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So close to Maximum Oppressor Status with my score of 2. It's just a shame that I used my excessive privilege to serve in the military instead of going to Harvard.
Score: 2 in Nashville, TN
I graded my wealth comparing to the world, in which I as an American am a top 1%-er. I got a 2!! Woo-hoo! I don't buy any of this Marxist claptrap about oppressives and progressives, of course, and I ridicule it because it's all nonsense and evil, saturated in envy and idolatry. But I do realize that what Jesus said is true: To whom much is given, from him much will be required (same for "her" BTW). I pray that I will be faithful in giving to God and to others what he requires of me.
Score: 2 in Athens, OH
NananaboobooIGotTwo. Its a secret club you know. Better than a AmEx Black Card. We have robes and everything. Oh, and your not invited.
Score: 2 in Denver, CO
Patriarchy rules!
Score: 2 in Los Angeles, CA
10! USA! USA! USA!
Score: 2 in United States
3! And I'm even 1/16th American Indian!
Score: 2 in Waterbury Center, VT
I scored a 2. Thank goodness I’m not an awful evil 1!
Score: 2 in Manassas, VA
2. Now go make me a sammich.
Score: 2 in Tewksbury, MA
Yay, 2! Bow for me, you peasants!
Oh wait, I'm a sad single nerd who has never had a relation...
Score: 2 in Netherlands
This could also be known as the Oppression Olympic Score calculator.
Score: 2 in Alpharetta, GA
Ha now I have to defend muh white privilege
Score: 2 in Hemet, CA
I love how you have a quote that says stop discriminating the basis of race but then you automatically put black people as under privileged, hmm. Also how does believing in God make you more privileged?
Score: 6 in Owings, MD
LOL a 3. Now how do I oppress people?
Score: 3 in United States
A recipe for guilt-tripping, victim-tripping, and collective blaming (often a prelude to mass atrocities). I'm not sure how to end the cycle, but for some insight, look up a concept called "the drama triangle".
Score: 12 in Nashville, TN
I'm running negative numbers here. Every one of you owes me.
Score: 3 in Portland, OR
I can't wait to show my employer so I can get my paycheck deducted
Score: 3 in Ithaca, NY
I'm so glad that I'm not a disgusting minority
Score: 3 in New Zealand
I feel like this discriminates against everything that isn't my choice. Why judge me on my skin colour, gender or country of origin? Hypocrisy knows no bounds these days.
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
I love how I can go from oppressing 3/4 of the population to being oppressed by 3/4 of the population by changing my skin colour to black.
Score: 19 in Czech Republic
3? We can go further, we have the technology.
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
How is categorizing broad segments of society according to basic characteristics and then ascribing an implicit hierarchy to them not considered blatant prejudice, classism, racism, and bigotry? Social Justice has stepped through the looking glass and they don’t even realize it.
Score: 3 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
As man who has white and black ancestry and has faced hate from both sides this is a load of crap i work hard and will reap the rewards of my hard work you want to be treated the same then earn it like my family had to not this "give me things because I'm of a certain gender,race,religion or sexual orientation" this chart is just one big race bait
Score: 32 in United Kingdom
this is very stupid
Score: 9 in Austria
This is not racist at all
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
This is quite literally a westernized version of China's social credit system.

Also, I'd like to point out that the "anti-racists" are the ones basing one's value almost exclusively on their race (you gain 28 oppression points by virtue of not being white). Really makes ya think.
Score: 3 in Canada
I feel so oppressed :(((((((
Honestly this test is messed up and ridiculous.
Should we open up a "how aryan are you" test next time?
Fucking stupid shit like this creates divides not companion ship.
Score: 97 in Germany
Just FYI, intersectionality is about the biggest bunch of bullshit on the face of this planet. Facts don't care about your feelings
Score: 5 in Beckley, WV
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Why have this quote when you are giving people a score based (partly) on the color of their skin?
Score: 3 in New Zealand
Your against racisism yet your whole poll is rasist to whites, Christians and british
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
Lmao this is cancer
Score: 7 in Osprey, FL
This is so dumb XD
Score: 36 in Olin, IA
Sorry, SJWs. Gotta go. My new yacht is ready for sea trials, and I want to be aboard her. Sux2bU.
Score: 3 in Atlanta, GA
Is this a joke?
Score: 3 in Canada
Where those minorites at
Score: 3 in Australia
Yes! I oppress 99% of all people with my score of 3.
Score: 3 in Canada
my only redeemable quality is that i’m gay so who’s up for anal
Score: 27 in United Kingdom
I would just like to apologise for existing. Does my score of 3 mean that I can never feel pain or suffering
Score: 3 in Australia
Perhaps having no victim group to cling to should give me intersectionality points.
Score: 3 in Australia
This is why universities are broken.
Score: 3 in Canada
Not my fault you all drew the short straw in life.
Score: 3 in Australia
Do I get a prize?
Score: 3 in Duluth, MN
I feel the privilege coursing through my veins... Thank God intersectionality is a joke.
Score: 3 in United States
I’m oppressing people and I didn’t even know it ?
Score: 7 in Berwick, ME
Fear my overwhelming power, for I am oppression incarnate
Score: 3 in Saint Clair, MI
Measuring a bunch of things that mostly mean nothing... Except education where I am an auto didact and have educated myself more that the school system ever did, and wealth, I am not rich but It's a priority. And then assigning a meaningless word to it along with a meaningless number.
Score: 3 in Lawton, OK
Lowest score has to buy the first round! Glad some of you were 4's and 5's!
Score: 6 in Seal Beach, CA

