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Off to oppress!
Score: 11 in Chicago, IL
I assume this is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke.
Score: 4 in United States
What utter tripe - hope my taxes weren't used to fund this
Score: 5 in Australia
I have a 2, did I win something?
Score: 5 in Netherlands
Set the sliders to the lowest score possible, and you will see who the left considers to be its greatest enemy.
Score: 1 in Altamonte Springs, FL
Trying to make more money and lower that score!
Score: 7 in Alexandria, VA
Woohoo! I’m a 10
Score: 10 in Australia
2. Now go make me a sammich.
Score: 2 in Tewksbury, MA
Literally the biggest crock of leftist identity politics bullshit!
Score: 4 in Myrtle Beach, SC
This is a joke right?
Score: 3 in Saint Louis, MO
Need to add height and type of parents
Score: 36 in Denver, CO
This has to be the dumbest most bigoted thing I've seen today. What group of losers built this?
Score: 96 in Chicago, IL
Wow! Not being religious really screwed up my score!
Score: 13 in Burke, VA
Wow, I am really privileged, but damn, why do I have to work so hard and stressful and why I am still poor? I wish I was less privileged and would receive more wellfare.
Score: 10 in Netherlands
12! I will invite my indonesian disabled muslim girlfriend to do the test also! Lof it, thanks.
Score: 9 in Netherlands
This calculator doesn’t include disabilities like spaz, cripple or feminist. Sad.
Score: 5 in United States
I’m a 19 as a female. However, if I decide to identify as male
I would be a 4. I can feel the man keeping me down. LOL
Score: 19 in United States
Should have included penis size. I could have had a lower score.
Score: 9 in Hudson, FL
My score is 7. Why arent you people with >20 scores washing my feet????
Score: 7 in Birmingham, AL
Oh my, help me.
Score: 23 in Malaysia
I am an American Citizen, 'deplorable'..and I am a foreign born Mexican Jew.Nobodies victim. This is why student loan's are so prolific
Score: 25 in Nashville, TN
BS masquerading as science? This why the social sciences have no credibility. By the way I'm Catholic, shouldn't that drop my score to 2 or 3.
Score: 5 in Woodbridge, VA
I scored a 2. Thank goodness I’m not an awful evil 1!
Score: 2 in Manassas, VA
This is incredibly dumb. My score went up for being "Not Christian" in Australia, a country where most people are not christian.
Score: 11 in Australia
You people are the most racist, classist, bigoted people on earth, by thinking you can categorize people this way. You are the issue, not the "privileged" by your cock-a-mamie definititon.
Score: 4 in Smyrna, TN
Its good to be me. Hardworking, honest, loyal, and dependable.
Score: 4 in Denver, CO
Haha i got an 8! take that suckers! Y'all unprivileged losers should bow down to my privilege. Simply by having a better intersectionality score I am better than you! thanks feminism, you have allowed me to reap the world muahhaha
Score: 66 in Canada
I'm ashamed I didn't score a 1, but got a 6 instead. The euphemism "log-exponential multivariable analysis" means "innumerate non-scientific bullshit" in this context. I'm feeling triggered and demand reparations.
Score: 6 in Edison, NJ
I got 20! Yes! I'm awesom
Score: 20 in Japan
I didn't realize how oppressed I was. Can someone tell me who is the blame for my problems?
Score: 14 in United States
I was born on an Army base in Germany, so I assume that means Born in USA. So 4, woohoo!
Score: 4 in Lake Mary, FL
WOW i got 100! i am more oppressed than the rest of you privileged vermin. Stop and relinquish all your assets and privilege. The only way you can be free of your sins is by giving me all your money. Remember if you are white cis males you now have to be me my slave. I am the winner of the oppression olympics you pathetic dweebs. All deviance I partake in is now justified peaceful protest. I am free!
Score: 66 in Canada
Being black: 33 points. Being female: 15 points. Being gay: 10 points. Being trans: 8 points. Starving to death because you have no money and no education: 7 points. Proof of leftist insanity: priceless.
Score: 6 in Allen, TX
Hooray! 5!!!! Is this a great country or what?
Score: 5 in United States
13 and damn proud
Score: 13 in Norristown, PA
Finally getting the recognition I deserve. Now if the rest of the world wakes up and makes me Emperor I'll be all set
Score: 61 in New Baltimore, MI
Awesome! As I've worked my entire life and never had a hand out or apology, I assume it's Inversely proportional to the overall benefit to society.
Score: 1 in Australia
Bullshit, jews are the most privileged people on earth, no one else gets special laws to protect them.
Score: 4 in Netherlands
10? Dammit. If I can make a few quid, maybe I could get it down to 5.

