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I wish it was clearer if this was a joke or not.
Score: 22 in Canada
To prove how utterly stupid this is, Idi Amin who killed over 1 million people has a better 'intersectionality' score than Abraham Lincoln.
Score: 93 in United States
This website is what happens when left wing journos learn to code...
Score: 1 in United Kingdom
Great to know finally have a test that recognized my devout Jewish/Muslim faith
Score: 100 in Canada
It's a miracle that such low intelligence people were able to compile this webpage.
Score: 17 in Luxembourg
take your marxist propaganda and shove it up your ass
Score: 8 in Canada
I got a 5, Hot Damn!
I can't wait to start oppressing, I only wish I had known this earlier!
Score: 8 in Sacramento, CA
Honestly, there is no use for people who come up with stupid shit like this in the real world. They have NO VALUE whatsoever. None.
Score: 17 in Japan
Is this a joke? Privileged for what? For being a Catholic white male in Italy? What privilege is this? I'm simply a normal citizen in my own country.
Score: 6 in Italy
This is the most retarded thing I've seen on the internet this week. You people are morons.
Score: 3 in United States
I laugh at this tool of a tool. Leftist lunacy. Even with my pretty high score, I would refuse to accept any identity-advantage over another human being
Score: 60 in Australia
my only redeemable quality is that i’m gay so who’s up for anal
Score: 27 in United Kingdom
I'm black so my score was 32 but when I changed the race to white it was 4. That's very racist towards white people in America.
Score: 32 in United States
A Mexican scoring a 10.... How so privileged and not oppressed?! Because I paid my way through College and Follow the One True God Jesus Christ... The American Way, that's how!
Score: 10 in Mckinney, TX
I speak one of the most unintelligible and hard to learn languages in the world that no-one outside my country knows or even want to know. Also I was born in my country, a drab grey shithole where they lack of sunlight makes you want slit your wrists, you can't have a house of your own without a six number loan and your can't have decent living without working 60 hours a week. If I was born in Switzerland or Japan I'd be soo much worse off. Also I had the misfortune to be born a man, so I'm 8 times as likely to commit suicide than women in my country while living 5 year shorter lifespan. No to mention I must have higher score to be admitted to university, treated less charitably by the police, random people on the street or teachers in school. Oh, and also when it comes to divorce, I have 50% chance of losing my house to my former wife and 97% chance of not having the custody over my children, which means paying thousands in alimony a month, while having to see my kid once every two weeks. Very cool.
But thank you Intersectionality Score Calculator that you convinced me that those things are privileges.
Score: 25 in Poland
Why do they say you can “explore the wild side of your sexuality” to improve your score? I was told that being gay wasn’t a lifestyle choice. Well, maybe it is according to intersexuality.
Score: 9 in Scotch Plains, NJ
This is a religion in its own right, a completely bigoted, ignorant and inhuman way to measure your fellow human beings.
Score: 96 in United Kingdom
Turns out I have more privilege than I need. Willing to sell some or trade for something useful. Reply if interested. (Bitcoin accepted)
Score: 3 in La Mesa, CA
This is a parody site, isn't it?
Score: 16 in New Zealand
The lower your score, the more society hates you.
Score: 9 in Denmark
now this is some real cancer
Score: 20 in San Antonio, TX
Money is the only real privilege in this world, and to the racists that made this bullshit test fuck off.
Score: 91 in Mount Vernon, IA
I'm a trans-species asexual Mongolian vegan amputee with a speech impediment. This scale marginalizes me in all of my intersections. RAAACISST!!!
Score: 6 in United States
Really dislike the way you phrase "improving your score by not being straight or christian"
im all for fighting against discrimination, that includes dick heads who think having a different sexuality or religion makes you a better person.
Score: 14 in United Kingdom
Congratulations, you've made yourselves a stupid straw man to play with, and now you get to feel pleased with yourselves for sniggering at people who care about people with problems that not everyone is familiar with. For those who aren't in on it, this is an attempt at a joke: "log-exponential multivariable analysis", for example, is meaningless jargon (logarithms and exponents cancel each other out), and no actual social theorist who cares about intersectionality would ever argue that privilege in human societies can be reduced to such a trivial statistic.
Score: 34 in Boston, MA
Hee hee--this would be hilarious if this kind of BS wasn't actually ruining the world. Hard to believe that people take this seriously. ON a happy note, I am 53% victim!!
Score: 20 in Canada
4. Beat that!
Score: 4 in Ladera Ranch, CA
hahahahahaha i'm so privileged
Score: 3 in Chile
TRUMP 2020
Score: 4 in East Lansing, MI
Something stinks of socialism agenda!
Score: 17 in Australia
Racism at it's very finest. The liberal left has completely gone off the deep end.
Score: 18 in Israel
So. You have a racist calculator, devoted to segregating people by their oppression score, and yet not the braincells to see the irony in having MLK's "i have a dream" speech as the very next line? And you wonder why people laugh at you.
Score: 17 in United Kingdom
filled in the stats as if I were Oprah Winfrey - "84% of others are more privileged than you", must be hard being a multi billionaire celebrity.
Score: 67 in Sweden
Now thats racist 123, now with ironic MLK quotes.
Score: 28 in United States
I see you quoted Muhammad Ali. Can you also post his quote about racemixing?
Score: 32 in United States
Hilarious shit. Thank you for the laugh.
Score: 21 in Japan
this is nothing but socialist racism. today's socialism has become the new Nazism
Score: 16 in Romania
Good to see the comment section is in agreement as to how stupid this is
Score: 9 in United Kingdom
Hey, how exactly does one use this white male working class privilege? I still live in a shitty apartment in a dead New England mill town, and work two jobs to barely make ends meet. My wife is a stay at home mom, but she got a part time job to afford Christmas for our white male childrenrn. I must be doing something wrong..
Score: 15 in Buckfield, ME
Haha! The bullshit. It smells.
Score: 28 in Lawrenceville, GA
Intersectionality is Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism, Fabian Socialism. It is part of an accelerationist scheme to destroy the West. The leftist idea of equality is a deleterious, subtractive concept to knock the West down to Third World levels. It is about equality of outcomes, not equality of opportunity. Reject this defeatist ideology with every fiber of your being. Militant atheist socialists/communists have killed 100M+ people in the last century. Don't let the West fall victim to what took Venezuela and Cuba from being prosperous nations to utter poverty and starvation!
Score: 36 in Raleigh, NC
I've always considered myself a liberal, but this is disgusting.

