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So we stopped play the game called 'civil society' and we are now playing an older game called tribal zero sum. You seem so desperate for me to act on the basis of a perceived race-identity. Well I guess if that is what you want... and the Dr King's dream is dead... then what?
Score: ? in Canada
Score: 20 in United States
It has become impossible to satirize this kind of absurdity, proven by the fact that so many commentors actually think this is serious. Now excuse me, I have to go attend a meeting of the patriarchy...
Score: 26 in United Kingdom
We’ll all be more the better when we put an end to this anointed so called academia breaking up society. It’s disrespectful, it’s backwards and it’s making people angry for no reason. Pride comes before the fall.
Score: ? in United Kingdom
Intersectional-Marxism is Cancer
Score: ? in Chicago, IL
So being Jewish makes one more privledged than if they weren't? My lack of extended family seems to speak to the antisemitism inherent in your scale
Score: 47 in Albuquerque, NM
Wow, this is so helpful! I'm now motivates to compete in the oppression Olympics!
Score: 96 in Australia
The Sultan of Brunei is more oppressed than me
Score: 50 in United Kingdom
This is a disgusting piece of anti white anti religion nonsense. Being "priveledged" is all about being raised comfortably or in poverty. Not the colour of ones skin, religious beliefs or especially which sexual desires you have!! It is a stupid survey for stupid people of the "chattering classes". Being raised in poverty actually makes you a better person if you can raise yourself and your family out of that poverty.
Score: ? in United Kingdom
Wounded in combat. Raging PTSD. In remission from addiction. Formerly homeless. Life in shambles after Iraq. Deemed 100% disabled by the VA. But somehow this quiz is able to make a sweeping generalization about my “oppression index” based upon my color, my sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion/ lack there of? Sounds similar to another vile ideology.

It’s hard to get behind the idea that oppression of all these groups is such an issue when “calculators” like this exist. True oppression wouldn’t allow for conversation like this to occur, or for voices to be heard. This is just a bizarre pathological desire to be different and feel victimized.
Score: 21 in Chicago, IL
You lose points for being white, cis, male, rich, educated, middle-aged, speaking your first language, being devout christian, not Muslim, not Jew, and for being born in your own country. How pathetic and skewed.
Score: 1 in Chattanooga, TN
I selected I'm poor and they told me to give all excess wealth to charity lmao
Score: ? in Poland
An end to identity politics would be progressive, if you used that word in a positive way.
Score: 18 in United Kingdom
Anti white eh?
Score: ? in Portland, ME
You know who else made people wear labels with a percentage on them depicting their value to society?

