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This is the definition of racism. Sick.
Score: 76 in Madison Heights, VA
If I mark myself as “devout Jewish” I am counted as MORE privileged over MORE people, than if I am not Jewish. If I am ‘mid-range Jewish’ I am somewhat privileged for that but not as privileged as if Inwere a devout Jew. In the other hand, if I am a devout Muslims I become less privileged. Yet: Jews are the most targeted faith minority, subjected to the most hate crimes. And devout Muslim men have huge privileges to control their wives and children and rule their mosques. I originally thought this scale was a Republican joke. Sadly, I see that it isn’t, but should be.
Score: 34 in Lexington, KY
Interesting that if you are a straight white able male it doesnt matter how poor you are, you are advised to donate more.
Score: 40 in Canada
Intersectionality is Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism, Fabian Socialism. It is part of an accelerationist scheme to destroy the West. The leftist idea of equality is a deleterious, subtractive concept to knock the West down to Third World levels. It is about equality of outcomes, not equality of opportunity. Reject this defeatist ideology with every fiber of your being. Militant atheist socialists/communists have killed 100M+ people in the last century. Don't let the West fall victim to what took Venezuela and Cuba from being prosperous nations to utter poverty and starvation!
Score: 36 in Raleigh, NC
As a black homosexual female (because apparently my opinion matters more if you know these factors),
I can confirm that this is bullshit
Score: 74 in Santa Maria, CA
I took this test as one of the daughters of Barack Hussein obama, unquestionably the most privileged family on the planet. Even with the privileges of never having to earn anything in life, obscene, unearned wealth, blessings of mid-blowing hypocrisy, and unending social and monetary handouts, Malia scored a meager 61 score! Under this test's scoring, the most pampered girl on Earth is "less privileged" than 78% of the population! Hahaha! Sounds valid to me!!!
Score: 62 in Washington, DC
I was feeling down for not getting the parking spot i wanted at work today, but i have to say that taking this survey rebounded my spirits! It feels so good being white!
Score: 5 in Canada
I scored a 6 and have no apologies, I worked for everything I own and have.
Score: 6 in Ruskin, FL
This is nonsense
Score: 24 in Jacksonville, FL
Leftists suck. Stop dividing you weak minded terds
Score: 30 in Boston, MA
This is so stupid
Score: 34 in San Diego, CA
Allright, what is this bullshit?
Score: 24 in Colombia
Of course it's a parody! Too bad though...according to this site I'm privileged!
Score: 19 in Canada
It’s bout time we call white people out on they bullshit. I’m glad this exists and I’m glad it triggers white people ✊🏿✊🏿
Score: 100 in Algonquin, IL
No guessing on what these results will conclude πŸ˜‚
Score: 13 in Philadelphia, PA
This is really silly. People rack up big student loans to go to university, and they are taught stuff like this. Its no wonder they cant earn enough to repay those student loans.
Score: 100 in Canada
What a lot of unadulterated nonsense
Score: 51 in New Zealand
What a load of politically correct hogwash. Supposedly I am about a 45 and I estimate my wife is around a 64. Still a bunch of guilting crapola. These easy fix claims are hogwash. Life experiences are so much more varied than this crock of dingbat feces.
Score: 96 in Hampton, VA
Where to cash in these privilege points leftist clowns
Score: 8 in Australia
Lol what fucking retard thinks that being Christian makes you more priveliged than Jews. Regardless, privelige comes from personal circumstances rather than arbitrary labels. A black tranny seems like they’re less priveliged at first glance, but they get preferential treatment in education and employment (y’know, the shit that matters?) You fucking subhumans will never be able to look beyond the surface layer though. I hope you all die painful deaths (in a video game, mr. lawyer)
Score: 12 in United States
Possibly the biggest load of shit ever taken by human means
Score: 96 in United States
this was fun to do while i was high
Score: 28 in Zimbabwe
Anyone commenting with regards to how "they have worked for everything they have" and don't understand how a person of colour is less privileged than they are is clearly unaware of their privilege as a Caucasian/Caucasian-passing person. Maybe educate yourself slightly more on how institutional prejudice works against people of colour. Your fragile ego is showing. Sincerely, a Caucasian female who is not afraid to admit she is privileged because of her white heritage (and is not proud or so defensive as to not admit it).
Score: 33 in United Kingdom
Leftists am I right?
Score: ? in Oceanside, CA
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

“The best way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

“Hating people because of their color is wrong and it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just wrong.”

