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Intersexualality is cancer
Score: 13 in Houston, TX
Moved all the sliders except skin tone, got a 30. Moved skin tone to white, got a 14. Moved skin tone to black and got a 43.
Score: 43 in United States
22. should i start to feel guilty now? should i try to work less hard and earn less money? do i have to paint my skin brown? is it time to attend gang bangs now?
Score: 22 in Netherlands
*eye glowing intensifies* *final form assumed*
Score: 1 in United States
I feel discriminated against on so many levels. My life is now horrible and I will forever adopt the role of victim. That gives me a 90 point bonus, right?
Score: 1 in Netherlands
... I am a white male in my upper 30's (GUILTY!!!) I am straight (GUILTY!!!) I am a christian (EXTRA GUILTY!!!) I VOTED FOR TRUMP (OFF TO THE GALLOWS!!!)
Score: 19 in Olympia, WA
I hate everybody
Score: 18 in Netherlands
Thank you God!
Score: 7 in United States
This is based on neo-marxistic nonsense
Score: 18 in Netherlands
Wow, i'm a opressor!
Score: 9 in Netherlands
This is truly stupid and can only result in discriination
Score: 9 in Tobyhanna, PA
Being a devote christian in the Netherlands gives you more privilege than atheism. Come on.......
Anyway, I'm proud of my score, still some room for improvement (getting it lower).
Score: 5 in Netherlands
Yay, 2! Bow for me, you peasants!
Oh wait, I'm a sad single nerd who has never had a relation...
Score: 2 in Netherlands
I hated all my priviliges. Gave it away. Feels better. Score 18. Dutch
Score: 18 in Netherlands
Lol. To score 100 you've got to be both a devout muslim and a devout Jew. Morons.
Score: 43 in Kirksville, MO
crippled semi-poor child is more privileged than 66% of others, that's completely realistic /s
Score: 13 in Canada
I scored 12 points as a white privileged grown up.
As a poor coloured female old gay transgender devoted to Muslim, disabled and born elsewhere without any education yet Dutch is my 2nd language, I score 97points. I have no privilege at all. Yet the Dutch government keeps on financing me.

Only Jews are off worse.
What a joke this world we're living in.
Score: 97 in Netherlands
This is silly. I should score lower. Just because I'm partially disabled (a recent event) I do not feel marginalised in the slightest. Score: 16
Score: 16 in United Kingdom
According to the slider of eternal wisdom, being a highly educated and wealthy yet gay, islamic transgender female of colour means being less privilaged than an uneducated, poor, straight and disabled white guy. Makes sense
Score: 12 in Netherlands
Sjw calculator
Score: 12 in Netherlands
How can you be 100% male, 100% straight, and still have a slider for cis gender? Also, I'm a devout Christian/Muslim/Jew. Meh, enjoy your identity politics Marxist scum
Score: 3 in Canada
Damn...I’m a privileged white male..who knew
Score: 14 in Gulfport, MS
Kiss my ass not more privilege just worked hard and and followed my morals. First in my family with college education which I paid for my self, father only had eight grade education because he had to drop out to feed himself.
Score: 4 in Denver, CO
This is a test that essentially determines if you're insane or not.
Score: 3 in Canada
"explore the wild side of your sexuality". Hey I got wild with a goat, now I'm not so privileged!
Score: 12 in Chicago, IL
My score is 13. I'm going back to take a second look and see if I can lower it.
Score: 13 in Dallas, TX
who the fuck cares
Score: 13 in Marshfield, MA
I'm a bit upset I was only able to get down to 8. I want to be one. So I can live up to my friends calling ourselves APEX Oppressors.
Score: 8 in Spartanburg, SC
Yup and who made this tool, exactly how screwed up this world has become. Like the only privileged people are white???? How does this fit with the rest of the world where the white man is a minority? What a crock. I consider everyone equal and have worked my ass off to become educated and create my own opportunities and if you call that privileged then yes I have the privelage of being a productive part of society with my tax dollars supporting the social system that creates these idiot and this dangerously simplified view of measuring your status. Maybe make another survey and ask 1 question, are you responsible for your own actions and the outcome of those actions?
Score: 8 in Canada
total Hor$eS#!t - being privileged is something you create, not given! My father left when I was growing up. I grew up in projects of San Bernardino county (on welfare) amongst blacks and Latinos. We played ball together, went to school together, graduated together. I made the choice at 18 to go to military (along with one of my black friends) We both ended up getting a masters from Colorado tech. Most of the other guys did nothing after graduation....Privilege is about choice; following desires, setting goals and motivation. Its about applying ones self and following certain guidelines to achieve those goals. Its about 'enlightened' white folks trying to victimize or marginalize others so these enlightened idiots have a purpose because most of them have liberal arts degrees and will work their days as baristas! its total nonsense.
Score: 6 in United States
1! And I guess that makes me the the boss. Everybody: in my office tomorrow at 10am sharp! (Ok, I lied about being ‘devout’ Christian)
Score: 1 in Netherlands
I’m dutch, adopted, colored. According to the test 88% is more priviledged. I do not care, i do not recognize this. I’m happy and it’s my honest opinion that this test is utterly racist and deeply sociopathic.
Score: 51 in Netherlands
Score: 17 in Houston, TX
Guten Tag!
Score: 15 in Germany
Whow, I've got a score of 5. I'm more privileged than 93% of the people. This calculator screams calimero. Leftist shit. THis is what is wrong with (Dutch) society.
Score: 5 in Netherlands
mine intersectionality score: 16
You are more privileged than 55% of others!
Share your result!

