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Lol, is this a parody? As a bisexual transgender person (since y'all care about labels so much), this is nonsense.
Score: 97 in Austin, TX
Absolutely disgusting, I broke away from this side of the political spectrum when I was 15. After my, “US History 300”, course. Which was an absolute Intersectionality and Socialism indoctrination course. Hard to believe that people have yet to realize that this ideology is dying.

P.S. Where are my points for being born Autistic? How about being a existor, I hate the word ‘SURVIVOR’, of all three forms of child abuse? How about surviving FIVE YEARS of polysubstance dependence? Along with the long term ramifications of all those things?

I am messed up as you find a person. I still manage to go to school, work full time and manage my time reasonably. For that reason before I am twenty I will moved out of my patents house on my own volition and getting my Associates degree early. Not that I’m bragging, unless you are being actively oppressed, you should be doing exactly that! Jesus!
Score: 16 in United States
You racist Nazis will lose someday. DOWN WITH NAZIS! (If you think the color of your skin is important, YOU are the NAZI!)
Score: ? in Bristol, CT
>Irish White
>Straight, but abused in the past so I don't want to do anything
>Been poverty line my entire life
>Highschool/partial uni education
>no friends
>awful mental health
>More privileged than 51% of people.

Guess I gotta convert to Judaism
Score: 23 in Australia
Leftists are godless, and this is the ignorant work of their godless minds and hearts. 10. ??
Score: 10 in Winthrop, MA
This is such racist nonsense. Shame on you all.
Score: 22 in Anaheim, CA
I never realized how stupid Leftists are. Now I know.
Score: 16 in Bowie, MD
God, the Left is getting dumber & dumber.
Score: 9 in Greenwood, IN
Is this a joke?

I mean, first off, an online calculator that uses sliders to measure how oppressed you are is inherently ridiculous.

Second, the quotes they've selected (especially MLK's) are all arguments AGAINST intersectionality. None of these sliders are indicative of a person's character. These all just sort people by superficial characteristics, not the content of their character.

Though it would be hilarious to see the same people who argue that "people of color can't be racist" quoting someone who said "it doesn’t matter which color does the hating," I'm not convinced this site is genuine.
Score: 25 in Weatherford, OK
How do I become less white? I need to get a better score. Does Charcoal do the trick?
Score: 10 in Australia
Utter nonsense! This is leftism, in all its stupidity and prejudice! MLK jr would have had nothing to do with you thin skinned, narrow minded, racist weaklings.
Score: 94 in United States
I love triggered this makes white people haha. It’s bout time somebody callin whites out on they bullshit
Score: 58 in Algonquin, IL
I am a Indian lesbian trapped in a boy's body. I am emotionally handicapped and therefore did not fit in any school. My earn money by showing up on stage with progressive people.
Score: 97 in San Francisco, CA
It told me I was an Apache Helicopter?

