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What a joke. Recipe for more racism, sexism, envy and hatred.
Score: 6 in Alexandria, VA
This website is so racist, sexist and misandryst. Wow!
Score: 8 in Onancock, VA
I'm a transexual intersectional Muslim midget of color....
Score: 7 in Colorado Springs, CO
Thanks Intersectionality Score!
Now I have your much needed approval and found out I score 6, making me more privileged than 93% of peasants, I mean people, I'm off to oppress the proletariat. Happy Birthday to me.
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
I think being a straight, white, male, christian, should get more points because they are the most hated by the other, "more oppressed" groups. The least points should be more like a medium gay, slightly brown, female, jew.
Score: 95 in North Wales, PA
Where are the sliders for being a child a immigrants, a father to two daughters, caring for a disabled wife, donating blood every 54 days for 15 years, attending Rembrance Day/Veteran’s Day ceremonies, teaching my children the importance of honouring those who protect us, building a business and and providing employment and security to 50 families? I think with my score of 5, I’m supposed to think that I need to do better. Well, I don’t - I am 1000% comfortable with the fact that there are not equal outcomes in society; if anyone wants a better life, quit whining, quit blaming others and go out and get that better life. It takes work, perseverance and resilience. PS. Fuck you whoever even dreamed up this bullsh*t concept of intersectionality.
Score: 5 in Canada
As a white Christian male who scored a 23 I bet I hire more minorities, give more to charity and spend less time obsessing on race then 99% of those who scored a 60. There is a difference between feeling good about yourself and contributing to society.
Score: 12 in Safford, AZ
I’m confused. According to the race slider, the darker you are the more oppressed you are? Is that saying that other minorities (Latinos, East Asians, etc) are less oppressed? This is dumb. You can’t just assign a numerical value to oppression.
Score: 64 in United States
Sweet, a 3!

Advice for anyone to that takes this seriously, here's some advice: study and work hard, be kind to people, and learn a profession that serves to help people in some way. Your life will end up far better than those who focus on these kinds of issues and are offended by everything. (Also, me and most normal folks of all races and sexes will likely never want to hire you!)
Score: 3 in Philadelphia, PA
Submitting my self-esteem to destructive paradigms is so NPC. The destruction of western culture is the goal and I stand four-square against it. I'm surprised that I didn't get a zero - that would be my badge of courage in the war of politically correct post modernism.
Score: 13 in United Kingdom
Could we please stop grouping by labels we created to seperate us? One race: Human. One religion: Yours. This crap LOOKS for ways to label and seperate.
Score: 38 in Buffalo, NY
I’m a 26, but to be more acceptable, I must Become involved in gay sex Irvine’s and become Muslim. As that would most likely end in death, I think I will pass.
Score: 7 in United States
I'm such a privileged middle class white male, I can buy any house I want.
Oh, wait, there's a shortage and to easily get a home you've got to be a immigrant from some sub-Saharan or middle eastern country :/
Score: 5 in Netherlands
Loving my privilege. I've checked it, and I've still got it, baby.
Score: 1 in South Windsor, CT
The white man created the modern world, no matter what the leftists say!
Score: 7 in Netherlands
Awesome! As I've worked my entire life and never had a hand out or apology, I assume it's Inversely proportional to the overall benefit to society.
Score: 1 in Australia
I'm ashamed I didn't score a 1, but got a 6 instead. The euphemism "log-exponential multivariable analysis" means "innumerate non-scientific bullshit" in this context. I'm feeling triggered and demand reparations.
Score: 6 in Edison, NJ
3! I live to plunder, to crush my enemies, and have them driven before me, to hear the lamentations of their women. Pffft. Not. As if.
Score: 3 in United States
Where do I find this privilege? I would love to have half what my score is. Maybe I should identify as Black.....
Score: 13 in South Africa
I got 5. I should hate myself, shouldn't I?
Score: 5 in Alton, IL
Hilarious! If you have a sense of humor.
