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I don't think their recommendation for me to "get involved with islam or Judaism" is a good idea. I'm pretty sure they are both trying to kill me. So pass. I'll stick with Whites thanks.
Score: 11 in Australia
So I guess Sikh, Buddhist and other faiths don't matter? What kind of phobia or ism does that fall under I wonder.
Score: 20 in United Kingdom
This is disgusting, oppression isn’t about being compared to others, and you shouldn’t be promoting the idea that “you can improve your score”
Score: ? in Santa Cruz, CA
Behold. The King Queen Of Victim Hood. Offer me your apologies for your privilage peasants.
Score: 99 in Tulsa, OK
It says "You may award yourself up to 5 points depending on the level of your activism." Since I think this is utter nonsense, may I subtract 5 points and get myself to 0?
Score: 6 in United States
If this is real, progressives need to be exterminated
Score: 8 in Dallas, TX
This is why universities are broken.
Score: 3 in Canada
Hell yeah privileged and somewhat poor I'm doing well I guess. Too bad I couldn't get into college for being what a load of shit.
Score: 12 in Sutherlin, VA
Did Jussie Smollett create this site? Victim competition... Woo hoo!
Score: 93 in Moultrie, GA
"We suggest every group meeting to begin with everyone sharing their intersectionality scores.“ right after we announce our pronouns. Welcome to Maoism.
Score: 18 in Hallowell, ME
Fat people need oppression too!
Don’t forget the uglies...
Mao would be proud!
Score: 15 in Palm Springs, CA
I’m an atheist. Depending on country that can be dangerous or looked down upon. Where i live its merely weird but not 100% “safe”
Score: ? in United Kingdom
Are you a successful person with pesky "privilege"? Just bow down to Islam and be a slut or whatever, and you're automatically a better person, teehee
Score: 49 in Spring, TX
Scored a 1, the world hates me
Score: 96 in Netherlands
DAMNNN I'm super privileged!
Your intersectionality score: 11
You are more privileged than 82% of others!

I think it's funny that being rich and educated doesn't change it much but if you simply make yourself non-white then the score shoots way up. Even more than being trans and gay. So the worst affliction isn't to be an uneducated, broke, gay, transgender person but to simply not be white! hahaha -- whoever made this thinks it's pretty amazing to just be white lol
Score: 10 in Broomfield, CO
How low does your score have to be to have you sent to the goulag?
Score: 10 in Fairfield, CA
With this line of thinking, the only path to equality is if everyone is equally oppressed. Which is paradoxical due to the need of an oppressor to have any oppressed. Not to mention it takes all responsibility of accountability from any and all individuals. This is nothing but a downward spiral.
Score: ? in United States
1 what do i win.....oh that's right I already won Social justice is nothing more thinly veiled cover for cultural marxism why don't you spend time making something useful like a level app
Score: 1 in Lake Dallas, TX
Victimization in the making. I want to laugh at the lunacy behind all of this and then realize there are many who believe this crap. Then.....I want to laugh even harder??.
Score: ? in Glendale, AZ
Yes, privileged than 93% of others! :)
Score: 6 in Madisonville, KY
I really really hope this is a joke!
Score: 15 in Belarus
Wow - is it possible a devout christian-muslim-jewish transgender something and score 88, is this an elaborate 4chan joke?
Score: 88 in Denmark
I wish it was clearer if this was a joke or not.
Score: 22 in Canada
Seriously. Need to revamp higher education. This is about as stupid as it gets.
Score: 11 in Belize
Where is the "intersectionality" slider under the religion bit? It's a religion perpetuated by bigoted and men hating women.
Score: 1 in Norway
A recipe for guilt-tripping, victim-tripping, and collective blaming (often a prelude to mass atrocities). I'm not sure how to end the cycle, but for some insight, look up a concept called "the drama triangle".
Score: 12 in Nashville, TN
This truly is one of the silliest, most puerile things I have ever seen in my life!
Score: 7 in United Kingdom
Scored 13. I guess that means I'm only 13% victim
Score: 57 in Equality, IL
Real American here, scored a 7! Man, I love being White!!!
Score: ? in Yorktown, VA
Another attempt at social engineering by designing something that makes you guilty of you are white, straight, born in the US and a Christian.
Score: 9 in Anoka, MN
Trump got elected because of privileged brats like you thinking that nobody else in the worlds matters. People like us are the reason why he will not be re-elected but instead in peached. so how about you check your privileged and go do something right for the world like supporting you local artist or starting a riot.
Score: 100 in Paramus, NJ
This has to be satire? Hilarious :D
Score: ? in United Kingdom
What a colossally stupid concept!? In 1964, the consensus in the US was that discriminating against people because of their immutable characteristics is wrong and socially destructive. In 2019, these morons think creating a scale of immutable characteristics and rating people on them (I.e., the classic definition of discriminate) is somehow a good idea. Then admit that the whole thing is some perverted game of rock, paper, scissors where the ultimate victim will reign supreme! Simply asinine.