PS. Love the christianophobia. Does the scoring flip around if you're in Egypt?
Score: 10 in United Kingdom
Hmmmm, born in Canada vs not born in Canada is a sliding scale?
Can I be 43% born in Canada?
Liberalism is a gimp suit for your mind.
Score: 1 in Canada
Score: 4 in Australia
Just checked my privilege and it's just fine. Scored a 4. Outfricken'standing.
Score: 4 in Pine Island, MN
Freedom is the new way of saying oppressed
Score: 17 in East Freetown, MA
8 - Works for me.
Score: 8 in Kenmore, WA
7 - I continue to disappoint Obama
Score: 7 in Champaign, IL
Wow a 10. Must be doing something wrong. I bust my ass for a living! Where do I go to cash in on my "Privilege"
Score: 10 in Southaven, MS
"Whoever made this must really fuckin hate Christians"- Destiny
Score: 26 in Rocky Mount, NC
I am not white. White is associated by DJW's with guilt and negative assumptions. It is not a neutral term, it is a term full with negative assocations. I am of Dutch descendant, and do not regerard me of a- nor refer to skin colour, because this is a stupid, irrational and disgusting discrimination term. This term does want to seek to disciminate me on assumed ideas of me and behaviour of me which I do not have, and do not act on.
Score: 23 in Netherlands
Need to work harder oppressing people different than me.
Score: 7 in Atlanta, GA
Ironically by judging my level of privilege you are oppressing me. I am offended by this an wish to see this taken down because this is literally fascist....
Score: 40 in United Kingdom
Term 14: I am not white. White is associated by SJW's with guilt and negative assumptions. It is not a neutral term, it is a term full with negative assocations. I am of Dutch descendant, and do not regerard me of a- nor refer to skin colour, because this is a stupid, irrational and disgusting discriminating term. This term does want to seek to disciminate me on assumed ideas of me and behaviour of me which I do not have, and do not act on.
Score: 23 in Netherlands
All sliders to the left with the exception of younger-older(middle) and devout Christian(right). Bingo, you are number 1. Maximum baloney.
Score: 1 in Anchorage, AK
3! And I'm even 1/16th American Indian!
Score: 2 in Waterbury Center, VT
Is Hispanic considered White, like it is for census? Also, is Rich being weighted on a global scale? If so, I got a 1.
Score: 1 in United States
Cool. I am from the Netherlands, live in the US and can't get a job at major airlines because they hire only based on color and gender, not experience and flight hours. I am a victim!!1111!!!!!
Score: 25 in Waldorf, MD
Wow, now we have a way to virtue signal people we don’t even know. People, people, people, we obviously have way too much time on our hands to be playing stupid games with shit that don’t matter. You’re either a good person or an asshole. There, and you don’t have to take a test to know which one you are. This is the ultimate in bigotry because you’re getting points for befriending people different than you, just for the sake of looking more virtuous. Close all the schools, they’re brainwashing the students and perposly lying and misleading them.
Score: 20 in United States
Intersectionality is bull
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
I feel like this needs more nuance but ok
Score: 26 in United States
So take awy more fundamented comments in just 10 minutes? Again and I only chose 50% identefied with your score white, because this decision was really a only to make racist decision, very poor if you delteme my remakrk aggain, only fopr your mictatorship and censorship: Term 14: I am not white. White is associated by DJW's with guilt and negative assumptions. It is not a neutral term, it is a term full with negative assocations. I am of Dutch descendant, and do not regerard me of a- nor refer to skin colour, because this is a stupid, irrational and disgusting discriminating term. This term does want to seek to discriminate me on assumed ideas of me and behaviour of me which I do not have, and do not act
Score: 23 in Netherlands
I am a white oppressor living in Thailand. When I said born in Thailand I got a 5, when I said born elsewhere a 12. The computer is detecting where I am oppressing from, not where my oppressive parents chose to spawn me. Sad.
Score: 5 in Thailand
Ha! I'm a 3 and the wife is a 49. Now if I could just oppress her into making me a sanmich...
Score: 50 in Tucson, AZ
Just think that all history has been necessary to create such a supreme master. This is grand!
Score: 1 in Helena, MT
I reckon 13 is pretty good, but I could do better. Weird, I don't feel privileged!
Score: 1 in New Zealand
I’m really oppressed. Where’s my reparations?
Score: 42 in United Kingdom
Just checked and I have a score of 6. Go Trump.
Score: 6 in Hyde Park, MA
4 The fact that I cannot feel oppressed based on these results is oppressive.
Score: 4 in Marietta, GA
My score is so high how can I lower it? I got a 24.
Score: 8 in Plano, TX
It's amazing how I'm so privileged, yet I still need to wake up at 6:30 in the morning, go to work, pay my bills and obey the laws. I must be doing it wrong.
Score: 5 in Colonial Beach, VA
I only scored a 4, I can't wait until I get richer, older and more educated!
Score: 4 in Chicago, IL
Interesting, the stats here show the most oppressive group is English-speaking male. Are you sure it's not straight white male? Did this site just unlock a big secret that the social justice warriors haven't figured out?
Score: 67 in Seattle, WA
What an extraordinarily obtuse and self-absorbed view of humanity.
Score: 11 in Bismarck, ND
Where my free stuff at
Score: 49 in Mount Juliet, TN
I was really hoping for a score of one, but I am not rich enough and not as devout as would like to be as a Catholic. I guess my circumstance comes with having served your country in the Army on operations, running a small business that struggles but gives employees a fair wage (often sacrificing my own income), paying my way with everything, refusing to succumb to health issues and so on. But, being a white, married heterosexual man with kids who was taught to fight for what is right, never give up and to respect and protect women, I guess my type deserves to be condemned by the whinging Leftist, gay, gender-bending atheists who want to be given everything and do nothing in return.
Score: 5 in Australia
So where do I sign up for all this privilege?
Score: 6 in United States
Where my free stuff at, yo.
Score: 49 in Mount Juliet, TN
10! USA! USA! USA!
Score: 2 in United States
But this didn't have a slider for how sexy you are. Bad test
Score: 3 in Denver, CO
“Imtersectionality” accounts for no personal individual suffering or exposure to injustice. It’s total bullshit.
Score: 19 in Japan
What a fucking joke. Privilege is a fucking excuse for losers to stay where they are in life and stagnate. And Intersectionality Theory is a (not so)clever ruse to manipulate the susceptible for the purpose of overthrowing the last remaining vestige of liberty in the world.