Score: 70 in Australia
Fakest shit I've seen
Score: 83 in Australia
I managed to get a 1. Fight me
Score: 42 in Sierra Vista, AZ
Fat people need oppression too!
Don’t forget the uglies...
Mao would be proud!
Score: 15 in Palm Springs, CA
This is the stupidity our schools train people in. This is Marxism, where your color actually matters and makes you inferior or superior. Marxism just murdered 100 million, but tens of millions in America vote Democrat, not realizing Democrats are nothing other than Marxists. Compare the American communist website with the Democrat party platform. They are virtually identical.
Score: 7 in San Jose, CA
The way i see it the lower your score the better off you are. I am going to work hard to lower my 15 to a 5!
Score: 15 in Valparaiso, IN
LOL These Communists are retarded
Score: 20 in Dearborn, MI
I thought this was a joke. Sadly it’s not.
Score: 4 in United States
This is pretty bigoted.
Score: 28 in Ithaca, NY
Quadriplegic Christopher Reeve after his accident scores 13. He was at that time more privileged than 75% of others. Try to contain your jealousy.
Score: 13 in United Kingdom
I got 5 and I'm more than good with that!
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
This is the most hilarious thing I've seen to find excuses to feel sorry for oneself
Score: 6 in United States
Poison. Believe in this junk and you are part of the worlds problems.
Score: 9 in United Kingdom
You forgot Twinscrimination. As a former twin ( I identify as trans-single) my existence was marginalized by constant comparisons to another individual. I am my own person! This site fails to define that so I will crawl into my safe zone to recover.
Score: 4 in Mapleton, ME
Wow. Was this site produced by The Onion? I'm glad some people use this to justify their marginal work ethic and success. Blame other and take no personal responsibility. Sounds like progress. Lets protest vs going to work. From each according to their ability, To each according to their needs (and race, sexually, & religion). Karl would be proud.
Score: 3 in Gulf Breeze, FL
Liberalism is a mental disease
Score: 1 in Lewiston, ID
This is one of the stupidest most ridiculous things i've seen.
Score: 51 in United States
It's becoming very clear to me that I can't live in a world with leftists. This stuff is so stupid, it's staggering.
Score: 16 in Columbus, OH
As a white Christian male I'm feeling oppressed because I don't have a test like this for calculating morality scores. I'm forced to read the Bible to do that. Do you know how many pages are in the Bible? It's very time consuming. Very jealous of you pagans.
Score: 14 in Roslindale, MA
About as scientific as a horoscope. Wouldn't that be a fun section in the newspaper? Integrate it with meteorology. "Today is gonna be a hot day. So all you fat people and muslim women, be aware your oppressed index just went up"
Score: 96 in Sweden
You people that promote this toxic ideology are mentally ill or just plain evil. Probably both.
Score: 13 in Louisville, TN
Just saw this: "You can use it when you're interacting with others to know who's more marginalized." After which you will find fewer and fewer people wanting to interact with there a slider for "Social Pariah-ness"?
Score: 30 in Japan
Proudly privileged. My ancestors hard work allowed me to feel comfy. Too bad not everybody's ancestors worked hard or were as clever.
Score: 5 in Netherlands
Nice to see a test that allows you to be born in a country for 5%. It is shamefull that most surveys don't respect people who are born on the country's border.
Score: 15 in Netherlands
Woohoo! I’m a 10
Score: 10 in Australia
Waarom is deze site in het Engels en niet gewoon in het Nederlands? Oh wacht, Nederlands is een koloniale racistisch taal
Score: 97 in Netherlands
It's okay to be white
Score: 48 in Tampa, FL
How low does your score have to be to have you sent to the goulag?
Score: 10 in Fairfield, CA
I despise everything this website stands for. Victimization under the guise of social justice is a disease plaguing today's world of ethics and politics.