I just came here to get the lowest score possible.
Didn't know that being born in Argentina would make me more privileged than being born anywhere else, even if that "anywhere else" is an european country or the USA.
Score: 3 in Argentina
I can't check my intersectionality score right now because I don't have an internet connection. Can someone please check for me and let me know what my score is? I am: half Maori/half Lithuanian Jewish, F2M trans albino with achondroplasic dwarfism, paranoid schizophrenic, quadruple amputee with "locked-in" syndrome (full-body paralysis, blind, deaf and unable to speak or respond to any physical stimuli - like the patient in the Metallica "One" video). And I was the victim of a botched circumcision. Score please. Thanks.
Score: 100 in Australia
>atheists are oppressed
ayy lmao
Score: 3 in Portugal
IM THE UBERMENSH soy el super homrbe perras feministas estadounidenses, que las violen
Score: 15 in Colombia
I don't think their recommendation for me to "get involved with islam or Judaism" is a good idea. I'm pretty sure they are both trying to kill me. So pass. I'll stick with Whites thanks.
Score: 11 in Australia
How am i more Oppresiv by being Christan
Score: 3 in Austria
Holy shit. Just saw this on some site. Now I can judge people based on some non-scientific scoring profile just like a bad human being!! Thanks LGBTQ community, thank you for giving me the tools to be a shitty person!
Score: 44 in Arcadia, CA
I honest to God thought this was a joke when I saw it. SAD!
Score: 7 in Lincoln, NE
I scored a three. Being older screwed me. I want reparations!
Score: 3 in Spring Hill, FL
So very excited to learn how things I cannot mostly change affect my oppression of others.
Score: 3 in Broomfield, CO
I am literally Hitler.
Score: 3 in Huntington Beach, CA
Score of 3! ?

Looks like I’ll have to work on getting a bit richer and maybe complete that graduate degree. Score of 0 is my goal. #MAGA2020. #NotAShredOfGuilt
Score: 3 in Omaha, NE
I received a score of 3. This made my day. I am happy not to be a member of a group that cares more about your color, sex and other traits that you were born with than your character.
Score: 3 in Atlanta, GA
If only Harrison Bergeron had been around to see this, he would have worn those chains with pride!
Score: 3 in Heber City, UT
"The majority of people have low intersectional scores which mean they have more inherent privilege than others." I suppose it was too much to expect from the purveyors of this non-sense that their analysis wold be anything but...nonsense. and 75% of drivers in sweden are above-average...
Score: 3 in New York, NY
Yep. Pure bullshit.
Score: 12 in Fort Worth, TX
This is awesome. I got a 3 and feel liberated. I'm disappointed I did not get a 0, but I guess that's okay. Now I need to go and find people to oppress. Maybe I'll fire all my staff that are non-white and religious.
Score: 3 in New Zealand
So if I’m the most privileged group in America (Jewish), then my intersectionality goes up and makes me less privileged? Literally what?
Score: 3 in Washington, DC
how are jewsess privileged than Christians? Jewish people are more successful by every metric.

this score calculation was definitely made by a Jew
Score: 3 in Bronx, NY
Can I get a lower score if I beat up someone with a better intersectionality score? Asking for a friend
Score: 8 in Waterloo, IL
Now THIS is a funny website!!!
Score: 3 in Sterling, CO
I'm a rich, straight, white, devout Christian male born in the USA. Whoohoo, 3 is the lowest score I've seen here!
Score: 3 in Somerville, NJ
I'm a three! Hurrah!
Score: 3 in Colorado Springs, CO
Welp. 3 privelege points for me. Please, punish me for getting lucky at birth and making good choices. I sure wish I wasn't so normal.
Score: 3 in Oconomowoc, WI
How do I get a 1? I think 3 is underrated. Piss off with this pseudoscience garbage.
Score: 3 in United States
I scored a 3, but then I remembered how people like you developed the Nuremberg Race Laws to categorize people and what they did with those categories. That made me feel bad. Then I remembered B-17s and the 101st Airborne and what they did to people who like to group others like this and that made me feel a whole lot better.
Score: 3 in San Diego, CA
Sweet, a 3!