Score: ? in Monroe Township, NJ
Scored 5, so why do I feel oppressed all the time? Oh wait, it's all those Leftist Marxists ideologues trying to remove my freedom of opinion, redistribute my wealth, and throw me in a gulag!!!
Score: 3 in Thailand
I scored a 4. Hoping to get that score down to a 1 by getting richer. Fingers crossed.
Score: ? in United States
Score of 3! ?

Looks like I’ll have to work on getting a bit richer and maybe complete that graduate degree. Score of 0 is my goal. #MAGA2020. #NotAShredOfGuilt
Score: 3 in Omaha, NE
I am evil personified according to the militant left nut bags
Score: 11 in Australia
because oppression can definitely be gauged on a scale from 1 to 100
Score: 42 in Asheville, NC
Wow this is one of the most bigotted sites I have ever seen. Its stuff like this that causes division and hatred. We need to focus on what makes us simalir, not different!
Score: 10 in Alexandria, VA
I scored 5. Yes, I would highly recommend this calculator. Share with your friends. Become the life of the party whilst scoring with others! This is the way to develop lasting and real friendships!
Score: ? in Australia
Leftists suck. Stop dividing you weak minded terds
Score: 30 in Boston, MA
Can't help but note how western-centric this evaluation is. Being Christian may bestow more "privilege" in the US, but I doubt that is representative of the experience of any Egyptian Copts.
Score: 6 in Seattle, WA
Lmfao this type of stuff divides us, and I'm hispanic
Score: 28 in Brooklyn, NY
These results will fund future antifa members.
Score: ? in Montgomery, AL
Being a person of color, gay female, Disabled, Muslim Jew, Is hard word.
Score: 100 in United States
Only scored a 15, guess there's no point in me applying for a job with the British police then. Now I do feel oppressed, can I get some more points ?
Score: 15 in United Kingdom
This is bollocks
Score: 36 in United Kingdom
lmaoooooo imagine hving gender as a slider
Score: 12 in Australia
Intersectionality is a degenerate poison killing our civilisations
Score: 16 in Ireland
Sorry, there is no such thing as white privileged. Just a made-up word by the media. The fact of the matter is you are more privileged if you are a woman, or person of color then if are a white male.
Score: 16 in Carlton, OR
I got a 21, I am more racist than that! Come on Intersectionality, you are failing me
Score: 21 in Mclean, VA
How does the bottom of my oppressive heel taste?
Score: 2 in Seattle, WA
I am a black, gay, female, transgender, poor, older, diabled, ESL, born outside of the US, uneduated, atheist muslim jew and I am the most oppressed.
Gibs me dat viktim bux.
Score: 50 in Cleveland, OH
I scored a 16 so 67% of you can kiss my ass.
Score: 16 in Philadelphia, PA
Hahaha! What kind of racist cr*p is this? By using sliders to 'identify' yourself with markers you can do absolutely nothing about!? This is the most racist thing I have ver seen... Please stop this nonsense, world. And go back to being normal!
Score: 6 in Netherlands
I actually thought this was a joke and was expecting a funny result at the end. But here I am a black woman being told I am medium level privileged. Hmm sorry but I don’t have time for your intersectionality. I am a person, an individual person who happens to be black and a woman. Perhaps our time could be put to better uses than focusing in the successes and failures of others. What a self centered way to live your life. Do your best. Work hard. Be kind. And most of all get over yourself.
Score: 51 in Oceanside, CA
I'm so glad that I took this test so that I know I can oppress 93% of people simply because I'm a straight, white, Christian man who isn't a failure. I'll get right to oppressing minorities right away. Even your own stats don't even make sense with the agenda you're trying to push guys, come on. Then again, logic is probably oppressive too, right?
Score: 6 in Australia
I’m a 5. I’d like to lower my score. Any tips? Do I get to start opressing people now?
Score: ? in Fort Collins, CO
Please Lord, make this a satirical website. I can't bear to think real human persons were behind this hard-boiled bullshit.
Score: 100 in New Zealand
Stop looking for oppressors everywhere. Improve yourself and your family.
Score: ? in Chicago, IL
Wow, y'all should tell my bank account how privileged I am
Score: 12 in United States
Calling bullshit. I'm more privileged as Christian then Jewish.
Score: 3 in Los Angeles, CA
This test is ridiculous. Enjoy your purity tests.
Score: 35 in Costa Mesa, CA
What does Switzerland have to do with this? Lol. What a load of garbage. Who the fuck even comes up with crap like this?