"You can give exclusive opportunties and promotions to people with high intersectionality scores so that they become more represented in positions of power."

You mean I should leave jobs empty and undone until a qualified person representing a smaller slice of humanity than average emerges?

"Can I use this calculator on others?

Thanks for making it so easy for me to judge others!

"...having a high intersectionality score doesn't completely immunize you from being called an oppressor."

So I'm responsible for what other people call me and accuse me of?

Seriously, fuck you guys.
Score: 62 in Columbus, OH
I love how you have a quote that says stop discriminating the basis of race but then you automatically put black people as under privileged, hmm. Also how does believing in God make you more privileged?
Score: 6 in Owings, MD
This is obviously satire - but is actually a great concept in my opinion to break down the different types of privileges and explain intersectionality. Too bad it's a joke! The rest of you triggered low scoring people can calm tf down. It's not that serious. Privilege doesn't mean you didn't work for what you have, just that someone else had more and different kind of obstacles than you.
Score: 65 in Chicago, IL
Funny how you have an MLK quote about a world where we don’t judge based on skin color.
Score: 14 in Purcellville, VA
Trump 2020
Score: 8 in United Kingdom
Your intersectionality score: 5
You are more privileged than 96% of others!

Yay! It's almost like I don't have to go to work with the peasants..
Score: 5 in Mobile, AL
Sorry, SJWs. Gotta go. My new yacht is ready for sea trials, and I want to be aboard her. Sux2bU.
Score: 3 in Atlanta, GA
I'm so glad that I took this test so that I know I can oppress 93% of people simply because I'm a straight, white, Christian man who isn't a failure. I'll get right to oppressing minorities right away. Even your own stats don't even make sense with the agenda you're trying to push guys, come on. Then again, logic is probably oppressive too, right?
Score: 6 in Australia
Only male and female options are displayed. I find this offensive.
Score: 12 in South Africa
My score is 25, guessing because I am not religious and I haven't been born in the States (English is my second or rather third language). However, this entire thing is complete and utter BS. Socail justice is fascism. Feminism is poison. Trannies are mentally ill. GTFO! MAGA!!!
Score: 24 in Las Vegas, NV
1! And I guess that makes me the the boss. Everybody: in my office tomorrow at 10am sharp! (Ok, I lied about being ‘devout’ Christian)
Score: 1 in Netherlands
I got a 7. I'm so problematic. Where do I report for anti white indoctrination so I can alleviate some of my inherent problematic-ness.
Score: 8 in Landisville, PA
In order for me to lower my score, I will have to become a Christian. Thank you for the information as I do everything in my power to piss off the authoritarian left every day of my life. Thanks to this site, I now know what more I can do.
Score: 82 in Pleasant Hill, CA
I need to add this to my online dating profile so I make sure I'm dating within an appropriate socio economic privelege group!
Score: 11 in Houston, TX
I'm still sane and straight, so my score was fairly low.
Score: 96 in Canada
Hahahahaha! Total madness!
Score 30!
White, English speaking woman, a bit on the old and CRANKY side, and proud, REALLY PROUD of it, thank you very much.
Score: 30 in West Linn, OR
I managed to get a 1. Fight me
Score: 42 in Sierra Vista, AZ
I only got 17 because I'm an old disabled git.
Score: 16 in United Kingdom
Leftist here: this is cringeworthy
Score: 46 in Zellwood, FL
You know who else made people wear labels with a percentage on them depicting their value to society?

literally the nazis, you're literally nazis
Score: 100 in Canada
Is this a joke?
Score: 3 in Canada
You know, here's the thing about intersectionality. As you point out, there are literally 100s (and probably way more) of factors that can affect people's lives. If you split people into groups and go further and further and down ad infinitum, do you know what you'll find? You get down to the level of the individual. Which incidentally, is precisely the level at which Western society (for hundreds of years) has said you should treat people.