Score: 16 in Netherlands
I took this test as if I were Melinda Gates (had to guess on religiosity) (and found that "69% of others are more privileged than [her}." Wow, poor little oppressed Melinda. I then pretended to be former Attorney General and Covington & Burling partner Eric Holder, and learned that "75% of others are more privileged than [me].] Wow, who knew those folks were "victims."
Score: 25 in Washington, DC
Score: 4 in United Kingdom
My score is 50 but I'm so terribly White priviliged......
Score: 40 in Netherlands
Ooooh a victim quiz. I smell division!
Score: 40 in Dayton, OH
who are the others ...

Score: 16 in Netherlands
Privileged & Proud to be a God Damned Free Blooded American!
Score: 5 in Saint Joseph, MI
This is a hilarious spoof site, good work! Keep it up!
Score: 12 in Mountain View, CA
Wow, I love that I have the privilege to unwillingly fund government programs for a bunch of ungrateful parasites. I can't wait to divest myself of this unearned privilege.
Score: 82 in Boise, ID
This is such a low quality metric for measuring the world.
Score: 58 in United Kingdom
Hypothetical Queen Elizabeth score:
Your intersectionality score: 25
65% of others are more privileged than you
Score: 25 in Washington, DC
Yeah, I'm the most priviliged person ever, suck it losers!
Score: 1 in Netherlands
Wonderful satire, so great I really fell for it at first.

Or maybe it's serious?

Poe's Law, you're a bitch.
Score: 10 in Germany
There is no option with regards to mental illness. Not a very tolerant poll. Creators should be ashamed. Mental disabilities are disabilities too.
Score: 15 in Wichita Falls, TX
Lolololol rich white educated Christian woman is only 50% more privileged than others.

I played around with the sliders. It was funny to see that who has less privilege. If you are a rich educated black person who was born in the United states you are only more privileged than 50%.