What does that mean?!
Score: ? in Warren, OH
This is totally stupid ?
Score: 19 in France
A lot of white people are mad at this test while People of color are like "in other news, water is wet."
Score: 65 in Salt Lake City, UT
"I have a dream that some day my children will be judged by the content of their character and not the junk in their pants."
Or the color of their skin or whether they prefer having sex with giraffes....
Score: 100 in Canada
Dude my Trailer Trash self is super priveledged I'll go tell the Meth Dealer across the street.
Score: 13 in Huntsville, TX
I was sure this was a joke. It's too absurd not to be.
Score: 45 in Bangor, WI
So, you have a system that rates and judges people based on skin color among other things, while preaching that it's oppressive to judge on skin color, among other things. The quote from MLK Jr. was pretty epic, but how many people read his rant AGAINST identitarianism that he made in the PRECEDING paragraphs?
Score: 96 in Shingle Springs, CA
The existence of this test is very unsettling if it is any indication on the direction our society is going. I hope this is a joke for everyone's sake, perpetual victimhood and no accountability can destroy a culture.
Score: 11 in Barbourville, KY
I guess I am privileged to provide a business that employs 70 people and work 60hrs a week to ensure the business is strong so they too have a future. Wake up privilege is bullsh!t
Score: 9 in Australia
+10 points for being Muslim compared to being a Christian.
The Insanity of the LEFT is their Privilege and this calculation expresses it perfectly.
Score: 13 in Waltham, MA
Zionist shill calculator
Score: 10 in Newark, NJ
It's okay to be white
Score: 12 in Westerly, RI
"The majority of people have low intersectional scores which mean they have more inherent privilege than others." Think about that...
Score: 6 in Denver, CO
How am i more Oppresiv by being Christan
Score: 3 in Austria
Lol what fucking retard thinks that being Christian makes you more priveliged than Jews. Regardless, privelige comes from personal circumstances rather than arbitrary labels. A black tranny seems like they’re less priveliged at first glance, but they get preferential treatment in education and employment (y’know, the shit that matters?) You fucking subhumans will never be able to look beyond the surface layer though. I hope you all die painful deaths (in a video game, mr. lawyer)
Score: 12 in United States
I'm sorry I caused all the problems.
Score: 8 in United States
At a score of only 7, it appears that I ought to sell everything I own and give it to charity. I am ashamed of my low score and will try anything to bring it up. I've never failed anything this hard, even in physics.
Score: 7 in Lenoir City, TN
people who made this up are mentally challenged.
Score: 5 in Finland
two genders. two scoops, two terms
Score: 5 in Redford, MI
Sounds like something Nazi Germany would do.
Score: 23 in Florence, SC
Your person of colour bar doesn't even take into account Asian skin tones, and the more "beige' tones are closer to white. If your goal is to fight whatever -ism or -phobia is being thrown around today, you've most certainly made an embarrassment of yourself.
Score: 39 in Malaysia
More leftist bullshit
Score: 6 in Lafayette, IN
lol Seriously? They consider "improving your score" is becoming more of a victim?
Score: 77 in Albuquerque, NM
A Mexican scoring a 10.... How so privileged and not oppressed?! Because I paid my way through College and Follow the One True God Jesus Christ... The American Way, that's how!
Score: 10 in Mckinney, TX
Great way to start the day. Off to oppress!
Score: ? in Loganville, GA
Is this from the Onion?
I seriously applaud you for this satire site.
Only a hard core leftist would think this was real.
This is serious?
I fear for humanity......
Score: 5 in Canada
It really seems like wealth should trump everything. But it doesn't. Wealth has almost no impact on privilege. By the logic of this calculator, a poor white male has more privilege than Kim Kardashian.
Score: 56 in United Kingdom
Nothing better to do. Social justice and equality, in other words no leader no followers. That leads to no chaos.
Score: ? in Swampscott, MA
I will never live so long that I believe this crap or think that being privileged is something for which I should be ashamed. Score 22!
Score: 22 in Saint Louis, MO
Intersectionality is a false construct, intellectually disingenuous. Furthermore, standpoint theory could not be any less scientific than astrology. The idea that systemic victimhood a more valid standpoint of society is not logical.
Score: 4 in Coventry, RI
I see that there are several of us devoted Jewish Muslims in the comments! I've never felt so free in my life, knowing that I have now medal-ed in the oppression Olympics!
Score: ? in Fishers, IN
Grew up in a single wide trailer. Parents couldn’t afford to put gas in the car. Daughter drowned in a pool. Brother hung himself. Father died at 44 with pancreatic cancer. Was forbidden from attending high school. It’s amazing how wrong millennials are getting things.
Score: 9 in United States
At least now I know that none of the success I’ve had in life has nothing to to do with my own skills and abilities. From now on I’m safe in the knowledge that everything will be pre ordained in my life.
Score: 6 in Canada

I got a 3!

