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Totally not valid without accounting for peanut allergies.

Do I have the opportunity to subtract 5 points from my score for activism against this nonsense?
Score: 3 in Wake Forest, NC
3! I live to plunder, to crush my enemies, and have them driven before me, to hear the lamentations of their women. Pffft. Not. As if.
Score: 3 in United States
3, that means I win, right? Like in golf? Hey, South Africa! I ran a test, to get to 100, you must be devout Muslim and devout Jewish. You must hate yourself.
Score: 3 in Newnan, GA
God bless America
Score: 3 in Rolla, MO
Nice.. 3... viking with brains.. still invincible... any other good people? We should unite and roam globe together...
Score: 3 in Netherlands
Score: 3 in Brazil
This is a test that essentially determines if you're insane or not.
Score: 3 in Canada
How can you be 100% male, 100% straight, and still have a slider for cis gender? Also, I'm a devout Christian/Muslim/Jew. Meh, enjoy your identity politics Marxist scum
Score: 3 in Canada
Hilarious. Devout Christian makes you less intersectional?
And moslim more? Pfffff. What happens then you don 't understand your score?
Score: 3 in Netherlands
Hahaha white privilege. Does not exist, just a label to incite
Score: 3 in South Africa
Good to be part of the solution!
Score: 3 in Nashville, TN
identify? lol, i am what i am, there is no identifying about it. liberal trash ruins everything.
Score: 3 in Martinsburg, WV

I got a 3!

The rest of you suck!
Score: 3 in El Paso, TX
hahahahahaha i'm so privileged
Score: 3 in Chile
I find it ironic that you've posted a quote stating that people shouldn't be judged by the color of their skin, but then literally link a numeric value to that attribute.
Score: 9 in Canada
Thanks, was always worried about my Prvillege
Score: 4 in Canada
On an amino I’m a part of we’re comparing scores. Let’s get a round of applause for my 99%. This is definitely an epic gamer moment
Score: 4 in Katy, TX
TRUMP 2020
Score: 4 in East Lansing, MI
lol, this is beyond stupid and why we'll never explore the Galaxy. Thanks!
Score: 5 in United States
Hahahahahaha the things you foreigners make up to make yourselves feel special crack me up. There's no such thing as racial privilege. Italy is a white country, I'm a white Italian man and I'm just a nobody like 99% of our population. And even if your country isn't a white country, just because you're white doesn't mean you're privileged. If anything, colored people abuse white people governments by being economic and social burdens.
Score: 4 in Italy
I got a 4, meaning that I’m more privileged than 99% of others. Please type your Venmos below so I can give to everyone to atone for my sins
Score: 4 in Nashville, TN
I cannot change who I am - I could well be at the bottom of the pile amongst those who take this stuff seriously. C'est la vie!
Score: 4 in United Kingdom
To everybody : Absolutely go to the custom sliders page. Hilarious !
Score: 4 in Luxembourg

Honk Honk 🤡🌎
Score: 4 in Lima, OH
as crap as this "pity mine and, pity me" thing is, i actually had a good laugh about it afterwards!
Score: 8 in South Africa
I thought this was a joke. Now I’m afraid This was meant seriously. What a waste of life to spend it spiraling downward in this the unproductive and self indulgent abyss. Obsessing about the amount of grievance you are entitled to gets you nowhere in life people!
Score: 4 in Raleigh, NC
Kinda seems like this test is rigged to be racist, sexist, and christianophobic towards me. How ironic....
Score: 5 in Sweden
I see you quoted Muhammad Ali. Can you also post his quote about racemixing?
Score: 32 in United States
The most bs part of this is that being Jewish somehow makes you *less* privileged.
Score: 4 in Canada
Ha! I’m me, and I’ll never apologize for any perceived “privileges” that others try and force upon me. I grew up poor, worked hard, and am now successful. Feel bad about it? No thanks. Privilege caused it? Nope. Not being lazy caused it and never giving up. 👍🏻
Score: 4 in Brooklyn, NY
“The best way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” - John Roberts

You do realize that this "intersectionality calculator" violates the very quote above that you hold up as noble?

