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BTW, I made up my answers to gain awareness regarding the scorekeeper because I refuse to play this game.
Score: 93 in Panama City, FL
Tragic. White South African Female score is 6.
Score: 4 in South Africa
Victimology. Anybody can play this game.
Score: 82 in Longmont, CO
Everyday we stray further from God...
Score: 8 in Netherlands
Priviliged and Proud
Score: 12 in Netherlands
Hahahaha I filled in like i was Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam and my score is 48 wich meanns tha 86 percent of people are MORE priviliged as me.Fuck this site LOSERS
Score: 48 in Netherlands
I wish I could adjust my life with sliders.
Score: 17 in Netherlands
And how is this contributing to a more inclusive sociaty by emphasizing on differences between people?
Score: 42 in Netherlands
15?? I thought I deserve to be nore priviliged than that! Mayby it's got something to do with the 58% percent less privileged and religious diverse (newspeak for islam) hordes that are migrating into our once free and tolerant countries where gays and Jews are becoming victims of socialists once again...
Score: 15 in Netherlands
I got a 7, if I die young I might get a higher score.
Score: 7 in Netherlands
A solid 8. Yesss.. and now off to my office job, for which a completed two technical studies, and still have (some) loans over. Privileged me... Working my ass off since high school. How dare I to be somewhat successful.
Score: 8 in Netherlands
55% of others are more privileged than you, well that's that innit..
Score: 20 in Netherlands
Hmmm, what about the content of one's character, huh?
Score: 15 in Australia
Ha Ha... now I KNOW I can go out and oppress other with good reason. Eat my privilege, losers!
Score: 4 in United States
I got an ugly face, why do I not get a slider?
Score: 56 in Netherlands
If not at all religious, there's no score below 10...
Score: 10 in Netherlands
Thank God for being privileged! I used to me normal before this whole "LHBTQ...etc.., #METOO, BLM, We Can, I'm a migrant" nagging took the stage.
Score: 9 in Netherlands

uh, so I scored 3. So very humbled. I will hereby and henceforth gladly renounce all of my 99% privilege.... to have just a little bit more. MUAHHHAHAHA...
Score: 3 in Italy
Should have contained a question about trust in gubermint, def not! Go yellow jackets!!!
Score: 12 in Netherlands
If I identify as a devout muslim and a devout jew, my score shoots up to 15, from an original 6.
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
This is totally stupid ?
Score: 19 in France
Catalonia is not Spain! I feel oppressed!
Score: 21 in Spain
Hahaha! What kind of racist cr*p is this? By using sliders to 'identify' yourself with markers you can do absolutely nothing about!? This is the most racist thing I have ver seen... Please stop this nonsense, world. And go back to being normal!
Score: 6 in Netherlands
I wish I was less pretty and more wealthy
Score: 9 in Netherlands
What a total load of crap. Born in the USA makes one more privileged tell that to the children of (illegal immigrants). If one is a Han Chinese born to the right family they will be way more privileged than 99.9% of the world regardless of their native language or place of birth. Try the Indian cast system and see how you fare depending on the run of that ladder you are born on.

