So I should be shooting for a score of zero right?
Score: 9 in Cardington, OH
If you believe this crap: *SMACK YOURSELF UPSIDE THE HEAD*
For the everyone else that didn’t just get smacked upside the head:
This is exactly what’s wrong with society, dividend people so we don’t talk to eachother, but rather hating on one another.
Let’s come together: pay it forward
Score: 16 in Netherlands
identity politics is just a game STOP WITH THIS BULLSHIT
Score: 18 in Netherlands
I got 4. Guess I should arm myself now...
Score: 5 in Netherlands
Intersectionality is just glorified discrimination.
Score: 1 in Gibsonia, PA
Haha Oppression Olympics. I scored 12 ☝?
Score: 12 in Netherlands
Proud of my score of 8. I don't need to change a thing, as I'm very happy the way that I am. I'm not at all privileged nor am I causing anyone to be oppressed. This whole concept of intersectionality is just plain stupid.
Score: 8 in Canada
I sincerely hope this is satirical....but in this crazy time probably not... another step closer to idiocrasy
Score: 16 in Netherlands
Born white, male, cisgender and able is a matter of genes, of which I had no choice at all. Born in the Netherlands was a situation (not a choice) of my parents, who speak Dutch as a first language, and so do I. No choices here. My higher education is a part of my choice of to study given the chances and opportunities. My intelligence is by the way largely a matter of genes and the right learning climate. Age is simply a fact: one gets only older, not younger. Religion is only a means of choice, a choice that unfortunately does not exist in Muslim nations. By the way: many Muslim nations are far richer than western nations, who is to blame here? The fact that I am richer than many Third Worlders is an opportunity I once took to go to study, work and make a career, as I could also decide to not study or work. I am not oppressing anybody, that’s an idea created by idiots: I just took the opportunities that everybody else has in my country. So it is just a matter of choices. In the Netherlands we have many MPs, mayors, politicians who are not Dutch born, but also many not Dutch born who do not take responsibility of the choices they made in the past and blame it on the people who are succesfull. Not on themselves. They victimize falsely. The Dutch in general are not racist, but many non Dutch born are: racist against Jews by their religion. Supported by dubious and corrupt leftist theories, there is a dogma that all men are born equal. Another, communist, dogma is that many people are oppressed and should be defended against their oppressors by their communist comrades, guided by their dictatorial, crypto-fascist parties. The mixture of these fraudulent, poisonous ideas can only result in genocide and must be stopped, for they are against human nature. People should learn form the communist mistakes, read George Orwell.
Score: 5 in Netherlands
what if i'm a flaming flamboyant straight pastafarian, surely that's worth some points! also, what if i have a pebble in my shoe? does that make me a bit disabled. what if the pebble is pointy and in my sock? this site gives very little hints
Score: 20 in Netherlands
So much of this is subjective opinion, therefore statistically worthless for what it claims to measure. And with comments like that, it's no wonder I scored a 6 (and I'm quite fine with that).
Score: 6 in United States
Hilarious.... So I would score better points by converting to a religious cult, giving all my hard earned money away and fucking around with as many people of as many sexual orientations possible ?!? Is this a parody ? Seems like a variable of marxist deconstructivism to me, cooked up by some nutcase who belongs in a straight-jacket (I'll bet he/she/it will receive extra points for that too.....!)
Score: 66 in Spain
I guess I'm just hopeless.
Now where do I apply for a resident permit, social benefits, and my AJW card?
Score: 96 in Ukraine
Hope you Americans nuke yourself and rid the world of this stupid nonsense!
Score: 36 in Netherlands
identity politics is just a made up game!! STOP THE BULLSHIT.
Score: 18 in Netherlands
Well I scored a 4, someone please give me directions to the nearest slave market I'd like to make a purchase
Score: 4 in Wakefield, RI
This is the most racist thing I have ever seen. I have busted up bones, arthritis, bulged discs and a host of other physical problems from working since I was 9 years old. I have not stopped and continue to work.
Score: 9 in Howell, MI
Cisgender isn't even a real word.
Score: 53 in Cedar Park, TX
2!!! Deus vult, you bunch of raging faggots! Hoist the sails and lets colonize some shit while keelhauling Barbary pirates and flogging slaves!
Score: 16 in Netherlands
Bullshit women have more rights in the west than men.
Score: 7 in Netherlands
What the hell is "Cisgender"? I'm no sissy. 77% are more privileged than I am. How 'bout that?
Score: 34 in Belleville, IL
Liars, thieves, murderers, sexual sinners, worshipers of false gods (if Jesus is god everyone else isn't), perverts, swindlers, satanists, occultists - I hope you enjoy fire when you die.

Jesus wins, the baby killer god loses.
Score: 8 in Bothell, WA
I started working when I was 9 for .50 cents per hour. I am 58 and continue to work. How am I privileged. This test is racist,sexist and communist.
Score: 9 in Howell, MI
Gonna go oppress me some minorities. Yee-hoo!
Score: 10 in Hilliard, OH
White, Straight and Proud.... Your little 'tool' will never give me 'white guilt' I NEVER owned anyone
Score: 18 in Charlotte, NC
how is this not discrimination?? Are all white people are same?? are all non white people the same? Everything about this is WRONG! Its not a game.
Score: 18 in Netherlands
I'm a 51, is that half full or half empty cup. Screw you lazy, whining SJW NPC types. get out of the basement and get a job / life.
Score: 17 in Bethany, CT
A real übermensch.
Score: 15 in Netherlands
I don't believe Jewish devoutness means anything. You're either Jewish or you're not. It's impossible change. I can legally change my name, convert, marry a non-Jew, eat all the ham and shrimp I want, restore my foreskin, but in the end, I would have been in a gas chamber right next to the most stereotypical chassid

Look up what an ethno-religion is
Score: 27 in Freehold, NJ
This is really racist. My husband was born and raised in Guatemala, specifically. And, is of European decent with a well-educated, well-traveled, non-impoverished family. The assumption that everyone from Guatemala is a certain way is more racist than anything I have seen in a long time. And, straight from the people that are trying to prove how racist everyone else is. Good Lord.
Score: 46 in Guatemala
Nice troll :)
Score: 17 in France
I'm 50% victim!
Score: 51 in Netherlands
Wat een grap zeg.
Score: 6 in Netherlands
Damn this is some top-notch nonsense!
Score: 17 in Netherlands
identity politics is just a game based on hate.
Score: 18 in Netherlands
I'm a whitey, so I know it won't be purty, but here goes . . .
LMAO! Society? Welcome, Mr. FIVE!
And eat my SHORTZ!
Score: 5 in Duluth, GA
Isn't this like golf? The lowest score wins?
There are so many other parameters to be oppressed on. Why so few?
Score: 5 in Frederick, MD
More absolute BS from the Leftist Communist crowd.
Where in this does it take into account how hard I've worked all my life?
This is just BS.
Score: 8 in Canada
Totally a load of bullcrap. It needs to be renamed, how much of a victim am I?
Score: 40 in Dayton, OH
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