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I’m here to oppress you let’s do this
Score: 4 in Bloomington, IN
If I were only a bit younger or made a bit less money I'd have gotten an even lower score . . .
Score: 4 in Leonardo, NJ
My score is 4, which means I should be oppressing y'all. Get in line. Oh wait, I'm being oppressed at the moment by the man, who in my business (education) are mostly female administrators, female committee chairs and dept chairs ... so just as soon as I get out from under their thumb, I'll start oppressing y'all.
Score: 4 in San Fernando, CA
But doesn't being a well educated WASP make me part of hated minority - ie by the other 97%?
Score: 4 in Australia
This is the most juvenile attempt at scholarship that I've ever seen. What's most shocking is that (1) people take it seriously and (2) some clown with a Ph.D. no doubt has graduate students analyzing the data.

Incidentally, my score was 4. Only because I am not uber-rich and because I am over 55.
Score: 4 in Encinitas, CA
You are pathetic. This is utter crap.
Score: 4 in Rosharon, TX
The more straight, harder working, honest and decent human you are the lower your score. Just think Jesus would have scored lower than 4. I guess being the Son of the true God would have lowered that to about 0. Yet he was crucified by those with much higher scores on this ridiculous scale. Go Figure that one progressive Lefties. Be careful what you wish for. The most heinous philosophies and wars were started by those with a victim mentality!!!
Score: 4 in Australia
Rich? Compared to whom?
I dunno or reject the concept of adding post doctoral gobbledygook to “gender”
Are devout anythings ever considered bout-en-train?
Score: 4 in United States
i wish i was more Christian so my score would be lower! Suck it, victims
Score: 4 in Chicago, IL
I'm so privileged. Apparently I'm privileged to pay confiscatory taxes, support invading interlopers, tolerate socialist tyrants in congress, and all I get out of it is the pleasure of being only a four (4). Give me more money. Give me more years and I'll get that score down to something for which I can be proud!

Score: 4 in Gilbert, AZ
I scored a 4! Booyah! And here's the kicker. I actually like the person I am. I'm polite and generous and have a strong moral sense. Qualities I'm passing on to my (very white) children -- ALL 4 OF THEM. I'm also drumming into them a warning about all the intersectional nonsense. With a bit of luck and perhaps some help from God (I ask for help every Sunday at church), my descendants three or four generators hence will swamp the few SJWs still around. Being a gender-weird race-obsessed professional whiner is not likely to result in many kids, now is it?

And no, I'm not interested in "improving" my score, and certainly not by becoming a pervert.
Score: 4 in Canada
The Nazis would be so proud of this site.
Score: 4 in Louisville, CO
Turns out I have more privilege than I need. Willing to sell some or trade for something useful. Reply if interested. (Bitcoin accepted)
Score: 3 in La Mesa, CA
White, Straight cisgender Male in Wisconsin USA. Yeah I got a 4.
I can feel the oppression oozing out from under my boot.
Score: 4 in Kaukauna, WI
97% more awesome than the rest. And it feeeeels sooooo goooood.
Score: 4 in Boston, MA
What a nice society, where subsidized people and institutions can come up with these ridiculous concepts in order to lay guilt on everyone else but themselves. I stand corrected, the worst of all are those masochists, taking the blame for all things going wrong in the world. It is not my fault ,it is often not even anyones fault. Assume your life, take responsability for your own well being. Group identity's are too often an excuse for individual failure.
Score: 4 in Belgium
International elements and their ilk...
Score: 92 in Netherlands
Ha Ha... now I KNOW I can go out and oppress other with good reason. Eat my privilege, losers!
Score: 4 in United States
Tragic. White South African Female score is 6.
Score: 4 in South Africa
I'm a 4. I'd bet I'd be a 64 if there were a slider for, "Had an interracial couple as neighbors before obama was born, and black teachers, librarians, plumbers, and such before Martin Luther King was famous.
Score: 4 in Knoxville, TN
I'm disappointed that I only scored a 4.This is the dumbest shit ever, did Rep. Ocario-Sanchez invent this? I hope it cost less than 21 trillion dollars to devise.
Score: 4 in Columbus, GA
I am a 4. I guess I shouldn’t have studied hard and become successful.

I love the suggestion that we start every meeting giving our intersectionality score. That is a great way to facilitate cohesion to achieve a group goal.

Weighting votes based on past oppression is another excellent vehicle to foster social cohesion.