The rest of you suck!
Score: 3 in El Paso, TX
Finally a tool for us Arians to truly judge the worth of a person and quantify just how much better we are as a race.
Score: 1 in Canada
72%, wow. Do I get a privilege card to flash for free stuff or am I getting sent to the gulag?
Score: ? in Stuart, FL
My intersectionality score is only 7! This means I am oppressed because it's so low.
Score: 7 in Salem, OR
Apparently being a white, straight, cis male Christian born in the uk who speaks english as a first language but is poor, has no education and is disabled makes you more privileged than 63% of others
Score: 18 in United Kingdom
Intersectionality is total bullshit
Score: 45 in Santa Maria, CA
score 48. Really not privileged.
Score: 48 in United Kingdom
Why 50% of Americans (Democrats) want to classify people according to their skin color and their genitals is beyond me. Hey you, you’re not a world-class violinist, you’re an oppressed black woman ! Hey you, you’re not a hard-working white guy, you’re a POS white male. Sick.
Score: 29 in Canada
Only a 14 *puts on wig* 46 now we're talking
Score: ? in Greece
Where's the fat slider? I just had half a pizza and I feel way more oppressed after finish in than i did before it.
Score: 17 in United Kingdom
how can you be a devout christian and a devout muslim at the same time? some of these features are not independent. You have to reduce collinearity.
Score: 100 in Austin, TX
I’m also good looking, charismatic, and tall. Why isn’t that included? That should give me some more points...
Score: 13 in Clackamas, OR
I love oppressing losers like you
Score: ? in Thailand
why does gender have more of an impact than wealth? Whoever made this is definitely rich. Anyone who thinks rich women are less privileged than poor men has never been poor or even just met a poor person. Maybe you’ve read
About poverty in a book in one of your stupid sjw save the world classes. If you honestly think a poor man has more advantages in life than a rich woman, pull your head out of your ass. Even a middle class gay man would be more privileged than a poor man. This is so fundamentally broken. Also, does it take into account the amount of people living in your area? No. If I lived in Canada in a majorly white population, and only a small minority for example was not white, being white alone wouldn’t make me more privileged than most people, because most people are also white. How can you be more privileged than most people, when in your town, almost everyone looks like you. That would say for example, in your town 5% of the population was “of colour”. That would make you more privileged than 5% of the population. And that’s assuming your one of the ass hats who believes in racial privilege. Smh, should have never told these dumbass journalists to learn to code.
Score: 98 in Canada
Imagine being upset you have it better than others. Lmao @ all these weak white dudes in the comments.
Score: 38 in Circleville, OH
(((Intersectionality Score Calculator)))
Score: 16 in United Kingdom
You might want to rethink your sexuality scale. Bi+ folks experience poorer health outcomes than all other sexualities because of biphobia AND homophobia.
Score: 44 in New Zealand
why about fat people? we exist, stan for fat people. And what about blondes, balds, eunucs, glass-wearing people, gamers, and heavies????
Score: 71 in Spain
Interesting concept.
Needs a lot of work though. For one thing, I would include mental illness.
Score: 34 in Canada
You know your mother and I are very disappointed this is how you spent your 20s
Score: ? in Rochester, NY
I helped improve my score by becoming a devout Muslim Jew and changed my gender to female. I also decided to be a person of color and I paralyzed myself due to me being gay. It really helped improved my score. I never knew I could be even more less privileged. Whoo hoo!
Score: 100 in United States
Intersectionality seems more divisive than it is useful, judging people by arbitrary labels instead of as a person.
Score: 25 in Odenton, MD
This is genius.
Left will probably replace credit score with his one in near future.
Mine is 47 :)
Score: ? in Bronx, NY
I'm a 1/1024 POC straight female transgender poor disabled not born in Denmark and dansih being second language and beside that I am extremely devoute jewish muslim and I hate christians. I guess this shit is what they try to implement when they ban good danish songs like "Den danske sang er en ung blond pige" or when they make it illegal to dress in mexican outfit, because freedom og expression of non danes