Intersectionality/critical theory is bogus; it's garbage thinking. Folks, wake up, pull your heads out, and quit being victims!

And if that doesn't trigger you, let me help: many of these "categories" are completely made up. There's no such thing as "cisgender", "transgender". A dude can't all of a sudden become a chick, and a chick can't all of a sudden become a dude. That's biology 101, and that's where this garbage leads: a complete denial of reality and rational thinking. What a crock!
Score: 4 in Fayetteville, AR
I have such mixed feelings about this site and I love it
- I got a 4 by the way
Score: 4 in Oxford, MI
Can’t tell if this is a joke or not but I find this hilarious
Score: 4 in Oxford, MI
How is it "improving your score" to become more oppressed? Why is oppression the goal? Shouldn't everyone's goal be to become more privileged?
Score: 5 in Huntingdon Valley, PA
Score: 4 in Sewell, NJ
I am Mega-WASP the Oppressor, hear me roar!
Score: 4 in United States
So all I have to do to make myself more disadvantaged is abandon my devotion to Jesus Christ, the God of creation who came to earth, lived a sinless life, and sacrificed himself on a cross as propitiation for my sins?
Score: 4 in Bismarck, ND
Hmm, seems like I’m more privileged than 97% of people. Maybe it’s because I busted my butt to get things in life.
Score: 4 in Bismarck, ND
Is this for real? Like is this a joke? Are people actually this pathetic?
Score: 4 in Canada
This was a great laugh. I'm a straight white Male yet I'm broke. Considering how theres scholarships just for not being whit, scholarships for not being straight, or cisgender, and scholarships for just being a female the cisgendered white man is the LEAST privileged.
Score: 97 in Albrightsville, PA
Just what we've been waiting for! Even better than the racial classification boards under apartheid!
Score: 4 in Hummelstown, PA
Where did I go wrong? I was hoping to attain a score of 1 or less. Maybe I should go and make more money! Maybe something in the line of global warming scaremongering, I know that made al gore a multi millionaire.
Score: 4 in Australia
5 and proud of it.
Score: 9 in United States
LOL. Is this a joke? Nobody could be dumb enough to take this kind of thing seriously? Could they?
Score: 4 in New Market, MD
What straight up silliness. Hilarious.
Score: 4 in Amory, MS
I should probably just delete all my social media accounts and sell myself into slavery to the next person I meet due to all my privilege.
Score: 5 in United States
Intersectionality is disgusting
Score: 4 in United Kingdom
Yes! I'm a 4!!!
Score: 4 in Mason, OH
They missed the four most important questions. 1.) Do you work your ass off 2.) Do you not do criminal stuff? 3.) Did you take advantage of your education?
4.) Do you make wise decisions?
Score: 4 in United States
Oy vey, I’m a trans gay black female holocaust survivor! My score is 6 million!
Score: 96 in Sanibel, FL
Whoohooo!...……..I'm White, Straight, Educated, and well-To-Do. I guess I'll be penalized by the government to bring me down.
Score: 4 in Morrison, CO
OMG this is precious!!! Thank you!!! ??? I got a 4. Is that good? I started with a 3 and then I decided I should move the "rich" slider just a little bit away from the end. I mean, I'm not Warren Buffet!
Score: 4 in Harrison, MI
Interesting, but I’m curious about whether this is meaningful between different countries. Being Jewish is surely viewed differently in Israel compared to other countries. Is being born outside the US really a disadvantage if you are Swedish or Canadian?
Score: 4 in United States
With a ‘score’ of 4 I think I have failed. A ‘score’ of 0 would have been more encouraging. I’ll keep working to get richer.
Score: 4 in Eugene, OR
"We hope that this calculator will help fight ableism, ageism, anti-Semitism, biphobia, cissexism, classism, homophobia, Islamophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, ethnocentrism, xenophobia and discrimination (even prejudice) of all forms regardless of your race, country of origin, sexual orientation (e.g., bisexual, nonbinary, intersex, lesbian, queer, trangender, or asexual)."