Wait, is this a parody site? I feel silly now. Well played!
Score: 4 in Bayfield, CO
I only scored a 4, I can't wait until I get richer, older and more educated!
Score: 4 in Chicago, IL
4 The fact that I cannot feel oppressed based on these results is oppressive.
Score: 4 in Marietta, GA
Just checked my privilege and it's just fine. Scored a 4. Outfricken'standing.
Score: 4 in Pine Island, MN
Score: 4 in Australia
Bullshit, jews are the most privileged people on earth, no one else gets special laws to protect them.
Score: 4 in Netherlands
I was born on an Army base in Germany, so I assume that means Born in USA. So 4, woohoo!
Score: 4 in Lake Mary, FL
Its good to be me. Hardworking, honest, loyal, and dependable.
Score: 4 in Denver, CO
You people are the most racist, classist, bigoted people on earth, by thinking you can categorize people this way. You are the issue, not the "privileged" by your cock-a-mamie definititon.
Score: 4 in Smyrna, TN
Literally the biggest crock of leftist identity politics bullshit!
Score: 4 in Myrtle Beach, SC
I assume this is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke.
Score: 4 in United States
The majority of people have more inherent privilege sounds like a good thing.
Score: 4 in Houston, TX
What a bunch of nonsense. This just shows how absolutely absurd is the whole notion of "intersectionality." Time for these people to try their hand at working a real job where none of this BS matters. "The majority of people have more inherent privelege..." what sort of nonsense is this? It doesn't even make logical sense, what's really amazing is that anyone believes any of this claptrap.
Score: 4 in United States
4. Nice generalizations about privilege. I have Catholic guilt and that trumps (no pun intended) progressive guilt.
Score: 4 in Youngsville, NC
I don't the think the answer to "How can I improve my score?" is correct. You can improve your score by working harder to earn more money, or by attending church more regularly (and converting to Christianity if you are not already Christian). What is that you say? A lower score is not an improvement? WTF???
Score: 4 in Hyattsville, MD
I don't the think the answer to "How can I improve my score?" is correct. You can improve your score by working harder to earn more money, or by attending church more regularly (and converting to Christianity if you are not already Christian). What is that you say? A lower score is not an improvement? WTF???
Score: 4 in Hyattsville, MD
Damn... I wish I were younger and richer!
Score: 4 in Columbus, OH
If I was rich, I could have made it to 1.
Score: 4 in New Zealand
Scored a 4. Guess I need to work harder.??
Score: 4 in Saint Simons Island, GA
Score: 4 in United Kingdom
Kiss my ass not more privilege just worked hard and and followed my morals. First in my family with college education which I paid for my self, father only had eight grade education because he had to drop out to feed himself.
Score: 4 in Denver, CO
Well I scored a 4, someone please give me directions to the nearest slave market I'd like to make a purchase
Score: 4 in Wakefield, RI
4. so what? I earned my privilege. Born in the country my white parents made great, raised catholic, studied and worked hard, happily married with a person of the opposite sex, and by the virtue of keeping breathing I'm older then average. Should I feel ashamed? I think not.
Score: 4 in Netherlands
the creators of this are lunies with nothing serious to do
Score: 4 in Netherlands
I've got some work to do if I want to get to "1"
Score: 4 in Athens, OH
This test is the very definition of bigotry, specially against white people. I’m latino and I could score high in this test but would never dare to find out - Why would I do it? To feel better about myself based on my ethnicity, skin colour or religion? You can’t define a person, regardless of the background or the history, based on arbitrary categories that do not take into account all the little nuances that make an individual different from everybody else. The people who invented this test and the ones who came up with the whole intersectionallity mess should be ashame of themselves.
Score: 4 in United Kingdom
Haha oh wow, you need to add "your sides" slider. Mine are in the fucking orbit.
Score: 4 in Poland
4. Beat that!
Score: 4 in Ladera Ranch, CA
I'm clearly not good in critical theory
Score: 5 in United Kingdom
woohooo.... brought up by a single mum on social welfare.....I want some of my white privilege. When can I collect?
Score: 5 in Australia
God bless the USA, good for as many points for being male, but not even close to as many points as you get for being white. This survey is designed to perpetuate racism, sexism and classism Excellent work!
Score: 5 in United States
This is awesome.
Score: 5 in Petal, MS
Im privileged AF. This is hilarious
Score: 5 in Lancaster, PA
What bunch of identity politics bullshit.
Score: 5 in Albany, GA
5, Awesomeness is off the scale!
Score: 5 in Charlotte, NC
I’m a proud 5
Score: 5 in Fowler, CA
Disappointed to find that 4% of the poplation are more privileged than I am - must do better!
Score: 5 in United Kingdom
It is good to be privileged.

Left wing lunatics - please leave my country. (Note - I said please).
Score: 5 in South Boston, VA
Brown people fall to their knees in my wake.
Score: 5 in United States
I’m a lifelong blueberry farmer that struggles to stay afloat..although I love my life and career, somehow I’m not really feeling this awesome score I have.
Score: 5 in Alma, GA
96th percentile wooo
Score: 5 in San Antonio, TX
A 5... Wow... I should just kill myself...
Score: 5 in West Chester, PA
Only 5. I _can_ make it lower, but I'll have to become richer. I'll try harder.
Score: 5
I’m a 5. And if you believe you’re oppressed and a victim, then you’ll be 100 all of your life.