literally the nazis, you're literally nazis
Score: 100 in Canada
So Michelle Obama is more oppressed than a white homeless guy sleeping eating out of dumpsters... right.
No one, except brainwashed kids and idealogues, believes this crap.
Score: ? in Canada
Fuck you SJW
Score: 7 in United Kingdom
It’s mindblowing how most people don’t get that this is satire.
Score: 32 in Temecula, CA
This is insane
Score: 6 in United States
For those who think this is a joke, just follow their links. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They have it out for our children.
Score: ? in Denver, CO
The only way to get the highest score of intersectionality is to be a very dark person of color, female, trans, gay, disabled,poor, uneducated, born elsewhere, young or old, english as second language, muslim, jewish or Christian to obtain maximum amount of victomhood points, so /pol/ was right all along about the disable trans gay black woman meme, holy shit.
Score: 96 in Los Angeles, CA
Rediculous that being one of the richest in the world (country?) And extremely well educated, you are not considered privileged because your a black lesbian. Wtf. Isn't it your wealth and status that determines if you have privilege? Under whatever defintion your using to determine privilege of an individual, black, transgender and gay people are considered less privileged regardless of their actual circumstances. What the fuck? Can you not just assume privilege because of these things people can't control about themselves. Only a racist would think skin colour matters more than money in this world.
Score: 25 in United Kingdom
Suck my privileged gypsy balls, bulldykes.
Score: 7 in Romania
This is fucking stupid
Score: 9 in Sweden
Ha! I’m me, and I’ll never apologize for any perceived “privileges” that others try and force upon me. I grew up poor, worked hard, and am now successful. Feel bad about it? No thanks. Privilege caused it? Nope. Not being lazy caused it and never giving up. 👍🏻
Score: 4 in Brooklyn, NY
I feel like this discriminates against everything that isn't my choice. Why judge me on my skin colour, gender or country of origin? Hypocrisy knows no bounds these days.
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
Why is being a woman worth more points than being gay?!?!
Score: 23 in Hong Kong
The lower your score, the more society hates you.
Score: 9 in Denmark
Can't wait for the inevitable civil war so the disgusting cretins who made this will be up against the wall first
Score: 19 in Simpsonville, SC
My god, what a stupid, pointless bit of pseudo interactive agitprop. It’s nice to discover I’m extraordinarily privileged as I head out for my morning commute, to my job as a manual labourer installing swimming pools and marble tile for rich Asians who, apparently, have much less privilege than I. You’d never know it comparing their mansions to my apartment, but the sliders don’t lie.
Score: 6 in Canada
I can no longer tell parody “progressives” apart from non-parody “progressives.” Either way, they’re a joke.
Score: 25 in Canada
"Unfortunately, you are born with most of your intersectional factors"
Bigoted hate speech. If someone decides to identify as a poor old uneducated gay disabled black female transgender muslim immigrant with English as a second language then that's what they are. You absolute fascists.
Score: 97 in Canada
When will the left realise they always cannabalise their own ideological beliefs to fit their own victim hood mentalities. Get better at life scrubs stop playing the victim.
Score: ? in Germany
Such bullshit
Score: 97 in Maricopa, AZ
WTF. I'm a gay PoC and 42 is all of the oppression points I get? This shit be rigged.
Score: 42 in Independence, MO
Score: 26 in Romania
well this is very racist
Score: 20 in United Kingdom
I broke the entire website because apparently it doesn't even know what I am because I'm such an anomaly. Hail to the alternative right our people will rise again
Score: 59 in Tacoma, WA
If any of you are scoring highly except for the rich/poor slider, I'm a friend of the white heteronormative cisgendered former patriarch of Kekistan, and I could use your help moving some money out the country.
Score: 5 in United Kingdom
Hold up, this isn't fucking satire?!?!
Score: 29 in Canada
My number is 7 was going for a 2 but I'll take a 7
Score: 9 in Horn Lake, MS
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." oh the fucking irony
Score: 30 in Poland
This is not racist at all
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
I got a score of 5. I would like to formally apologize.
Score: 97 in Springfield, IL
Imagine being so obsessed with victimhood that you decide to calculate it so you can bandy it around for others to see.
Score: 47 in Bellefontaine, OH
I love how they puts quotes from MLK in a test that literally judges you on immutable characteristics. Truly moronic.
Score: 25 in Portland, OR
-Is Mixed
-Is Poor
-Some college experience(Paid for from part time job)
-Mid Twenties
Am somehow 20% more privileged than someone who's pure "person of color"
What does that mean? Does that include different Asian ethnicities? And how does being born in the US and being born elsewhere belong on a slider?
Hell, how does someone who's from eastern Europe have more privilege than a "Person of color" from the United States?

There's so many issues here.
Score: 24 in Jackson, MI
wow this is a really bad idea congrats
Score: 31 in Tacoma, WA
I see you quoted Muhammad Ali. Can you also post his quote about racemixing?
Score: 32 in United States
LMAO!!! you bigots
Score: 16 in Olympia, WA
Wait... You mean this ISN'T satire?

Holy crap.
Score: 100 in Mesa, AZ
Your against racisism yet your whole poll is rasist to whites, Christians and british
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
I guess this means I've checked my privilege. I scored 12, more privilege than 79% of others. So what now?