This is LITERALLY contradictory. How the hell can you fight discrimination/prejudice by using discrimination/prejudice with a calculator that LITERALLY rates you on your race, sex/gender, country of origin, sexual orientation, language, religion, and age? THAT IS THE ACTUAL DEFINITION OF DISCRIMINATION BY LAW.
Score: 4 in Krum, TX
Ha! I got a 4! I'm better than 97% of people! Without even trying! I knew it! Now, I can do ANYTHING I want! Laws don't apply to me! I've got a 4!
Score: 4 in Krum, TX
So proud of my score! I would like to thank the makers of this test for showing me just how inferior everyone is to me and for showing the world how to identify the weak so they might you know “ aus rotten” /s
Score: 4 in United States
This is fucking brilliant. reposted.
Score: 2 in Los Angeles, CA
I got a 4. I am heavily opressive, I am a bad guy, it s in my blood as your theory suggest. Interestingly I live in Romania where there is not too much to opress. Anyhow, this ranking is no different than the Chinese government social ranking of its citizens so this is definitely communism.
Score: 4 in Romania
Man. Where the hell is my check for my white privilege?!?! I've been lied to!!!
Score: 4 in Pullman, WA
got score of 4
When will I get my white-privilege card, and where is my 500k salary?
Score: 4 in Sweden
I just snorted my (white) milk through my (white) nose!
Score: 4 in Dayton, OH
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Opps not yet ....
Score: 4 in Manassas, VA
Wow such a low score, and I live in Texas. Come at me brah!!!!
Score: 4 in Louisville, KY
Intersectionality of 4; I'm also 6'7" and articulate, that's got to push me into negative numbers.
Score: 4 in San Antonio, TX
It is pathetic that people fervently believe in this crap. If this is a satirical site, it's very well done.
Score: 4 in United Kingdom
I'm a 4 I'm going to get a little more religious so I can be a 3....or perhaps a 2.
Score: 4 in San Francisco, CA
I turned a 4 and am darn proud of it! I know who I am, what I am, who God is, and I've worked for every last cent I have and at 66, I'm still working!
Score: 4 in Birmingham, AL
I thought this was a joke. Sadly it’s not.
Score: 4 in United States
As a white Christian male who scored a 23 I bet I hire more minorities, give more to charity and spend less time obsessing on race then 99% of those who scored a 60. There is a difference between feeling good about yourself and contributing to society.
Score: 12 in Safford, AZ
I’m here to oppress you let’s do this
Score: 4 in Bloomington, IN
If I were only a bit younger or made a bit less money I'd have gotten an even lower score . . .
Score: 4 in Leonardo, NJ
My score is 4, which means I should be oppressing y'all. Get in line. Oh wait, I'm being oppressed at the moment by the man, who in my business (education) are mostly female administrators, female committee chairs and dept chairs ... so just as soon as I get out from under their thumb, I'll start oppressing y'all.
Score: 4 in San Fernando, CA
But doesn't being a well educated WASP make me part of hated minority - ie by the other 97%?
Score: 4 in Australia
This is the most juvenile attempt at scholarship that I've ever seen. What's most shocking is that (1) people take it seriously and (2) some clown with a Ph.D. no doubt has graduate students analyzing the data.

Incidentally, my score was 4. Only because I am not uber-rich and because I am over 55.
Score: 4 in Encinitas, CA
You are pathetic. This is utter crap.
Score: 4 in Rosharon, TX
The more straight, harder working, honest and decent human you are the lower your score. Just think Jesus would have scored lower than 4. I guess being the Son of the true God would have lowered that to about 0. Yet he was crucified by those with much higher scores on this ridiculous scale. Go Figure that one progressive Lefties. Be careful what you wish for. The most heinous philosophies and wars were started by those with a victim mentality!!!
Score: 4 in Australia
Rich? Compared to whom?
I dunno or reject the concept of adding post doctoral gobbledygook to “gender”
Are devout anythings ever considered bout-en-train?
Score: 4 in United States
i wish i was more Christian so my score would be lower! Suck it, victims
Score: 4 in Chicago, IL
I'm so privileged. Apparently I'm privileged to pay confiscatory taxes, support invading interlopers, tolerate socialist tyrants in congress, and all I get out of it is the pleasure of being only a four (4). Give me more money. Give me more years and I'll get that score down to something for which I can be proud!