Don’t ever think of yourself as a victim.
Score: 5 in United States
Is this supposed to be comedy? a divisive tool? hate speech?
I'm impressed by the webdesign, horrified anyone thought this was a good idea to build without a clear message it was not supposed to be taken seriously.
Score: 5 in Australia
What happens when the ubiquity of this "wheel of oppression" lottery becomes trite be completely overblown and people realize that this type of "oppression" means nothing and that representation as a goal is completely idiotic if the token representatives from any given demographic are chosen solely for checking a box for representing a certain demographic and not because they actually have a single fucking clue about good governance?
Score: 5 in Bellevue, NE
This is a load of BS it just gives people that don't want to work a reason to whine. When you start judging people by their birth characteristics that they have no control over you are just looking for excuses for your own failure so you can blame someone else.
Score: 5 in Omak, WA
Fairly happy with my score
Score: 5 in Australia
is a low score good?
Score: 7 in Netherlands
I actually feel dumber for looking at this.
Score: 5 in Normal, IL
Very nice, my intersectionality score is down to 5, a bit more education and a bit more money, then I can get it even lower.
I guess I can only improve my score by reading the Bible :D
That dude from Australia with a score of one really inspired me. I'm already better than 96% of people, I bet I can make it to 99% ^^
Yes, you may kiss my feet.
Score: 5 in Germany
Can't waste time here with you slack ass bitches ive got masses to oppress
Score: 5 in United Kingdom
What a load of old shit.... I'm more privileged than 93% of people, nit taking into account that I grew up in poverty and had to work hard to get where I am today. This seems to be away of discriminating against straight white males....
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
Whomever made this scale, thanks for the laugh. People like you is what keeps division amongst races and groups of people. Identity politics is racism and bigoted. The liberals are racists.
Score: 5 in United States
Is this for real? What a bunch of crap.
Score: 5 in Orem, UT
With all this privilege I expect to become President of the Universe within the current year...
Score: 5 in Denmark
I love my privilege
Score: 5 in Netherlands
Uh oh, I guess I am about to be sent to the Goolag...
Score: 8 in Romania
I have the great score of 5, and really I'm proud of it. I'm supposedly privileged, even tough my values reflect the average people's views.
Score: 5 in Hungary
I am a nine and my wife is the opposite. Does this mean I can breed out my privilege? Now that's an idea - a dating app that will guarantee you can breed out your advantage. That's a great idea!
Score: 5 in North Aurora, IL
Leftist cultural Marxism born out of the pseudoscientific fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and gender studies
Score: 5 in United States
Woohoo! I got a five! I'm like the Tiger fucking Woods of white privilege! Shine my shoes, bitches!
Score: 5 in United States
I need a laugh and this site gets 5 stars for the endless nonsense it generates. Thanks so much!!!
Score: 5 in Tempe, AZ
Just more socialist hogwash. Let's create a score that represents American values...Just reverse the one you get on this.
Score: 5 in Gilbert, AZ
score 4. everyone should hate me I guess
Score: 5 in Gaithersburg, MD
Damn. I was really hoping to get into the 1%.
Score: 5 in Fort Worth, TX
two genders. two scoops, two terms
Score: 5 in Redford, MI
Anybody with a score higher than 20 is a loser
Score: 5 in San Antonio, TX
I don’t see the problem with not being intersectional. Why can’t people be the way they want even if it’s a straight, white, male.
Score: 5 in Theodore, AL
Where are the sliders for being a child a immigrants, a father to two daughters, caring for a disabled wife, donating blood every 54 days for 15 years, attending Rembrance Day/Veteran’s Day ceremonies, teaching my children the importance of honouring those who protect us, building a business and and providing employment and security to 50 families? I think with my score of 5, I’m supposed to think that I need to do better. Well, I don’t - I am 1000% comfortable with the fact that there are not equal outcomes in society; if anyone wants a better life, quit whining, quit blaming others and go out and get that better life. It takes work, perseverance and resilience. PS. Fuck you whoever even dreamed up this bullsh*t concept of intersectionality.
Score: 5 in Canada
White Privilege is just the latest "buss word" to try to create guilt for the next generation of welfare recipients.
Score: 5 in United States
So lets see. Had to work for everything I have provided for myself and my family including my own education. Never felt "entitled" to my next breath. Had to build my own business and never given one dime for free. Choose to believe in God almighty. Fully support 'Legal' immigration. Never ever felt like victim or cry baby, even with two Purple Hearts. Love my family. Oh yea I'm white and the last slaves I NEVER owned were freed more than 250 years ago. I must be one horrible person.
Score: 5 in United States
This is the most hilarious thing I've seen to find excuses to feel sorry for oneself
Score: 6 in United States
I'm a five. Too bad there wasn't a slider for being a Cuban exile, I'd a be a 1
Score: 5 in United States
Only 5%? I'm offended! That's too high! We need to go lower... ^^
Score: 5 in Croatia
So much fun!! I have a very skinny neck. Is that worth something?
Score: 5 in Canada
Hilarious! Nice job with the site. Watch your traffic start to hockey stick on this one. :) awesome troll
Score: 5 in San Marcos, TX
Shockingly low score - looks like I'd better become a welfare bum.
Score: 5 in Australia
So glad I am a straight white male born in the US who chose to educate himself and use that education as I aged to earn a good income to care for my family.
Score: 5 in New Bern, NC
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