Obviously this is a matter of principle, and anyone can find examples where that doesn't happen, and I will happily stand with you in supporting people who are treated unfairly by someone else due to something like their skin colour. But this notion of privilege points and intersectionality scores is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen. Treating people who belong to a group as a homogenous bloc is insulting and stupid. In fact, the evidence is that you will find more diversity within a group than between groups!

According your "reasoning", a homeless white cisgender UK-born male is somehow more privileged than a rich, lesbian immigrant woman of colour. Can you not see this is utter madness?!?!?!

There's a relatively famous chap (you may have heard of him) who once said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Seems to me you people would rather judge us by the colour of our skin (among other things). Disappointing.
Score: 7 in United Kingdom
This idealogy is deeply flawed. This is the mirror image of Nazism.
Score: 6 in Columbia, MD
I’m a lifelong blueberry farmer that struggles to stay afloat..although I love my life and career, somehow I’m not really feeling this awesome score I have.
Score: 5 in Alma, GA
From the website it states: To start every business meeting by forcing your employees to share their intersectionality scores. Not only is this stupid, oppressive, bullying, discriminatory, sexist and bigoted IT IS ILLEGAL!!! It is illegal to consider race, sex, marriage, religion, as a qualifier/disqualifier for employment or within employed status. Any employer who attempts to use this to pit employees against each other or use it to determine wages, promotions, demotions or other hiring and employment practices should be rightfully sued until they exist no more.
Score: 93 in United States
The entire concept of intersectionality is completely bogus. I don't care about your skin color, your gender, or your sexual preference. Are you a leach or a contributor? Are you obeying the law, or are you breaking the law? That's all that matters. This is what we should be teaching our children, along with good money management practices. PERIOD
Score: 16 in Topeka, KS
Shouldn't there be a question about whether or not you're a crossing guard or traffic cop, or maybe are married to one? This is about intersections right?
Score: 6 in Canada
About as scientific as a horoscope. Wouldn't that be a fun section in the newspaper? Integrate it with meteorology. "Today is gonna be a hot day. So all you fat people and muslim women, be aware your oppressed index just went up"
Score: 96 in Sweden
Being white, born in the USA, and now of an age and history, I will not apologize to any SJW or millennial or other, snot nose, malcontent who may feel triggered or had a safe space invaded (the horror!). Go suck an egg, and grow up, you pantywaist.
Score: 10 in Geneva, NE
I am by birth an illegal, transgender, Muslim, uneducated, poor, old woman. But I identify as a rich white male christian doctor. So does that mean I broke the test?
Score: 3 in Saint Petersburg, FL
Stupid test. The whole concept of intersectionality and privilege is idiotic -- obviously something dreamed up by progressive socialists who'd be better tossed out of helicopters.
Score: 14 in Indianapolis, IN
I suppose AIDS is biggoted since it prefers to opress gay people
Score: 36 in Finland
Good satire ,
Score: 10 in Blue Ridge, GA
By sliding everything to the right you still can't get past 95% loser. Who the hell are the other 5 % ??
Score: 96 in Canada
Oh the irony of quoting MLK Jr while giving people more or less points based on race.
Score: 10
This is just fucking stupid
Score: 48 in Canada
Im a white straight Male but i identify as a gay black dog who is part jewish and struggling to tell my parents about my girlfriend who identifies as a guys should broaden the test to get more accurate results.
Score: 17 in United States
Leftist bull
Score: 14 in Canada
Heh. Only a “12”? I need to work harder. I love the cognitive dissonance that went into selecting quotes from people who spoke against judging people by their skin color and yet including a slide bar that scores you lower (bad) if you are white. Hard to tell if this site is seriously clueless or a satire.
Score: 12 in Anaheim, CA
a billionaire Saudi Sheikh is less privileged than a disabled homeless white man
Score: 5 in Canada
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."- Rev. Martin Luther King