Score: 6 in Gibsonia, PA
I'm Jewish, "White" rich and educated, but they give me a score of 1??? this website is anti semetic. I have a job lined up for me by my dad in Television and I will make you go Viral.

The Holocaust - Hows that for privilege you dirty arabs?
Score: 6 in Ireland
score 4. everyone should hate me I guess
Score: 5 in Gaithersburg, MD
two genders. two scoops, two terms
Score: 5 in Redford, MI
More leftist bullshit
Score: 6 in Lafayette, IN
Welp. 3 privelege points for me. Please, punish me for getting lucky at birth and making good choices. I sure wish I wasn't so normal.
Score: 3 in Oconomowoc, WI
This is a religion in its own right, a completely bigoted, ignorant and inhuman way to measure your fellow human beings.
Score: 96 in United Kingdom
Another bogus tool for social guilt and to promote the liberal agenda to marginalize conservative values.
Score: 10 in United States
How do I get a 1? I think 3 is underrated. Piss off with this pseudoscience garbage.
Score: 3 in United States
does borderline psychotic tendencies and pyromania count as disabilities?
Score: 19 in New Zealand
Damn, I just can't find my Goddamned privilege, I been looking for it for decades now.
Score: 16 in Hamburg, PA
Nothing about mental health in here.
Score: 26 in United Kingdom
What a joke
Score: 12 in Australia
What about hairy people? Im a very hairy other and i feel like i was oppressed most of my life for being a hairy person. I can't count the amount of time people made fun at my or another person rejected me sexually because i have a very hairy body.

I reject shaving, i reject billboard with hairless people who feel superior to me.

My balls are hairy and i love it.
Score: 22 in Israel
my score was 13 !! I'm outraged and offended and feel very threatened and unsafe. I should be at most a 10 !! this is so biased and discriminatory. A whole life spent oppressing everyone not like me and this is what I get. I feel very under privileged now and will have to go and oppress some marginal groups to make myself feel better
Score: 13 in Australia
How on earth do devout Christians have a lower score than non-Christian? Believers are openly ridiculed in our society and being stupid, uneducated etc. In Pakistan we have a country trying to hang a woman for touching the wrong cup. Being devout ANYTHING is a problem these days. Thank you marxist intersectionalists for making things worse.
Score: 43 in Canada
What the hell is intersectionality?
Anything to do with where roads cross????
Score: 20 in Australia
My score is 4, which means I should be oppressing y'all. Get in line. Oh wait, I'm being oppressed at the moment by the man, who in my business (education) are mostly female administrators, female committee chairs and dept chairs ... so just as soon as I get out from under their thumb, I'll start oppressing y'all.
Score: 4 in San Fernando, CA
According to this tool, a middle-class white guy is more privileged than Barak Obama. Did you test or reality check this thing at all?
Score: 24 in Clemmons, NC
I can't wait until I finish my Bachelors program. I'll move up from six to 4 (more education and an instant raise)! Try as you might, you leftist, regressive, hand wringing, participation trophy bearing morons will never succeed in making me feel bad for loving God, my wife, and my children enough to try to be better at serving all three each day.
Score: 6 in Springdale, WA
Too bad about the age score, which left me to be only among the 3% most privileged. That and not attending church on a regular basis. Maybe my kids (yes, males) can reach a perfect score of zero if we skip the karate class on sunday morning and go to church instead
Score: 1 in Belgium
I am the antichrist of intersectionality!
Score: 3 in Netherlands
This thing is racist
Score: 6 in Netherlands
Patriarchy rules!
Score: 2 in Los Angeles, CA
Hahaha! What kind of racist cr*p is this? By using sliders to 'identify' yourself with markers you can do absolutely nothing about!? This is the most racist thing I have ver seen... Please stop this nonsense, world. And go back to being normal!
Score: 6 in Netherlands
The more whites, the fewer underprivileged, so everyone should become white. That's what this site says. Excellent advice!