Advice for anyone to that takes this seriously, here's some advice: study and work hard, be kind to people, and learn a profession that serves to help people in some way. Your life will end up far better than those who focus on these kinds of issues and are offended by everything. (Also, me and most normal folks of all races and sexes will likely never want to hire you!)
Score: 3 in Philadelphia, PA
You forgot Twinscrimination. As a former twin ( I identify as trans-single) my existence was marginalized by constant comparisons to another individual. I am my own person! This site fails to define that so I will crawl into my safe zone to recover.
Score: 4 in Mapleton, ME
And here I thought, when I got my electrical engineering degrees 40 years ago, that I did it because I was tired of being poor. Little did I know that I did it so I could oppress 99% of everyone else in the world. Should I have remained ignorant and poor so I could be more of a victim? Would that have been a better way to spend my life?

Then there's this brilliant suggestion from the creators on how this score could be used: "In politics, we could use these scores to compensate for previous social injustice by weighing votes in proportional to ones intersectional score." Oh yeah, I can't think of anything that could possibly go wrong with that. I guess that's what you get when ignorance is considered a virtue.
Score: 3 in Boulder, CO
Privilege is like food, not everyone gets it
Score: 3 in Round Rock, TX
I got a 3 so I can only improve my score by a couple more points. Maybe I will revisit the rich score and compare it to world figures. 9 of 10 Americans are above the global median income so if you are in the US you should be on the rich side.
Score: 3 in United States
Wow. Was this site produced by The Onion? I'm glad some people use this to justify their marginal work ethic and success. Blame other and take no personal responsibility. Sounds like progress. Lets protest vs going to work. From each according to their ability, To each according to their needs (and race, sexually, & religion). Karl would be proud.
Score: 3 in Gulf Breeze, FL
So if I consider 'Born in Australia' to be interchangeable with 'Born in UK' I get an 8 (88%). Go me. I don't see the problem - clearly all problems can be solved by the oppressed merely by fiddling with the sliders. Problems solved.
Score: 8 in United Kingdom
How do you score less than 3?
Score: 3 in Australia
I got a 3, now that's great news. I guess all my hard work is paying off. Maybe just maybe you folks with high scores should, Hmm I don't know get off your ass and work harder.
Score: 3 in Olympia, WA
No veteran status?


Sitting on your throne of civilian privilege whilst we fight and die for you.
Score: 3 in United States
Truly Marxist framework - tiresome...
Score: 3 in Norfolk, VA
I scored a 3. so growing up in a poor rural area and working hard to put myself through college fighting forest fires, with zero financial assistance from family or government programs constitutes extreme privilege. What b.s. I'll tell you what two factors are most important: being in the u.s. and being raised by a hard working diligent mother and father. period. Everything else flows from that.
Score: 3 in Purchase, NY
I scored a 3, but if you had a "How many guns do you own?" slider I could have gone negative.
Score: 3 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
You people that promote this toxic ideology are mentally ill or just plain evil. Probably both.
Score: 13 in Louisville, TN
This scoring system is offensive to the #everylivesmatter movement. Prepare for war!
Score: 3 in Australia
I am the antichrist of intersectionality!
Score: 3 in Netherlands
I am by birth an illegal, transgender, Muslim, uneducated, poor, old woman. But I identify as a rich white male christian doctor. So does that mean I broke the test?
Score: 3 in Saint Petersburg, FL
I'm a 3! Cool (now where did I put the KKK sheets?)
Score: 3 in Boulder, CO
This is the most retarded thing I've seen on the internet this week. You people are morons.
Score: 3 in United States
Is this a troll or real?
Score: 3 in Baton Rouge, LA
Good to have my moral, physical and intellectual superiority confirmed by this independent scientific institute. Sarcasm mode off.
Score: 3 in Netherlands

uh, so I scored 3. So very humbled. I will hereby and henceforth gladly renounce all of my 99% privilege.... to have just a little bit more. MUAHHHAHAHA...
Score: 3 in Italy
The more whites, the fewer underprivileged, so everyone should become white. That's what this site says. Excellent advice!
Score: 3 in Ireland
It is what it is!
Score: 3 in Overland Park, KS
It is my privilege to be assaulted for my race in middle school. It is my privilege to be denied unemployment benefits by people who hate me. It is my privilege to have my food spit in for simply looking the way I do. It is my privilege to be constantly told that I am a bad person and that I just need to die.
Score: 3 in Austin, TX
But this didn't have a slider for how sexy you are. Bad test
Score: 3 in Denver, CO
This is a joke right?
Score: 3 in Saint Louis, MO
I'm a 5, who should I oppress next?
Score: 3 in Palo Alto, CA
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