"How can I improve my score?
Unfortunately, you are born with most of your intersectional factors. However, you can make some improvement to your score by getting more involved with Islam or Judaism, donate all excess wealth to charity, or explore the wild side of your sexuality."

So basically you want to fuck over white people for their race, nationality, gender identity and religion? Sounds like the exact opposite of the dream quoted.
Score: 22 in Hungary
I noticed that this calculator only recognizes the gender continuum of cisgender to transgender. This bigoted nonsense offends people like me who identify as AH-64 Longbows. Please modify the calculator to be more inclusive of other identities such as sex robots and leprechauns.
Score: 5 in Aurora, IL
This site is racist.
Score: 6 in Nashville, TN
A rich, straight, ph.d. cis, young, able-bodied, American, English speaking black person is less privileged than 72% of all people on Earth according to this. That should tell you everything you need to know about this parser.
Score: 40 in Hudson, NY
I received a 32 on the test however, I think this is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever seen.
Score: 32 in Charlotte, NC
The existence of this website is just further evidence that we need a purge. Fire up the ovens.
Score: 1 in Australia
This truly is one of the silliest, most puerile things I have ever seen in my life!
Score: 7 in United Kingdom
I'm sorry I caused all the problems.
Score: 8 in United States
Notice how being a Christian somehow makes you an oppressor but being a Muslim or a Jew means you're a victim
Score: 31 in Long Beach, CA
So, according to this calculator, and all other things being equal, a disabled male has more privilege than an able-bodied female. Who's the PhD behind this trite social justice analysis?
Score: 18 in Canada
They missed the four most important questions. 1.) Do you work your ass off 2.) Do you not do criminal stuff? 3.) Did you take advantage of your education?
4.) Do you make wise decisions?
Score: 4 in United States
As a bisexual, brown gender nonconforming man who is disabled in a couple of significant ways ... what the everloving fuck are you doing with your completely mangled understanding of privilege and oppression? Oppression olympics only pits marginalised groups against each other and places them in subjective hierarchies.
Score: 70 in Canada
At a score of only 7, it appears that I ought to sell everything I own and give it to charity. I am ashamed of my low score and will try anything to bring it up. I've never failed anything this hard, even in physics.
Score: 7 in Lenoir City, TN
Zig Heil. I guess.
Score: 1 in Sweden
Aaah, who knew I was superior then 82% of the world.
Pure Bless, now I have a number to show the non believers.
Score: 11 in Germany
Intersectionality seems more divisive than it is useful, judging people by arbitrary labels instead of as a person.
Score: 25 in Odenton, MD
I manage to get a 5 and I'm proud of this. Fuck you and your site, you fucking leftist. Soon, you will get a free ride in our helicopters.
Score: 16 in Romania
The saddest part of this is that there are vast swaths of liberals and progressives that think this is the best and should be used as a basis for things like taxes, interest rates, and most importantly, how much of my money should be used for reparations of all the peoples I have personally oppressed and continue to.
Score: 6 in Killeen, TX
Somehow I, a person of working class background from a former warzone am much more privileged than Barrack Obama; a wealthy former president of the most powerful country on the planet.
Score: 39 in Croatia
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