But being white = negative 28 points LMFAO amazing

Score: 1 in Canada
Best satire ever.
Score: 7 in Canada
This is BS. we all start somewhere. do something, create something. Stop crying about where you start the game.
Score: 14 in Canada
Leftist here: this is cringeworthy
Score: 46 in Zellwood, FL
Such bullshit
Score: 97 in Maricopa, AZ
This is the dumbest shit. My score is completely inaccurate. Apparently being a lesbian matters more to your bullshit 'privilege' score than growing up in a middle class family with a good school district lmao
Score: 38 in Plymouth, MN
ok so this is what made Donald Trump president, I hope you morons know that. go ahead, do more of this. MAGA
Score: 11 in Lewes, DE
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

We used to live in a country like that. But then the left turned it into a country where every part of life is now judged on everything BUT the content of one's character.
Score: 5 in Cabot, AR
lol Seriously? They consider "improving your score" is becoming more of a victim?
Score: 77 in Albuquerque, NM
I see you quoted Muhammad Ali. Can you also post his quote about racemixing?
Score: 32 in United States
To those getting upset and screaming racism and all sorts- this poll is clearly satire! I think it's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time- we need more of this kind of stuff to highlight the nonsense that is insidious today.
Score: 40 in United Kingdom
Stop being poor.
Score: 3 in Minneapolis, MN
This is fascinating. Must be the greatest troll trap ever on the internet. It’s like a hemorrhaging corpuscle to mosquitoes. Not sure if this site vets out responses that perfectly illustrate the definition of oppressors and privilege, only, or if people who can think beyond the binary are simply more in control of their impulses and do not need to seek attention through mockery and simplistic thinking. While I may question the legitimacy of this tool, especially when it comes to who may be behind establishing the standards, identifiers, and definitions of what is oppressive and what is privileged, the one thing people could walk away from this is a chance to have civil discussions to learn more about multiple perspectives. Alas, social media has conditioned people’s communication skills to be reductionist and reactionary in nature, and to use posting platforms for personal defense, attacks on otherness, and self-righteousnes. There’s no natural curiosity, no empathic reflection, and no holding back of insults and biased jargon. What happened to the days when people respectfully debated? Why is it so popular to use attacks as a way to prove a position? Even if this is a joke, or satire, or for “entertainment purposes only,” people could use this opportunity to open their minds to something different without feeling judged or threatened. But obviously, that’s not what most on here are looking for; and perhaps that’s the whole beauty of this tool - to shine light on those who hold enough power to blast an invisible foe/perceived threat, and walk away from it without responsibility, without accountability, and without empathy.
Score: ? in Chicago, IL
I was doomed from q 1 because im white. What a load.
Score: 24 in Australia
This looks like some kind of millennial-made, how much you should hat white male christian calculator. This new "intersectionality" thing needs to go down in flames, just like liberalism.
Score: 7 in Lake Stevens, WA
Did Jussie Smollett create this site? Victim competition... Woo hoo!
Score: 93 in Moultrie, GA
Imagine being so obsessed with victimhood that you decide to calculate it so you can bandy it around for others to see.
Score: 47 in Bellefontaine, OH
This has to be a joke! But knowing the left, anything can be possible. lol
Score: 10 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is so stupid
Score: 22 in Boise, ID
The most oppressed demographic in the United States are straight white Christian men
Score: 9 in United States
I can't wait to show my employer so I can get my paycheck deducted
Score: 3 in Ithaca, NY
Kinda seems like this test is rigged to be racist, sexist, and christianophobic towards me. How ironic....
Score: 5 in Sweden
Thanks for telling me that I am so oppressed — even though I didn't see, experince, or feel oppressed at all! Might as well jump off a building :D
Score: 42 in Canada
I'm so glad that I'm not a disgusting minority
Score: 3 in New Zealand
The lower score is better right?
Score: 1 in Holland, MI
I feel so oppressed :(((((((
Honestly this test is messed up and ridiculous.
Should we open up a "how aryan are you" test next time?
Fucking stupid shit like this creates divides not companion ship.
Score: 97 in Germany
This website is racist as hell
Score: 8 in United States
Literally scores you based on your skin colour. Proceeds to quote MLK.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