Score: 4 in Gilbert, AZ
I scored a 4! Booyah! And here's the kicker. I actually like the person I am. I'm polite and generous and have a strong moral sense. Qualities I'm passing on to my (very white) children -- ALL 4 OF THEM. I'm also drumming into them a warning about all the intersectional nonsense. With a bit of luck and perhaps some help from God (I ask for help every Sunday at church), my descendants three or four generators hence will swamp the few SJWs still around. Being a gender-weird race-obsessed professional whiner is not likely to result in many kids, now is it?

And no, I'm not interested in "improving" my score, and certainly not by becoming a pervert.
Score: 4 in Canada
The Nazis would be so proud of this site.
Score: 4 in Louisville, CO
Turns out I have more privilege than I need. Willing to sell some or trade for something useful. Reply if interested. (Bitcoin accepted)
Score: 3 in La Mesa, CA
White, Straight cisgender Male in Wisconsin USA. Yeah I got a 4.
I can feel the oppression oozing out from under my boot.
Score: 4 in Kaukauna, WI
97% more awesome than the rest. And it feeeeels sooooo goooood.
Score: 4 in Boston, MA
What a nice society, where subsidized people and institutions can come up with these ridiculous concepts in order to lay guilt on everyone else but themselves. I stand corrected, the worst of all are those masochists, taking the blame for all things going wrong in the world. It is not my fault ,it is often not even anyones fault. Assume your life, take responsability for your own well being. Group identity's are too often an excuse for individual failure.
Score: 4 in Belgium
International elements and their ilk...
Score: 92 in Netherlands
Ha Ha... now I KNOW I can go out and oppress other with good reason. Eat my privilege, losers!
Score: 4 in United States
Tragic. White South African Female score is 6.
Score: 4 in South Africa
I'm a 4. I'd bet I'd be a 64 if there were a slider for, "Had an interracial couple as neighbors before obama was born, and black teachers, librarians, plumbers, and such before Martin Luther King was famous.
Score: 4 in Knoxville, TN
I'm disappointed that I only scored a 4.This is the dumbest shit ever, did Rep. Ocario-Sanchez invent this? I hope it cost less than 21 trillion dollars to devise.
Score: 4 in Columbus, GA
I am a 4. I guess I shouldn’t have studied hard and become successful.

I love the suggestion that we start every meeting giving our intersectionality score. That is a great way to facilitate cohesion to achieve a group goal.

Weighting votes based on past oppression is another excellent vehicle to foster social cohesion.

Wait, is this a parody site? I feel silly now. Well played!
Score: 4 in Bayfield, CO
I only scored a 4, I can't wait until I get richer, older and more educated!
Score: 4 in Chicago, IL
4 The fact that I cannot feel oppressed based on these results is oppressive.
Score: 4 in Marietta, GA
Just checked my privilege and it's just fine. Scored a 4. Outfricken'standing.
Score: 4 in Pine Island, MN
Score: 4 in Australia
Bullshit, jews are the most privileged people on earth, no one else gets special laws to protect them.
Score: 4 in Netherlands
I was born on an Army base in Germany, so I assume that means Born in USA. So 4, woohoo!
Score: 4 in Lake Mary, FL
Its good to be me. Hardworking, honest, loyal, and dependable.
Score: 4 in Denver, CO
You people are the most racist, classist, bigoted people on earth, by thinking you can categorize people this way. You are the issue, not the "privileged" by your cock-a-mamie definititon.
Score: 4 in Smyrna, TN
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