Score: 3 in Ireland
I actually scored a 1
Score: 97 in Boerne, TX
How can you have sliders on some of these questions? You were either born in the US or you weren’t. English is either you first language or it’s not. It is literally binary.
Score: 97 in United States
nazis were measuring skulls. SJWs - everything else
Score: 50 in United Kingdom
Pathetic marxist shite. Marxism is responsible for over 100 million dead, and these morons still think the're morally superior.
Score: 6 in France
So for coming from poor coal miners who encouraged their offspring to seek a better life, I am privileged. Interesting...
Score: 6 in Baltimore, MD
Now THIS is a funny website!!!
Score: 3 in Sterling, CO
I turned a 4 and am darn proud of it! I know who I am, what I am, who God is, and I've worked for every last cent I have and at 66, I'm still working!
Score: 4 in Birmingham, AL
Outrageous. I despise you, leftists for how you devide US and try to turn one American against another. You will pay for the damages you do to our country, society, and Constitution.
Score: 49 in Granite Bay, CA
Instead of trying to find a way to label ourselves and others a victims, why not subscribe to the idea that everyone is equally valuable and deserving of respect, thus the standard that everyone has the SAME rights so as not to disadvantage or advantage anyone over another.
Score: 21 in United States
I am triggered by these questions.
Score: 27 in Gilbert, AZ
I gather from most of the comments on here that it’s mainly bored white middle aged angry masculine blokes from the us of a checking out their reasons to be cheerful criteria and not liking what they find. About time this was adopted by G20 (minus the us of a of course) who will pretend they’re the only people who matter in the fucked up world they’ve created), only then will we see the world become a more equal and wholesome place to hang out. I got a 23 and seems a fair score.
Score: 23 in United Kingdom
Unemployed, lonely and depressed.
Score: 1 in Sweden
I'm more privileged than 73% of people yet I'm short, fat and am lower middle class. I'm also Italian, which is the Perfect Acceptable Ethnic Target. On top of that thanks to affirmative action I've lost jobs to minorities because companies have to meet a quota. I'd like my white privilege check to be mailed to me, kthx.
Score: 14 in Hoffman Estates, IL
This is the biggest bull shit I have ever seen. I have lost a job to a less qualified person because of his race and it saved them $15/hr and thousands in govt benefits for doing so. Way to go reverse racism.
Score: 18 in Hamburg, PA
Ok, this is epic
Score: 17 in United Kingdom
Sweet. I win with a 1!
Score: 1 in Seattle, WA
I consider that I am fortunate and blessed. Privileged is a term used by people who are consumed with negativity.
Score: 10 in United States
I got 12. I tried to get lower but couldn't crack single digits. You people are ageist idiots. Every old person would gladly trade places with a young person with lots of other baggage. Intersectionality is a crock of shit anyway. Go have a pity party.
Score: 12 in Northbrook, IL
While I may be a 30 year old Christian straight white dude born and living in CA, I identify as a poor, 88 year old, one-legged African Jewish Muslim Christain ladyboy born in Cambodia who grew up speaking Ancient Greek.
So I get a solid 96 because I am so intersectional. Unfortunately being Christian cost me 4 points, otherwise I would be a solid 100.
Score: 96 in San Mateo, CA
When am I going to see the benefits of being an oppressor?
Score: 7 in Frederick, MD
Any guilt about my "privilege" disappears every April 15th.
Score: 20 in Inglewood, CA
Truly Marxist framework - tiresome...
Score: 3 in Norfolk, VA
White, Straight cisgender Male in Wisconsin USA. Yeah I got a 4.
I can feel the oppression oozing out from under my boot.
Score: 4 in Kaukauna, WI
Aw dammit, I got an 8. Maybe because I'm half Jewish and not rich or religious. This test is asinine.
Score: 8 in Arlington, VA
This is totally stupid 😂
Score: 19 in France
Where my free stuff at, yo.
Score: 49 in Mount Juliet, TN
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