I wouldn't trust you to interpret my dreams to say the least
Score: 47 in Netherlands

These SJWs wouldn't know oppression if it gave them oral sex. Wanna see REAL oppression?? Be a proletariat class in North Korea. 15 hours a day for a bowl of rice a day. And you get beaten with the butt of that AK 47 pointed at your head just for asking for more food.
On a serious note, did The Church of Scientology turn woke with this retarded theory and quiz??
Score: ? in Australia
I hope someday I'll be judged by the content of my character rather than the color of my skin.
Score: 9 in Omaha, NE
17! What did I win?
You won the right to be hated by loons for immutable characteristics and simply existing.
Score: 17 in Providence, UT
I am a poor, disabled white male. Apparently that makes me more privileged than a rich black male with no disabilities.
Score: 49 in Hampton, VA
This test surely has to be satire, no one can be this braindead
Score: 5 in Greece
It keeps changing me to rich, I'm up to my eyeballs in debt🀣
Score: 91 in United Kingdom
This is LITERALLY racism
Score: 100 in Canada
So I'm less oppressed if I'm born in Puerto Rico than elsewhere? lol

Religion, skin color and gender are weighted so heavily its hilarious. I sincerely can't tell if this is satire or not anymore.
Score: 36 in Puerto Rico
Honk Honk 🀑🌎
Score: 3
πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ You people are fkin nuts.