This load of crap is a American centric bit of nonsense, where a group of snowflakes with a very limited and discriminatory view of the world have decided that their country harbors the master race and a set of nonsense criteria can determine how much privilege one person has over another.
Yet dear snowflakes the world is not black and white it is every shade of every color in between and privilege is not something that can be determined with slide rules just like measuring skulls or looking at the nose of a person can determine intelligence or religion. I know it is hard because this would require a modicum of thought and willingness to look around you without your blinders on.
Score: 26 in Redwood City, CA
Take your little "test", and shove it up your safe space. You vile libtarded jackasses are the epitome of foul street grease.
Score: 11 in Gilbert, AZ
International elements and their ilk...
Score: 92 in Netherlands
Good to have my moral, physical and intellectual superiority confirmed by this independent scientific institute. Sarcasm mode off.
Score: 3 in Netherlands
Fuck your identity politics and all the "LHBTQ..blabla" clown(s) involved!
Score: 73 in Netherlands
What a nice society, where subsidized people and institutions can come up with these ridiculous concepts in order to lay guilt on everyone else but themselves. I stand corrected, the worst of all are those masochists, taking the blame for all things going wrong in the world. It is not my fault ,it is often not even anyones fault. Assume your life, take responsability for your own well being. Group identity's are too often an excuse for individual failure.
Score: 4 in Belgium
62 % are more privileged than me..So what? I don't care about privileges, I live my life the best way I can and thats it. Complaining less is a good start to join the real world of chaos.
Score: 23 in Belgium
Ik vind dit een hele racistische nietverbindende kwis, vol met vooroordelen en foute aannames.
Score: 15 in Netherlands
The law explicitly forbids discrimination on any of these points, so in what way is this supposed oppression systemic. This intersectionality cancer is the modern day eugenics and I can't believe that it is so wide-spread.
Score: 14 in Netherlands
I'm 100% Jewish and 100% muslim. Sounds legit
Score: 96 in Netherlands
I can be a devout muslim, jew AND christian? What a laugh
Score: 41 in Netherlands
I got 5, yet have to express all my opinions under pseudonym lest i loose my job, children and social standing. Funny thing.
Score: 5 in Canada
What a bs ... according to this The majority is more privileged than I am. Should I feel discriminated now? Stop this, stop the self pitty and get a life. You only have one. Don’t waste your time on this nonsense.
Score: 96 in Netherlands
Absolute nonsense. Do something good with your lives instead.
Score: 22 in Switzerland
You are sick in the brain
Score: 23 in Netherlands
kom helaas niet verder dan 5, toch trots dat ik een witte man ben :-)
Score: 5 in Netherlands
The white man created the modern world, no matter what the leftists say!
Score: 7 in Netherlands
This site is unintentionally very funny. They take this shit seriously
Score: 15 in Canada
I don't identify as "privileged" therefore I am not. Things are so simple now.
Score: 19 in Atlanta, GA
Is this a troll or real?
Score: 3 in Baton Rouge, LA
Christian's are the most persecuted religion worldwide, so idk how accurate that is.
Score: 7 in Canada
Who came up with this bs? Get a fucking life and put your effort on meaningless things smh
Score: 32 in Korea, Republic of
well it's good to know that being a paraplegic is considered a privilege vs being a woman / person of color
Score: 13 in Netherlands
Being completely and utterly poor taking care of my mother at 19 but still somehow more privileged. These factors are based on color(and other non changeable aspects) than character. More privileged are the Christians who tieth. The straight for devouting their lives to long Christian marriages to their loved ones.
Score: 9 in United States
I got a 9 and that's only because I'm lower middle class. Thank god that's all I have wrong with me. It feels so good to be straight white and Male. You should try it some time.
Score: 9 in Fresno, CA
97% more awesome than the rest. And it feeeeels sooooo goooood.
Score: 4 in Boston, MA
I am a Indian lesbian trapped in a boy's body. I am emotionally handicapped and therefore did not fit in any school. My earn money by showing up on stage with progressive people.
Score: 97 in San Francisco, CA
This is such crap!! Just another way to escape personal responsibility! !!
Score: 25 in Acworth, GA
Cultural Marxism
Score: 19 in Switzerland
if you got intersectionality problems I feel bad for your son. I got 99 problems but a b1tch aint one
Score: 12 in Switzerland
I fear that with my terrible score of 16 I should kill myself. What would my score be then?
Score: 16 in Stevensville, MD
Men are more privileged than women? Ha ha ha ha, isn't privilege getting stuff for the least amount of effort or for free? Interesting fantasy system you got going, i write fantasy as well, but i make it a bit more believable.
Score: 17 in Sweden
This is the most retarded thing I've seen on the internet this week. You people are morons.
Score: 3 in United States
Proudly privileged. My ancestors hard work allowed me to feel comfy. Too bad not everybody's ancestors worked hard or were as clever.
Score: 5 in Netherlands
Ik denk dat racisme een positief ding is, in tegenstelling tot wat ons tientallen jaren verteld is... Natuurlijk is de taal en cultuur die je vader en moeder je bijbrengen belangrijker dan de taal en cultuur van anderen. En natuurlijk is het land en de streek waarin je geboren bent belangrijker dan andere landen en streken. Natuurlijk ga je liever om met de mensen die zijn zoals jij, om dit niet te willen is tegennatuurlijk, en van die tegennatuurlijke gedachte en alle bestempelen als rasisme moeten we maar eens af. Ik ze pro racisme! Love it! (score 7)
Score: 7 in Netherlands
Cisgender (often abbreviated to simply cis) is a term used to describe people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth. Cisgender may also be defined as those who have "a gender identity or perform a gender role society considers appropriate for one's sex".
Score: 9 in Netherlands
Patriarchy rules!
Score: 2 in Los Angeles, CA
Why being more educated makes you more privileged?
Score: 1 in Italy
This thing is racist
Score: 6 in Netherlands
Anti-white Racism of fake victims, I will never support any of their issues, migrants can stay in their own countries if they feel opressed here. Never heard such claims from actually skilled people from abroad.
Score: 7 in Germany
this is straight up bullshit
Score: 5 in Fort Worth, TX
Loving my privilege. I've checked it, and I've still got it, baby.
Score: 1 in South Windsor, CT
I'm a 3! Cool (now where did I put the KKK sheets?)
Score: 3 in Boulder, CO
Looks like I'm pretty privileged. Can anyone tell me exactly what my privileges are? Do I get free appetizers at TGI Friday's or anything? Anything useful?
Score: 13 in Roswell, GA
Aw dammit, I got an 8. Maybe because I'm half Jewish and not rich or religious. This test is asinine.
Score: 8 in Arlington, VA
Boom, 3. Wait, why does it go up to 12 if I identify as aetheist? Thank god for god.