Score: 56 in Switzerland
The hypocrisy is strong
Score: 21 in New Zealand
I feel oppressed by this quiz because there is no autism slider 😡
Score: 11 in United Kingdom
I’m almost 20 and haven’t been able to score a better job than a cook at a local fast food joint. What makes it worse is that I live in a small town so business is pretty limited, and where I work is the only place that’ll hire high school graduates. I’d get out of this town if I could actually drive too, but I’ve failed every test I’ve ever taken. I’m socially awkward, even my only other co-worker fucking hates my guts. I have repressed lust for one of my best friends too; she’s athletic, smart, and a gorgeous southern bell. I love her. You know what it’s like; I’ve been friend zoned real hard. She’s my only best friend, besides this one kid, who I’m pretty sure is only hanging around me because he is mentally challenged. I guess he’s the only one that can tolerate me. And what makes this all worse is that I live in a pineapple under the sea.
Score: 1 in Chicago, IL
Awww look at all of you super fragile white folks crying because you feel confused. Racists
Score: 18 in Minneapolis, MN
Why is being a woman worth more points than being gay?!?!
Score: 23 in Hong Kong
This is some fag shit! Hahaha! Nobody, in America, is oppressed. If you believe you are oppressed, I hope you die from it.
Score: 27 in Scottsbluff, NE
This is complete satire, how can people not see it?
Score: 15 in United Kingdom
take your marxist propaganda and shove it up your ass
Score: 8 in Canada
Score: 96 in Kansas City, MO
people care about this way too much, but not about the right things..... it’s not a contest guys :/
Score: 39 in Australia
Who came up with this bs? Get a fucking life and put your effort on meaningless things smh
Score: 32 in Korea, Republic of
this is hilarious, I'm having a hard time convincing myself it isn't satirical...
Score: 58 in Waterbury Center, VT
This is the type of thin g that makes actual intersectionality look bad.
Score: 24 in Seattle, WA
Am I the only one who notices the hypocrisy of placing quotes about how judging people their arbitrary features is wrong on a calculator whose very function is to judge you based on your arbitrary features?
Score: ? in Canada
This is ridiculous. ‘Privilege’ is just a way of making people feel disempowered or guilty. It’s a lose/lose system. Just be grateful for what you have, love yourself and treat everyone with respect and compassion. True empowerment comes from within and it has nothing to do with your ‘position in life’. The most privileged people are those who take time to renew their mind.
Score: 39 in Australia
This is good. More white people should be made aware of the degree of privilege they hold.
Score: 100 in Israel
I was doomed from q 1 because im white. What a load.
Score: 24 in Australia
All you whiny lib arts majoring in barista pussies can kiss my 86% privileged ass (not gay).
Score: 12 in Netherlands
Grew up in a single wide trailer. Parents couldn’t afford to put gas in the car. Daughter drowned in a pool. Brother hung himself. Father died at 44 with pancreatic cancer. Was forbidden from attending high school. It’s amazing how wrong millennials are getting things.
Score: 9 in United States
Is this a joke? Privileged for what? For being a Catholic white male in Italy? What privilege is this? I'm simply a normal citizen in my own country.
Score: 6 in Italy
I thought I was gonna win but saw others with a seven...i feel like they might be oppressing me
Score: 7 in Corona, CA
So I had a score of 17, but if I decide to 'identify' as black (like Shaun King) then I score 45 so I guess I get to choose, depending on the situation. Let's be honest, this is a test of how mentally ill you are!
Score: 45 in Netherlands
success i finally got maximum privilege. I'm still waiting for it to manifest in the free stuff i was told i'd get though
Score: 1 in Netherlands
Treating intersectionality as some sort of contest is a bad idea, and the notion that anyone knowing anything about the concept would want to increase their score is really dumb considering what the score is supposed to mean.
Score: ? in Canada
This thing is so stupid. And funny how the people who like it have scores of under 20. They are social justice warriors who have never worked for anything in their lives. Some people have to actually work through hardships and that only makes them better. I don’t need SJWs to try and convince me I’m a victim when I am absolutely not.
Score: 55 in United States
identify? lol, i am what i am, there is no identifying about it. liberal trash ruins everything.
Score: 3 in Martinsburg, WV
Most biased scale I have ever seen. In fact the more the scale says you are privileged,the less you are!
Score: 64 in Canada
I suppose AIDS is biggoted since it prefers to opress gay people
Score: 36 in Finland
Intersectionality is insane nonsense...
Score: 7 in Canada
I see that there are several of us devoted Jewish Muslims in the comments! I've never felt so free in my life, knowing that I have now medal-ed in the oppression Olympics!
Score: ? in Fishers, IN
I am offended by how racist this thing is. It's great to be white and all others just want to be white
Score: 24 in United States
Good to be a male hetero cis-fascist :-)
Score: ? in Germany
As man who has white and black ancestry and has faced hate from both sides this is a load of crap i work hard and will reap the rewards of my hard work you want to be treated the same then earn it like my family had to not this "give me things because I'm of a certain gender,race,religion or sexual orientation" this chart is just one big race bait
Score: 32 in United Kingdom
I only got an 11, I've let down my Fuhrer.
Score: ? in United Kingdom
Awesome. I got a 3! It's like golf right? What's par? (so privileged I even know golf terminology).
Score: 1 in Australia
Score: 17 in Houston, TX
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