I still don't feel privileged.
Score: 12 in Chapman, NE
I’m also good looking, charismatic, and tall. Why isn’t that included? That should give me some more points...
Score: 13 in Clackamas, OR
“Hating people because of their color is wrong and it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just wrong.” –Muhammad Ali
Score: 14 in Canton, GA
Turns out: I'm better than 70% you :D
Score: 15 in United Kingdom
So I guess Sikh, Buddhist and other faiths don't matter? What kind of phobia or ism does that fall under I wonder.
Score: 20 in United Kingdom
hahaha who ever did this calculator should be shot behind a shed for being a complete disgrace to the human race. You're all so deluded and clueless about the facts of life. Certainly the dumbest thing on the internet and is a clear overt racism towards white Europeans ... i'm a brown muslim and i agree with this. Systemic systems of systematic delusions! lol The worst part is "How can i improve my score" HAHAHAH TLDR Fuck your made up philosophy of intersectionality!
Score: 36 in Egypt
lib progressive stupidity at it's finest
Score: 28 in Colombia
To the bigoted little pig creeps who created this. There is a special place in Hell for people like you. You vile disgusting worms.
Score: 13 in Canada
Are you a successful person with pesky "privilege"? Just bow down to Islam and be a slut or whatever, and you're automatically a better person, teehee
Score: 49 in Spring, TX
Funny how the factors that are most determining for success in life, like beauty, height, intelligence, conscientiousness, and growing up in a healthy intact family, never show up in Intersectionality narratives.
Score: 100 in Luxembourg
Your intersectionality score: 11
You are more privileged than 82% of others!
- Citizen of a former communist country.
Score: 11 in Poland
….i feel targeted :|
Score: 16 in Norway
Wtf, this is so demeaning :(
Score: 68 in South Africa
This is absurd.
Score: 19 in Canada
Score: 7 in United States
this site is fucking pathetic, literally upholding the so called racism you so vehemently oppose. Delusional hypocrites
Score: 8 in United Kingdom
I mean could I use this privilege to help me with my alcoholism? Pay my bills? Or is this just meaningless bullshit.
Score: 15 in United Kingdom
This better be a piss take
Score: 7 in United Kingdom
17 whelp, looks like I need to start identifying as a gender fluid and transracial while I convert to Islam
Score: 17 in New Zealand
What nonsense the world has been driven into by all this identity politics!
Score: 31 in Finland
Can I trade my intersectionality points for food? Being an oppressor makes me hungry!
Score: 10 in Sweden
Gib me free shit.
Score: 94 in United States
What a pile of shite.
Score: 5 in United Kingdom
So apparently 75% of people are more privileged then me. Where is my medal? I'm at least pushing silver in the Oppression Olympics. However, I can't tell if this is all satire or not. It looks like the same insanity. But the way to improve the score, plus peanut allergy? Can't tell if those are cracks showing the joke.
Score: 44 in Chicago, IL
Did Jussie Smollett create this site? Victim competition... Woo hoo!
Score: 93 in Moultrie, GA
I noticed that this calculator only recognizes the gender continuum of cisgender to transgender. This bigoted nonsense offends people like me who identify as AH-64 Longbows. Please modify the calculator to be more inclusive of other identities such as sex robots and leprechauns.
Score: 5 in Aurora, IL
So I'm less oppressed if I'm born in Puerto Rico than elsewhere? lol

Religion, skin color and gender are weighted so heavily its hilarious. I sincerely can't tell if this is satire or not anymore.
Score: 36 in Puerto Rico
This is moronic nonsense. Intersectionality is an authoritarian caste system based on immutable characteristics. Its resentful and based on hate.
Score: 12 in Indian Trail, NC
Score: 8 in Stone Mountain, GA
Score: 6 in United States
Utter nonsense! This is leftism, in all its stupidity and prejudice! MLK jr would have had nothing to do with you thin skinned, narrow minded, racist weaklings.
Score: 94 in United States
... and so we should have privilege over foreigners that live in our country and have contributed nothing to the rich tapestry of our history and if the projected statistics are correct we will be the minorities in our own countries in the future
So really is it that unfair that we should be privileged in some way now when we're going to be extinct in the future?
Score: 18 in United Kingdom
Where can I cash my privilege in damn it
Score: 16 in United Kingdom
As a black homosexual female (because apparently my opinion matters more if you know these factors),
I can confirm that this is bullshit
Score: 74 in Santa Maria, CA
Haha a white man set to the poorest and least educated setting still says you’re more privileged than 59% of the population
Score: 22 in Canada
Oh well, i guess im pretty much the devil at this point...
Score: 8 in United Kingdom
Score: 17 in Canada
This is the most racist page on the internet
Score: 15 in Miami, FL
It's amazing how many people don't seem to realize that this is satire. Perhaps that's because it's so close to the truth.
Score: 48 in United Kingdom
A lot of real things in the intersectionality world are their own parody these days. I can't tell if this is serious or satire.
Score: 17 in United States
Ricardo does not approve
Score: 9 in Sweden
This is anti European propaganda
Score: 11 in United Kingdom
So a dirt poor, middle aged, sexually ambiguous, disabled, transgender, white christian with no education from the UK scores 37.
And a rich, able bodied, young, CIS gendered, black atheist woman from outside the UK with a half decent education scores 63
Score: 63 in United Kingdom
17! What did I win?
You won the right to be hated by loons for immutable characteristics and simply existing.
Score: 17 in Providence, UT
Just shows what horseshit Intersectionality and social sciences are.
Do a real degree and contribute something useful and positive for humanity and the planet.
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
I came from a modest background and I worked very hard throughout my life; no university - no profession. Semite includes Arabs. Phobia is misused here. Ethnocentrism is wrong, but some aspects of cultures eg eating dogs, is for some, hard to swallow. Equity is not equality. I am not privileged. Sorry, but I don't feel bad about myself at all.
Score: 8 in United Kingdom
Gonna go ahead and use all my privilege to tell you to go FUCK YOURSELVES. This is the most beta Male cuck self hating bullshit I've ever seen. And usually the people that support this shit are 100% privileged!
Score: 8 in United States
+10 points for being Muslim compared to being a Christian.
The Insanity of the LEFT is their Privilege and this calculation expresses it perfectly.
Score: 13 in Waltham, MA
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