Oh and... I'm not "cisgender". I'm a man. I will never describe myself as "cisgender". I'm a man.
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
Proof positive that some people have way too much time on their hands, and are deeply invested in a very unattractive combination of hand wringing + shaming and blaming. Proudly acheived a 9! Oh wait, "proudly" is probably some sort of dog-whistle, isn't it. Dang, now I'm down to an 8.
Score: 9 in Granite Bay, CA
Yep, more BS from the left. I also work 60 to 84 hours a week with no outside life. I'm sooooo privileged to pay for the welfare state, so they can sit on their a$$ and enjoy my tax money.
Score: 10 in Anniston, AL
Alright! A 10! Me and Bo Derek. Oops, oppressed again. What's an imperialist to do??
Score: 10 in Houston, TX
Damn, i cant get my score any lower unless i get more education and get richer. Im aiming for the leaderboard as nr. 1.
Score: 5 in Denmark
Should rename this the nonsense calculator.
Score: 15 in United States
Out of the way: I am more priviliged ???
Score: 7 in Netherlands
I got a 25, but I think that this test is rather ridiculous, as it's about ideological labels and divisiveness.
Score: 25 in Kailua, HI
I am by birth an illegal, transgender, Muslim, uneducated, poor, old woman. But I identify as a rich white male christian doctor. So does that mean I broke the test?
Score: 3 in Saint Petersburg, FL
White, Straight cisgender Male in Wisconsin USA. Yeah I got a 4.
I can feel the oppression oozing out from under my boot.
Score: 4 in Kaukauna, WI
more horeshit from progressives trump 2020
Score: 7 in Kenly, NC
"How can I improve my score? Unfortunately, you are born with most of your intersectional factors." in other words, we are scoring you on your skin color and sex (since 97% of people identify with their sex) because we are against discrimination in all its forms.
Score: 7 in Brooklyn, NY
NananaboobooIGotTwo. Its a secret club you know. Better than a AmEx Black Card. We have robes and everything. Oh, and your not invited.
Score: 2 in Denver, CO
Just checked my privilege. I’m rolling in it! Life is good!
Score: 8 in Castro Valley, CA
Well, I guess I can kiss my chances of getting into Harvard goodbye!
Score: 6 in York, PA
honestly surprised i got this tbh. usually consider myself much more privileged
Score: 33 in Dublin, OH
If being born in Russia is a privilege, then fuck you
Score: 54 in Russian Federation
Oops guess being while straight and CIA makes me a literal nazi
Score: 7 in United Kingdom
screw you and intersectionality
Score: 14 in Twin Lakes, WI
I am so brown, poor, muslim, gay, disabled, uneducated, old, and female, I am once again going to run for President of the USA... and this time I'll win!
Score: 97 in France
"However, you can make some improvement to your score by getting more involved with Islam or Judaism, donate all excess wealth to charity, or explore the wild side of your sexuality. The easiest way to improve your score, however, is to champion the intersectionality of your more-marginalized friends. You may award yourself up to 5 points depending on the level of your activism." What a bunch of crap
Score: 6 in Ithaca, NY
Christians are the world's most-persecuted religion....So WTH?
Score: 35 in Humble, TX
Oh. This isn't divisive at all.
Score: 27 in Roseville, CA
Turns out I have more privilege than I need. Willing to sell some or trade for something useful. Reply if interested. (Bitcoin accepted)
Score: 3 in La Mesa, CA
If you are descended from the people who built America, you're an evil sonofabitch.

Liberals better remember that!
Score: 14 in Quincy, MA
I am the antichrist of intersectionality!
Score: 3 in Netherlands
So i live paycheck to paycheck but i'm much more privileged than Will Smith's kids.
Score: 6 in Cartersville, GA
How delightful to be able to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket of victimhood if you score as "non-privileged." I deserve every bit of "privilege" I am accused of having by "woke" a-holes who are envious, and seeking unearned social power over others. In short, go screw yourselves, you sanctimonious, smug, self-righteous wastes of oxygen. I say that with all due affection, of course!
Score: 6 in United States
I got a whooping 5 points so I must be one of the most privileged in the world. Of course, if I were to call a coworker the "N" word, the "Q" word, or other non politically correct word, my white privilege would count for 0. But that's the way of the world.

I wonder why you don't add "gun owner" to the list.
Score: 5 in Keller, TX
The Nazis would be so proud of this site.
Score: 4 in Louisville, CO
I scored a 4! Booyah! And here's the kicker. I actually like the person I am. I'm polite and generous and have a strong moral sense. Qualities I'm passing on to my (very white) children -- ALL 4 OF THEM. I'm also drumming into them a warning about all the intersectional nonsense. With a bit of luck and perhaps some help from God (I ask for help every Sunday at church), my descendants three or four generators hence will swamp the few SJWs still around. Being a gender-weird race-obsessed professional whiner is not likely to result in many kids, now is it?

And no, I'm not interested in "improving" my score, and certainly not by becoming a pervert.
Score: 4 in Canada
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