Fuck the left.
Score: 53 in Bozeman, MT
I am a 4. I guess I shouldn’t have studied hard and become successful.

I love the suggestion that we start every meeting giving our intersectionality score. That is a great way to facilitate cohesion to achieve a group goal.

Weighting votes based on past oppression is another excellent vehicle to foster social cohesion.

Wait, is this a parody site? I feel silly now. Well played!
Score: 4 in Bayfield, CO
No category for Kiss My Arse.


"Privilege" means "law applying to you, privately." Last time I checked, there were such "privileges" given to women (for example) that allow them to play sports unencumbered by having to compete against the best; or Women's chess organizations, that protect them there too; or women's exercise clubs ... And let's not speak about Affirmative Action, or bigotry against country people, born-again Christians, Roman Catholics ...
Score: 40 in Warner, NH
It is my privilege to be assaulted for my race in middle school. It is my privilege to be denied unemployment benefits by people who hate me. It is my privilege to have my food spit in for simply looking the way I do. It is my privilege to be constantly told that I am a bad person and that I just need to die.
Score: 3 in Austin, TX
I'm disappointed that I only scored a 4.This is the dumbest shit ever, did Rep. Ocario-Sanchez invent this? I hope it cost less than 21 trillion dollars to devise.
Score: 4 in Columbus, GA
I'm a 4. I'd bet I'd be a 64 if there were a slider for, "Had an interracial couple as neighbors before obama was born, and black teachers, librarians, plumbers, and such before Martin Luther King was famous.
Score: 4 in Knoxville, TN
Love this game! The goal is to try and get the lowest score possible. I'm at 8! Thanks Jews for this great game! Can't wait to get my girlfriend to try.
Score: 8 in Chula Vista, CA
LOL ok but this does not take into account mental health and various other variables. Also, the concept of "privilege" itself is flawed but anyway... it's still fun.
Score: 9 in Canada
going from atheist to christian may not change anything externally but it's worth 23 percentage points of privilege. this scale is utterly mad
Score: 18 in Kennesaw, GA
Nice to see a test that allows you to be born in a country for 5%. It is shamefull that most surveys don't respect people who are born on the country's border.
Score: 15 in Netherlands
tough to deal with
Score: 19 in Canada

I don't understand how a majority can have more inherent privilege than others. That seems awesomely stupid to me. What am I missing?
Score: 24 in Canada
What a crock of socialist shit
Score: 1 in Westville, NJ
I so wanted to be in the top ten. Maybe if I get a raise. I bet my boss is in the top ten, so maybe he can redistribute some of his income to me and that would get me over. Fingers crossed.
Score: 11 in Omaha, NE
It is what it is!
Score: 3 in Overland Park, KS
I actually scored a 1
Score: 97 in Boerne, TX
This is nothing but PC bullshit.
Score: 7 in Paris, IL
Presupposed that these criteria are not in themselves subjective.
Score: 15 in Edgewater, FL
I'm a 5. I'm 72 y/o white heterosexual male living on Social Security (in rural East Tennessee). Factor my residence in and I would be a 1. So, why don't I feel privileged?
Score: 5 in United States
The more whites, the fewer underprivileged, so everyone should become white. That's what this site says. Excellent advice!
Score: 3 in Ireland
Whoever wasted their time creating this garbage read "Animal Farm" but didn't understand it.
Score: 93 in Panama City, FL
BTW, I made up my answers to gain awareness regarding the scorekeeper because I refuse to play this game.
Score: 93 in Panama City, FL
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