Score: 76 in Denmark
As a trans fat muslim female of color with disabilities who lives i poverty I think my oppression score does not reflect my daily struggles with cisgender heteronormative white people the patriarchy forces me to interact with
Score: 9000 in France
This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen on the internet in awhile.
Score: 18 in South Beloit, IL
Test: You are coping with oppression living in Japan.
Reality: I feel as oppressed as Abe Shinzo himself.
Score: 31 in Japan
hahhahahahha lmao
Score: 3 in Portugal
Ah shucks! Only a measly 5 points!
Score: ? in Antioch, TN
I’ve never felt so impowered. Thank you. I’m an 8!
Score: 8 in Canada
Why would I want to raise my score? 😂
Score: 4 in Chicago, IL
can i cash in my privilege points for more v-bucks?
Score: 96 in United Kingdom
pure anti white bigotry
Score: ? in United States
Yahoo! I was raised in a trailer park by a single mom in an annoying liberal town where kids ragged on me for being poor, and I scored 20! So that means I'm privileged - and I agree. I'm privileged to live in this great country of salt of the earth men and women. I love this country, where you can come from very little, from a hardworking family that wouldn't take welfare, pay your way through college, get a good-paying job so you can help others in the community and at church. I thank God for this country! Yahoo!
Score: 20 in Martinsburg, WV
It says I'm more privileged than 93% of people, yet all these social justice warriors are oppressing me simply because I was born this way! Where is all of this privilege I'm being told I benefit from??
Score: 7 in Seattle, WA
Seriously going to throw this one out there: Divorced parents. I know that a lot of people on the left won't want to mention it because no-fault divorce was such a major progressive milestone, but having divorced parents is a really big deal.
Score: 7 in Raleigh, NC
Nothing about mental health in here.
Score: 26 in United Kingdom
I started working when I was 9 for .50 cents per hour. I am 58 and continue to work. How am I privileged. This test is racist,sexist and communist.
Score: 9 in Howell, MI
Ah geeze, us G-d's chosen are represented enough! Oh vey the 6 gorrilian have been forgotten, the reperations goy, I need them so you can stop hoarding soy.
Score: 23 in Lewisville, TX
Okay omg this calculator triggered me i have ptsd from watching the scale change color I’m literally crying and shaking right now
Score: 100 in Philadelphia, PA
Your against racisism yet your whole poll is rasist to whites, Christians and british
Score: 3 in United Kingdom
My score is 5. Kindly direct my privilege payments to the address on file.
Score: 5 in Salisbury, NC
Its hilarious that only Devout Christian is considered oppressive. Devout Jewish or Devout Muslim is considered as being oppressed as is Not Christian. This is so disgustingly moronic that I refuse to believe that someone has done this with any level of seriousness. If you have, I have lost faith in humanity.
Score: 11 in Finland
Learn to code ?
Score: ? in France
According to this a rich straight young able bodied black man that's a devout christian is less privileged than an elderly gay disabled poor white man thats muslim. Almost all of the points are on race,which is sad because while race is big factor it isn't the defining factor.
Score: 35 in Pooler, GA
The only privilege is MONEY.
Score: 6 in Athens, OH
My score is 4, which means I should be oppressing y'all. Get in line. Oh wait, I'm being oppressed at the moment by the man, who in my business (education) are mostly female administrators, female committee chairs and dept chairs ... so just as soon as I get out from under their thumb, I'll start oppressing y'all.
Score: 4 in San Fernando, CA
Aaahahahahaha, so in order to be less oppressive I should get circumcised and become a gay muslim? I love this world.
Score: 11 in Romania
I really hope this is a joke, what a waste of time
Score: ? in Canada
this does absolutely nothing
Score: 31 in Canada
I'm so glad that I'm not a disgusting minority
Score: 3 in New Zealand
This website is what happens when left wing journos learn to code...
Score: 1 in United Kingdom
Why do I have the right to vote, or even any rights at all?
Score: 13 in Jersey City, NJ
9. But I can't help it.
Score: 9 in Canada
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