If you were born in the United States then you have more privilege than almost 99% of the worlds poor. We lead the way to an open society with multiculturalism. Dont push your agenda on our children. The rest of the world needs to get on our standard. We do not need to placate to your liberal crap. Go fix the other countries and let us continue with our project.
Score: 18 in United States
Hahaha 11? I'll take that as a badge of honor. Eff progressive nutsacks
Score: 11 in Lebanon, KY
Why do I not feel like I'm in the top 25% of privileged while in my Truck on the way to work at 6AM?
Score: 11 in Lebanon, KY
I'm a bit disappointed by my score of 12. What should I do to get more privileges?
Score: 12 in Netherlands
White people made more progress, that is not given as a privilege, we studied,worked and fought hard fot that. Why the other people want to have it free and without any effort made?
Score: 17 in Netherlands
This is so funny. Well done!
Score: 12 in Canada
"69% of others are more privileged than you" - I'm somewhat disappointed, lol
Score: 96 in Netherlands
Now I finally have a score instead of a skincolor to be marginalised. The world has come a long way... Fuck me, right?
Score: 8 in Netherlands
I always knew I would win something been the gayes gay in the village
Score: 96 in Poland
You'd better call it "the whiners scale". Who do you think faces more challenges, a rich, older, whealthy, jewish business woman with little education or a young, white male, atheist college dropout living on the street? Since your intersectionality score has no predictive feature it is not scientifically sound - and hence useless.
Score: 14 in Netherlands
Where do I find this privilege? I would love to have half what my score is. Maybe I should identify as Black.....
Score: 13 in South Africa
As a foreign, elderly. disabled, female, gay, transgender person of colour with low income and no education, praying to God, Allah and YHWH... I am deeply offended that there is still 5% that are less privileged than me.
Score: 96 in Netherlands
"...overlap of various social identities, contributes to..." So, let me get this straight: if we get rid of these various identities, let's say our multicultural society, then people would experience less oppression and discrimination? It would in fact be better to segregate and/or strive for a homogenous society. No one gets harmed, it's a win-win.
Well... That could not have been the intention of this survey, or has it?
Score: 11 in Netherlands
Score: 20 in Netherlands
This is the biggest crock ever published on the internet.
Score: 5 in Anchorage, AK
So if I self identify as a transgender Muslim Cherokee, non-binary woman of color with disability (soy allergy) I actually score as a 99. I win!!!
Score: 9 in Bronx, NY
Score: 3 in Brazil
The quickest way for socialists to force everyone to be exactly equal in all ways is just to get straight to the point and kill everyone at the same time.
Score: 7 in Gladewater, TX
Literally the funniest thing the left has produced since An Inconvenient Truth.
Score: 11 in Albany, NY
Nice.. 3... viking with brains.. still invincible... any other good people? We should unite and roam globe together...
Score: 3 in Netherlands
How does skin tone effect the score so much more dramatically compared to wealth? Homeless white people are not more privileged than millionaires or color.
Score: 14 in Irvine, CA
This is a nice time waster.
Score: 18 in Medford, OR
This is awesome
Score: 16 in Australia
I got 99%, which is good, however, is there any way to improve my score to 100%? If I went to church more often it makes me more privileged? Seems a little strange. How does that work?
Score: 51 in Australia
Score: 16 in Australia
God bless America
Score: 3 in Rolla, MO
Scored a 4. Guess I need to work harder.??
Score: 4 in Saint Simons Island, GA
Found a victim score-o-meter! Pay up filthy middleaged-white-cis-male-native-christians! ....
This test is the definition of racism and phobism.
Score: 1 in Netherlands
o boi
Score: 6 in Belgium
If I was rich, I could have made it to 1.
Score: 4 in New Zealand
Damn... I wish I were younger and richer!
Score: 4 in Columbus, OH
This must be some kind of parody on all the social justice crap right?
Score: 13 in Netherlands
I don't the think the answer to "How can I improve my score?" is correct. You can improve your score by working harder to earn more money, or by attending church more regularly (and converting to Christianity if you are not already Christian). What is that you say? A lower score is not an improvement? WTF???
Score: 4 in Hyattsville, MD
A proud 10 from 10,000' in the Rockies.
Score: 10 in Colorado Springs, CO
I don't the think the answer to "How can I improve my score?" is correct. You can improve your score by working harder to earn more money, or by attending church more regularly (and converting to Christianity if you are not already Christian). What is that you say? A lower score is not an improvement? WTF???
Score: 4 in Hyattsville, MD
The higher, the better!
Score: 20 in Netherlands
For the love of God
Score: 26 in Washington, DC
3, that means I win, right? Like in golf? Hey, South Africa! I ran a test, to get to 100, you must be devout Muslim and devout Jewish. You must hate yourself.
Score: 3 in Newnan, GA
3! I live to plunder, to crush my enemies, and have them driven before me, to hear the lamentations of their women. Pffft. Not. As if.
Score: 3 in United States
Totally not valid without accounting for peanut allergies.

Do I have the opportunity to subtract 5 points from my score for activism against this nonsense?
Score: 3 in Wake Forest, NC
4. Nice generalizations about privilege. I have Catholic guilt and that trumps (no pun intended) progressive guilt.
Score: 4 in Youngsville, NC
Woo Hoo, a SEVEN, (7)!!! Now, back to oppressing the LITTLE people.
Score: 7 in Weatherford, TX
How can I be a devout muslim AND gay?
Score: 97 in Japan
I'm a 5, who should I oppress next?
Score: 3 in Palo Alto, CA
Uh oh, we church-going PhDs are a 3. So back off.
Score: 6 in Maple Park, IL
So now we just compare scores and someone with more points can talk and tell me to sit down and shut up based on the color of my skin and not the qualities of my ideas? Awesome. Hell of a hierarchy you have there. Good luck with that , because I am not shutting up.
Score: 5 in Aurora, CO
Not bad. Most privileged
Score: 1 in Netherlands
Im really into lesbian muslim porn..where is the slider for that?
Score: 15 in Roswell, GA
What a bunch of nonsense. This just shows how absolutely absurd is the whole notion of "intersectionality." Time for these people to try their hand at working a real job where none of this BS matters. "The majority of people have more inherent privelege..." what sort of nonsense is this? It doesn't even make logical sense, what's really amazing is that anyone believes any of this claptrap.
Score: 4 in United States
Only 7. Damn!
Score: 7 in Australia
The majority of people have more inherent privilege sounds like a good thing.
Score: 4 in Houston, TX
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