I especially love how you put a famous quote from MLK about people not been judged by the superficial, while creating this crap in support of a belief in judging people by the superficial. That you would quote an idealism of recognising individuals, while putting everyone into groups and doing away with their individuality
Score: 22 in United Kingdom
I am a systematic oppressor and I'm damn proud of it.
Score: ? in New York, NY
I hope this is a joke.
Score: 8 in Norcross, GA
Lol, totalitarian crap. 1984 are we there yet?
Score: ? in Australia
I'm both muslim & Jewish, right now I'm having such a hard time trying to chop my own head off, that shows how oppressed I am....
Score: 100 in United Kingdom
So apparently 75% of people are more privileged then me. Where is my medal? I'm at least pushing silver in the Oppression Olympics. However, I can't tell if this is all satire or not. It looks like the same insanity. But the way to improve the score, plus peanut allergy? Can't tell if those are cracks showing the joke.
Score: 44 in Chicago, IL
INtersectionality is probaly the dumbest theory I've ever heard of.
Score: 17 in Estonia
Come to think of it, how can someone be a devote Christian, Jew and Muslim at the same time? I mean there's scams and then there's holy shit.
Score: 25 in Canada
filled in the stats as if I were Oprah Winfrey - "84% of others are more privileged than you", must be hard being a multi billionaire celebrity.
Score: 67 in Sweden
This whole exercise feels like classifying human beings by their moral worth, and then treating them differently on this basis. This is the very antithesis of the ideal of equality. This is in fact how you dehumanise people and justify injustice. This is the kind of tool the young psychopaths unleashed under Mao’s Cultural Revolution would have made horrific use of.
Score: 18 in United Kingdom
This is such racist nonsense. Shame on you all.
Score: 22 in Anaheim, CA
This test definitely ain’t bias for the libtards
Score: 25 in United Kingdom
93% of the population are straight, 48% are male, 63% of the US is white, and 55% consider themselves Christian,
Score: 10 in Conyers, GA
I'm of partial Jewish origin, one of the richest and most successful ethnic groups in the USA and Canada. How does a terrible event 80 years ago make me oppressed today?
Score: 100 in Canada
I've got 99 problems and they all are attributable to my outward appearance and sexual orientation and have nothing to do with the actions i take on a daily basis.
Score: 99 in Columbus, WI
As a muslim i'm offended, how are we oppressed? And while the number of points you get for athiest muslim and jew vary, Christians get negative point. What the absolute fuck?
Score: 44 in Canada
If you're old, you're oppressed against. Even being able bodied is a privilege
Score: ? in Hong Kong
Thank you for making this. The comments on this amazing calculator show why it’s needed.
Score: 62 in United States
Can't wait to start oppressing minorities!
Score: 8 in United Kingdom
lmaoooooo imagine hving gender as a slider
Score: 12 in Australia
The hypocrisy is strong
Score: 21 in New Zealand
I am disappointed with my score of 7. If I can get 5 points for activism, maybe change religion and then chop of a hand, can get a promotion?
Score: 7 in Australia
How do I become less white? I need to get a better score. Does Charcoal do the trick?
Score: 10 in Australia
So, just because I'm a straight, Christian white male I'm "more privileged than 75% of others" ? Seriously, you know nothing about the lives of the people answering these questions, yet you judge them based on the very things condemned in your own quotes. One cannot say do not judge based on race, and then include race as a question you base a score on. The same is true about religion, sexual orientation, nationality or language. The only thing you're accomplishing here is making one group of people feel guilty about who they are while making other groups feel envious and angry towards the first group. This is absolutely shameful. Do you really want to make all people comfortable in who they are? Do you really want all people to be accepted for who they are? Then actually practice the words of wisdom you quote!
Score: 33 in United States
Lol Martin Luther king is rolling in his grave
Score: 15 in Sanford, FL
“Equality”shall be the name of virtue; and we shall raise outcry against everything that has power!’ You preachers of equality, thus from you the tyrant-madness of impotence cries for ‘equality’: your secret tyrant-appetite disguises itself in words of virtue.
Score: ? in Canada
I will never live so long that I believe this crap or think that being privileged is something for which I should be ashamed. Score 22!
Score: 22 in Saint Louis, MO
Utter nonsense! This is leftism, in all its stupidity and prejudice! MLK jr would have had nothing to do with you thin skinned, narrow minded, racist weaklings.
Score: 94 in United States
Notice how you loose points for being white, straight, male, cisgender, Cristian, etc?
Score: 13 in Canada
How does being Jewish make you less oppressed? They’re the single most privileged group on the planet!
Score: 20 in Czech Republic
No IQ slider?
Why even?
Score: 3 in Minneapolis, MN
can i cash in my privilege points for more v-bucks?
Score: 96 in United Kingdom
wew, guess I'm not very privileged
when do I get my brownie points and positive discrimination? that's true social justice, right? :^))))
Score: 39 in Canada
This tool is hilarious. In who's Alice in Wonderland imagination is a devout Christian (or Muslim or particularly Jews) more privileged socially? I wasn't aware that generally being considered hateful bigots who should be at best shushed into silence and at worst be removed from your jobs etc (and that is just in the western world, try being a devout Christian in many areas of the world such as Iran or North Korea - you won't be alive for very long). On a plus note, the next generation will see how utterly moronic and detrimental to society and human flourishing this kind of toxic ideology really is, and will turn back to their Creator as the foundation for the meaning and purpose of the one human race. Either that or Rome is about to be sacked again.
Score: 6 in United Kingdom
This is a victim scale, pure and simple. Anyone who thinks this is useful is an idiot. The only people who like this stuff are socialists. My grandparents and parents never had affirmative action, it was called stop your whining, work hard and do something. I was raised to believe thst yes, some people can be racist, but who the flip cares? There are more people who are not!
Score: 60 in Citrus Heights, CA
This is quite literally a westernized version of China's social credit system.

Also, I'd like to point out that the "anti-racists" are the ones basing one's value almost exclusively on their race (you gain 28 oppression points by virtue of not being white). Really makes ya think.
Score: 3 in Canada
Honk Honk
Score: ? in Bayonne, NJ
This is insane
Score: 6 in United States
this site is fucking pathetic, literally upholding the so called racism you so vehemently oppose. Delusional hypocrites
Score: 8 in United Kingdom
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